How Can I Help?

Gold Heart 37056028_s copyYesterday after an event, I gave someone a ride back to their hotel even though it was in the opposite direction I was going. I was happy to do it and that got me thinking, this is our last ezine focusing on the theme of Success with Ease. What adds ease more than anything else?

Asking for help. What happens when we ask for help? Like asking someone for a ride or a review or a resource or a referral? We usually get what we have asked for — easily. Not only do we get what we want, we are also giving someone else an opportunity to help us, to give to us.

When others give to us, they get something in return. First, they feel a personal satisfaction from helping, this makes them feel better about themselves. Plus, they get our gratitude and appreciation. This can be expressed privately in words, or through a phone call or a note. We can also thank them publicly on our Facebook page, in our ezine, or from the front of the room at an event.

Both parties win, the helped and the helper. Something else really big happens for business and future ease. A rapport, an increased likability and more trust is often created between both parties if gratitude is expressed. Both parties are now more likely to help each other and other people in the future.

Start asking others how you can help them. Make this a regular practice when talking to people.  Everyone will win and we will all feel better while having more ease.

Go Offer Some Help and See What Happens!

 Caterina Rando, Publisher

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