Charmaine McCowan

About Charmaine McCowan

A captivating, passionate facilitator of wellbeing, Charmaine holds a Juris Doctorate degree in law and uses the power of words to inspire transformation. She has been heard to say that her real degree is not in the letter of the law but the spirit and soul behind those letters.

Listen, Learn and Lead Your Way to Excellent Leadership

When you think of leadership, what kind of person comes to mind? A president? A minister? A mother? Great leaders are great because they serve those who stand behind them and stand up for them.

Nelson Mandela, a great leader, popularized the term “Lead from behind.” Brilliant leaders understand this strategy of leading.

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Build a Heart-Centered Community and Watch Your Business Soar

Community is a powerful force for positive change in the world. This power can propel you and your business forward beyond your wildest dreams. Why build this kind of community? Because people do business with people and companies that value them and make them feel good.

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