Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss? How to Know for Sure

goldfish jumping from small to bigger bowlBefore I leapt from the corporate ladder and became my own boss, I tormented for nearly a year over whether or not I was ready to quit my job, run my own business, and be a success as a coach. Looking back, I now know I lost out on clients and income that I could have been making during those last months in my corporate job.

Here are six ways to determine if you’re ready to make the leap, and how to get started.

  1. Decide what you really want to do with your career – Are you really ready for 100% of the decision making power? It sounds like complete freedom, but it actually will take some getting used to for even the most polished professionals.
    Are you currently spending time doing work you value and are you making the impact you want to make on the world? What do you want to be doing in 10 years? How about in 5?
  2. Get really clear on what your business model is. How are you going to make income? What kind of products or services will you offer? Once you have solid strategies in place, you’ll be amazed by how successful you can be in business for yourself.
    Back when I was running my blog and still had a day job, I realized what while I enjoyed blogging, helping other women through my blog was what I was passionate about. Using that as the basis for my business model, I’ve built a lasting, impactful business where the blog is an asset of the business rather than the centerpiece.
  3. Start your business now. Don’t wait to start getting clients. Start telling as many people as possible about your business, including by blogging and posting on social media. Develop your products, perfect your brand, and build a team to support you. Now, while you still have a steady gig, is the time to get moving.
  4. Make meaningful connections, including with success coaches – Who in your industry can you reach out to now? Are there possible partners, collaborators, or mentors you know of? Don’t stop there though.
    You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not a business until you make money,” right? The right business coach is the fast track to making the money you need to replace your current salary.
  5. Get over the fear that’s holding you back. I had every negative thought in the book before I made the leap from the corporate ladder. “I won’t make enough money,” “There are tons of coaches out there. Why would anyone work with me?” “I need to wait until I have more experience,” plus many, many more.
    Looking back, I know those fears were holding me back, but not one of them has proven to be accurate. I was ready, women do want to work with me, and I’m earning far more now than I ever did from my corporate job!
  6. Make a plan for replacing your current salary, which means determining how much money you need to live comfortably (don’t plan on less than you’re earning now – that’s a
    mistake many entrepreneurs get trapped in) as well as how much of a support team and infrastructure you’ll need.

Once you have a strong plan in place, as well as the building blocks of a business like clients, a website, and an actionable business model, you’ll feel confident that you have what it takes to become your own boss and make your business a success. Almost as importantly, everyone around you, from your new clients to your friends and family, will support you and cheer you on when they see your confidence and hear your plans.

Jessica Nazarali is the coach who inspires women create coaching businesses and build beautiful, personal brands. Find out how you can earn $27K in one month while working for yourself at

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