Barbara McDonald

About Barbara McDonald

Barbara McDonald became an artist at age 5. The local mall held a coloring contest, and when she showed up to claim her giant bunny, the lady at the store said, “Are you SURE you colored this yourself?”A typically shy child, she took a deep breath and replied, “I can do another if you'd like.” Now she helps businesses get noticed, attract their target markets and garner their client’s trust through design that hits the heart and the target. Visit her website at

The Pitfalls of Doing It All

As my dear business coach and client, Caterina Rando, brilliantly said, “You need to do what is the highest use of your time, and let other people handle the rest.” I think of this often in my own business, and I have seen my best months and best year ever as a result. I hired a bookkeeper who comes in once a week, as well as a part-time assistant who handles production of signs and banners, in addition to simple updates for my clients, so I can stay focused on what I do best: design.

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