How Do You Know When to Leap?

How Do You Know When to Leap?

Laura G Digital graphic 3You may be on a slow and steady path of growth, but I have found that the greatest experiences and opportunities often present themselves as “leaps of faith.” Embrace these opportunities even if they seem risky at first. Try following this system to help you decide if you should make the leap.

Ask yourself these five questions:

1.    Do I trust the source? Is the opportunity being presented by someone I know, like and trust? What is my intuition telling me? Do I feel excited about this new venture, or am I putting it off because I just can’t get my head around it?

2.    How will the change affect my loved ones? Change is constant. Fortunately my family is not frightened by change, but I have built my businesses around my core belief that there is nothing more important for me than being a mother. Even now that my children are young adults, I still ask myself this question as it pertains to them and to my husband. Continue reading “How Do You Know When to Leap?”

Laura Gisborne
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!

Laura Gisborne Headshot New Resize 3x4 How long have you been in business? 27 years, 9 different companies.

Why did you begin your business? I married into the first one, then each one spun off from there.  I usually saw a hole in the marketplace, and an opportunity to make money doing something creative.

What is your mission for your business? To break cycles of poverty by healing the poverty consciousness of leaders in business.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? Not to waste time learning how to do things (web related especially) that would not generate revenue or provide services that I am uniquely experienced to share.

What is a guiding principle that you use in your business? Service first.

What makes you a thriving woman in business? The community I surround myself with.

What do you love about being a thriving woman in business? I am continually humbled and honored at the opportunities to serve that I am presented with now that I have learned how to receive.

What is the next big thing or dream for you in your business? Having our television show raise $1 million dollars for charity.

How can our readers connect with you?

Money Loves Clarity

Money Loves Clarity

Laura G pic copyWe start a great company, full of passion for changing the World – confident that we will create amazing impact and serve millions in new, innovative ways.

Suddenly there are not enough hours in the day and the revenue is just not flowing.  We often end up dreading that business we once loved.

Brilliant entrepreneurs are creative visionaries.  However, the talent we have around creating is not usually paired with a passion for structures and systems.

Here’s the good news.  It doesn’t have to be so hard.  It also doesn’t have to take long to find your time and money freedom.
Continue reading “Money Loves Clarity”