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Benita headshot 3x4TWIB Radio with expert Benita Ibrahim. Benita is passionate about women developing their leadership skills. She is a speaker, author trainer and mentor to women who want to succeed. Hear some of her wisdom and listen to her reveal her story of why this matters so much.

Benita Ibrahim About Benita Ibrahim

Benita Ibrahim, is a small business owner for over 23 years. A best-selling author, speaker, leadership educator, mentor and consultant. Benita believes the secret to success is in loving what you do and creating positive relationships within that environment. She has been featured in several well known women’s magazines and received several awards for her contribution to education and leadership in the community, currently sits on The Board of Directors of The ALC at Northwood University and FFW a non-profit organization advocating against teen and adult domestic violence and abuse. Visit her website at or email her at