The Art of Giving and Receiving with GLOW

Giving and Receiving=Growing, Loving, Opening & Willing

In the spirit of the season of gift-giving, it’s timely to take an inventory of our own gifts (the kind you don’t purchase). What gifts do you offer?

So many of us have the gifts of nurturance, creativity, leadership, decisiveness, active listening, writing, singing – the list could go on and on. Often around this time of year we get so caught up in buying gifts for one another, we never stop to notice all the gifts we already possess and can give freely without any monetary exchange. Continue reading “The Art of Giving and Receiving with GLOW”

5 Ways to Jumpstart your Creative Possibilities

notebookStuck in a rut? Here’s 5 ways to jumpstart your creative possibilities:

1. Capture your ideas
Did you ever have an idea only to find that it disappeared before you had the chance to save it? Write your brilliant ideas in a small notebook that you carry with you. Do you get your best ideas in the shower? Place a small white board near the shower so that you can jot your ideas before they disappear. Another method is to speak your ideas in your cell phone so that you can refer to them later. Finally, use an app to track your ideas. Create an idea dashboard using Evernote®, or try keeping track of your ideas with Google’s Keep® or Android’s Ideagrowr®. Continue reading “5 Ways to Jumpstart your Creative Possibilities”

Playful Planning Promotes Pleasurable Performance

PlayfulWhat motivates you to get things done?

  • A. Offer yourself a reward when finished.
  • B. Set a deadline.
  • C. Put it on your to do list.
  • D. Get an accountability partner to hold you accountable.
  • E. All of the above.
  • F Other

Over the last six years I have been building a new business, Vibrant Living Alchemy. The content of my offerings has morphed and changed in subtle and not so subtle ways. One intention has remained constant. I am committed to “doing business” differently. Although in the past the old paradigm of working hard and making work hard brought me a lot of financial success it also led to extreme burnout. Continue reading “Playful Planning Promotes Pleasurable Performance”

Like Entrepreneurship, Health is Not For Everyone

Thriving HealthBeing an entrepreneur is tough. I’ve realized over the last few years that in order to build a successful business, it takes preparation, learning, taking risks, making mistakes, trial and error, a ton of resilience, and the ability to trust the day-to-day process, while keeping your eye on the long-term. Truth is, that’s not for everyone and that’s okay. Similarly, I don’t think thriving health is for everyone either. Don’t get me wrong. I wish thriving health for everyone, but like building a thriving business, building thriving health just isn’t for everyone. Continue reading “Like Entrepreneurship, Health is Not For Everyone”

Innovative Woman Victoria Schweizer

Victoria headshot 2Meet Innovative Woman Victoria Schweizer artist and philanthropist.

How and why did you start your business?
I began painting again after 9-11 as a way to deal with post traumatic stress disorder. At first I was painting contemporary pieces and then started to do portraits of my friends on things like birthday cards for them. Once they told me how much they enjoyed them I started painting bigger and bigger portraits of musicians and film icons. When initially asked to donate a painting to a silent auction I thought this person was crazy. “Who would pay more than fifty bucks for this?” and it ended up raising over $1200 for the charity. I’ve been donating paintings worldwide now for the last 15 years and it’s been incredibly rewarding. Continue reading “Innovative Woman Victoria Schweizer”

My Top 3 “Don’t Do’s” This Holiday Season

Holiday Don't Do's, health and fitness, midlifeI can give you a ton of tips on how to survive the holiday season, but is that REALLY what the holidays are about in midlife?

Instead, my hope is to help you look forward to the holidays this year because you have created a plan that makes you “in charge” of the holidays, as opposed to the holidays being “in charge” of you.

To help you with this, here are My Top 3 “Don’t Do’s” This Holiday Season: Continue reading “My Top 3 “Don’t Do’s” This Holiday Season”

Innovative Woman Jenenne Macklin

Innovative Woman of the Week, Jenenne MacklinMeet Innovative Woman Jenenne Macklin, Transformational speaker, Sacred Wealth Intuitive Guide and CEO of Spirit and Riches™.

1. How/why did you begin your business?
I was fired in 2011 and had been longing to finish a book I had been writing on and start another business. I wanted more flexibility and wanted to spend more time with my son and family. Continue reading “Innovative Woman Jenenne Macklin”

Innovative Woman Christine McGuire

Christine McGuire photoMeet Innovative Woman Christine McGuire, Certified Professional Life Coach and Bikram Yoga Instructor.

How and why did you start your business?
After 20 years as a manager in the restaurant industry, I started my own business as a Certified Professional Life Coach, specializing in success coaching, in order to share the joy that I recently found in my life. I want everyone in my community to have the same contagious appreciation for life that I have! For so long I lived in fear: of failure, rejection, abandonment, of making mistakes, and of feeling not good enough! Well, no more! I read a few books that were the catalyst for my startup: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Daring Greatly by Dr. Brene Brown, and Loving What Is by Byron Katie. These three books TRANSFORMED my life! Success, wealth, health, abundance, peace, self-love and acceptance, hope and contentment now permeate my every breath. This excitement and joy for being alive cannot be contained! It is my calling to share it with the world! I utilize an integrated curriculum to guide clients on their own journey of discovery to create these same Life Achievements (as I call them). I committed to my career revolution and within three months became certified as a life coach, studied and certified with both Jack Canfield and Brene Brown, and rented an office space. All for under $2500. Small investment for what will become a huge spiritual and emotional ROI. Continue reading “Innovative Woman Christine McGuire”

Innovative Woman Beverly Chasse

Innovative Woman of the Week, Beverly ChasseMeet Innovative Woman Beverly Chasse, President and CEO of Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc.

How and why did you start your business?
Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. was founded to empower businesses with end-to-end sales solutions, producing the content, tools, and training they need to improve sales performance and drive revenue. We know that revenue performance is directly linked to the strategy an organization has in place. We define that strategy, including the solutions that fully enable our clients to execute upon it. In conjunction with our in-house translation team, we engineer global business solutions spanning numerous technology platforms and media with the capability of reaching any audience anywhere. Continue reading “Innovative Woman Beverly Chasse”

Innovative Woman Nafissa Shireen

Nafissa ShireenMeet Innovative Woman Nafissa Shireen, award winning Master Coach, experienced multi -7 figure businesswoman, and founder of Living Forward Business & Lifestyles Inc.

1. How/why did you begin your business?
After spending over 20 years climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, I found that even though on the outside I had achieved success – a VP in the mining industry, a woman at the top in a “man’s world” – I was never home, 60 to 70 hour weeks were the norm. The constant pressure of what was happening in the markets that affected our daily decisions, was a roller coaster of emotion and uncertainty. I was burned out, and tired. I really missed working with entrepreneurs, and the favorite part of any of my roles was the mentoring and coaching of my team members. Continue reading “Innovative Woman Nafissa Shireen”