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Benita Ibrahim, is a small business owner for over 23 years. A best-selling author, speaker, leadership educator, mentor and consultant. Benita believes the secret to success is in loving what you do and creating positive relationships within that environment. She has been featured in several well known women’s magazines and received several awards for her contribution to education and leadership in the community, currently sits on The Board of Directors of The ALC at Northwood University and FFW a non-profit organization advocating against teen and adult domestic violence and abuse. Visit her website at or email her at

Giving Back to Make a Difference  One Child at a Time

benita-ibrahim-digital-image-6Years ago, I was having girls’ night out with friends to have fun and catch up. We went to dinner and a movie. While in line to purchase movie tickets, we noticed that two young men further up in line kept looking back at us. It appeared that they were talking about us.

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Grow When You Know

benita-digital-image-5I recently watched a TV show episode about businesses that were no longer thriving and needed full makeovers to survive. The expert had come in and assessed the property, observed production and staff performance, and gave his recommendations.

Although the owner asked for the assistance and expertise of a successful entrepreneur, the owner refused to implement the new strategies.

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Be a Great Leader to Grow your Business


Benita headshot 3x4TWIB Radio with expert Benita Ibrahim. Benita is passionate about women developing their leadership skills. She is a speaker, author trainer and mentor to women who want to succeed. Hear some of her wisdom and listen to her reveal her story of why this matters so much.

Lead with Clear Boundaries

Image636029181505262817.jpg Don’t sell yourself short!  I read a quote that said, “a workman is worthy of his hire.” You deserve to be compensated honorably for your knowledge, time, expertise and service, although I believe it’s a bit harder for women business owners than their male counterparts. Every entrepreneur finds it difficult putting a VALUE on what they do and know. Rest assured, you are not alone in pondering all the “how do I”, “what do I” questions.  How do I price what I do and what I offer? What discounts should I offer? How do I share the knowledge that I have learned with staff, clients or even others in my industry? These questions aren’t always easy to answer.

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Effective Leaders Need Connection, Mentors and Coaches

Image636029122474275446.jpgGet involved and connect with groups that will help foster your growth and will keep you engaged in achieving more knowledge about making your brand better. Join an organization that offers networking, training and resources tailored to your industry. The more people you know in your industry, the more support you have; and the more successful you can become. You would be amazed at the percent of loyal customers you receive by just word of mouth. In the industry of products and services, your reputation means EVERYTHING! Your customers are moved to experience your service by the feedback from others that have heard or experienced your product. So be mindful of how you honor each customers’ experience in your business. Lead with a great experience.

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BIS Smart Tip

Benita Digital article 4 graphicWhen I started my business, there was very little help was available for small businesses in my industry. I learned a lot on my own. I want to help you avoid the many mistakes I made. With these simple tips and tools, you can create a thriving business to be proud of, maintain a loyal team, gain longevity, boost company cultural morale and lead well.

BE PRESENT! In any industry, it’s vital that YOU, as a leader, are present! It is not enough to be present in ownership and title, and to occasionally be there physically. To be effective, you must lead by example physically, mentally and socially, and to be emotionally invested in your industry. It’s difficult to lead your team without mutual trust, loyalty or respect, and you can only gain these by building strong relationships within the company.

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Benita Ibrahim
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!

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How long have you been in business?  I have been an entrepreneur and small business owner for over 20 years, and a leadership consultant for approximately three years.

Why did you begin your business?  I wanted to take my passion of building the community and give back through leadership education, mentoring and management.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would it be?  To find a seasoned mentor and a coach. I believe had I had either or both, I would have avoided a lot of mistakes early on. I think no matter what level of success you have attained you will always need a coach or a mentor to help develop your gifts and talents. Because we never stop learning.

What is a guiding Principle that you use in your business?  That a leader is simply the greatest servant.

What makes you a thriving woman in business?  What makes me a thriving woman in business is the fact that I have learned that success boils down to RELATIONSHIPS!! Relationships are the strongest currency we have as entrepreneurs, educators, instructors or leaders in any capacity. When a person in leadership understands how powerful their influence is on those around them, they love what they do because they have the awareness that their influence is causing someone else to thrive and lives are changed forever.

What is the next big thing or dream for you in your business?  The next big thing for me and my business is, continuing on this journey of community building through positive leadership education and mentoring. Finishing my children’s book series and watching it take shape and create a beautiful movement of imagination and possibilities for youth!

How can our reader’s contact you?  Reader’s can contact me at: or follow me on Twitter: @BenitaIbrahim or Facebook: Benita Ibrahim Solutions or reach out to me via email: