HELP = Help Enables Life’s Passions

HELP = Help Enables Life’s Passions

bibi-print-image-choice-2Most entrepreneurs think they need to focus on getting customers. They don’t factor in the other administrative and customer service tasks required to maintain those clients.

Many small business owners struggle to ask for help. I know. I’m one of them.
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Productivity Assassins

11840278 - do not disturb yellow paper office note with a red thumb tack as a warning sign to be quiet and not noisy to allow for relaxation and silence in a peaceful healthy environment with no sound pollution.

Hopefully most of you set the intention of what you’re going to get accomplished each day, either with a to-do list or a project manager. As you start your day, focus on each item and check things off, here it comes–the surprise attack that has come to murder your productivity. It comes in many forms; clients, employees, spouses, children and Facebook, just to name a few.  Continue reading “Productivity Assassins”

Is Email Your Full Time Job?

Is Email Your Full Time Job?

Bibi graphic article 4For many, the answer to this question is definitely YES! How many mornings do you sit down at your desk, start reading and responding to emails, then look up to realize that half the day is over? It’s easy to get caught up in conversational emails and tough to step away, sometimes, to do the actual work.

Email is meant to be an efficient method of communication, but for many it has turned out to be the one thing that keeps them from being productive. Like many other things in our lives, it’s important to set boundaries with email, and return it to what it was originally intended for.

Here are three simple rules to follow to keep email from becoming your full time job: Continue reading “Is Email Your Full Time Job?”

Leadership Qualities that Increase Productivity

Leadership Qualities that Increase Productivity

pinterest_jackdixonAs individuals, we all have those skills or tools that we use to be productive, whether it’s a work ethic that some believe could be genetic or a project management system that keeps us focused on deadlines and deliverables.

I’ve been curious lately about how productivity comes from motivation and motivation directly relates to environmental variables, specifically in the area of leadership. Whether you work with a traditional boss or have many bosses in clients, the truth is when you are inspired and motivated by them it’s easier to be productive. This is also true working with a team; those surrounding us as peers can inspire and motivate us to get things done. They have qualities of a leader without having the title. Continue reading “Leadership Qualities that Increase Productivity”

Bibi Goldstein
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!

Bibi Headshot RS 3x4How long have you been in business?
I’ve been in business for going on 9 years. I started out with a business partner and in 2011 I took over as solo owner.

Why did you begin your business?
I started this business out of need. My mom was in a car accident and was not doing well with getting herself around; I was traveling a lot working full-time in corporate for UPS.  I needed someone who could help my mother get around and assist with small errands like paying bills or organizing. I realized how hard it was to find someone to do that. So, I created this opportunity in our area (in the Southbay of Los Angeles) for people to have the means to be able to ask for help – whether it be to get the groceries, walk the dog, or even help with a Power Point.

What is your mission for your business?
It’s very simple; I want to provide support for every small business owner or solopreneur. Even for as little as 2 hours a month, anything that can help you take the edge off. Continue reading Bibi Goldstein
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!”

Loving Productivity

Loving Productivity

Everyone wants to be productive, they want to get things done and feel good that they accomplished something – My To-Do ListRight? Creating opportunities to be productive are all around us and yet we don’t take advantage of them most of the time.

Productivity is a very achievable goal EVERYDAY, if you truly desire to be. Over the last few years I’ve discovered something about many of us including myself – We all LOVE that feeling when we’ve been productive. The challenge that we all face is that we do the same thing we do in so many other areas of our lives and that’s too compare ourselves to someone else.

Productivity and what motivates us to be productive is unique to each individual. Comparing ourselves to someone else’s completion of their to-do list only creates unrealistic expectations because our environments and circumstances are different. Continue reading “Loving Productivity”



As someone who really loves technology and very much dislikes paper, I’m always amazed at how many people I lady asian clipboard 42574234._ copyspeak to on a regular basis who say “oh yeah, I think I have that SOFTWARE/TECHNOLOGY/SYSTEMS but I just don’t use it. I guess I should since I’m paying for it.” Often times individuals and/or businesses come to me to help them streamline and automate their systems. When I consult with someone, I address four basic areas:


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Manage Projects. Manage Teams.

15888730_sDo you remember how popular AOL instant message and chatrooms were before the internet blew up into what it is today and before cellphone texting came out? We would get on our computers, dial into AOL and instantly we were connected to our “buddies.” It was awesome!

It’s back folks! It’s back in a new form and we call them Hangouts, Group Chat, or Circles. There are many companies that offer this service, but Google Hangouts is my favorite! Continue reading “Manage Projects. Manage Teams.”

Communicating With Your VA (Virtual Assistant)

women with listCommunication is key to any relationship, but communication with your Virtual Assistant is vital to ensuring success. Opening up the lines of communication goes both ways, but don’t forget the old saying “You get what you give.”

It’s important to nurture your relationship with your VA and lead by example for the type of relationship you want to have. Are you more of an informal or formal communicator? Do you want a team member or someone who’s just going to do what you tell them to do? Continue reading “Communicating With Your VA (Virtual Assistant)”

Raiding Productivity

MultiBeing a productivity and time management expert you would think I have it all covered and get through my to-do list everyday no problem, right?

Wrong, wrong, double wrong.

My productivity is attacked on a regular basis, from urgent requests from clients to team members needing support and guidance. It is tough dealing with these daily surprise attacks even for someone like me who’s hyper aware of getting sidetracked. Continue reading “Raiding Productivity”