Feng Shui: The Life Force Essence for Success from the Inside Out

Feng Shui: The Life Force Essence for Success from the Inside Out

Sunset Chinese ProverbFeng Shui is the Life Force Essence inside us expressed outward into the world. The words Feng (wind) and Shui (water) are the essential elements of life needed by our bodies – “wind” equates to air we breathe, providing oxygen, and “shui” refers to water, preventing us from dehydration.

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Energy Attraction Tools for Your Best Year Ever


Do you want to manifest a truly magnificent life? Then start your New Year on the right energetic track with these tips.

First, let me explain what I mean when I say energy. In the Asian cultures the equivalent word is chí. These words refer to the life force residing within everything on this planet. Everything is made up of atoms and molecules that are constantly moving at various rates.

When you are sick, your chí level is different than when you are healthy. Looking at buildings, a rundown rental deters good energy while a beautiful home attracts energy. Disgruntled employees repel business while positive people become energetic centers attracting good to themselves and everything around them. Continue reading “Energy Attraction Tools for Your Best Year Ever”

Linda Lenore
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!

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How long have you been in business? Approximately 35 years.

Why did you begin your business? Not planned by me, it was divine guidance. I stay in business because I know there is a reason I have gone through all I have regarding Feng Shui and that I am to share this knowledge with the world.

What is your mission for your business? Bringing peace, prosperity, harmony and health into peoples lives through integration of body, mind, spirit and the environment. I do this by educating my clients through classes, educational products and personal consultations in order to create functional, beautiful, energetically-balanced, healthy, sustainable interior and exterior design for homes, businesses and communities. One of my core values is to co-create and build vibrant environments with clients, colleagues and communities.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? Probably better I didn’t know how much work it was going to be. And again, I never really thought about having a business at first. We started the design business to buy furniture at wholesale prices. It grew into Feng Shui after I heard a Feng Shui master speak and the message had a direct impact on my life. Continue reading Linda Lenore
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!”

Collaboration: A Deep Personal Connection

Collaboration: A Deep Personal Connection

Linda Lenore graphic Print 3Within schools of Feng Shui, some highlight and blend the qualities of collaboration very nicely. (Feng Shui is The Ancient Asian Art of Placement. There are about a dozen different main schools with adaptations within them around the world.)

Some Feng Shui schools are more linear or left-brain focused. Others bring into play right-brain qualities of intuition, creativity, emotions and spirituality. This article focuses on right-brain focused schools with their deep, powerful Higher Power connection.

Relationships and Partnerships

Look up “collaboration” in a thesaurus and you’ll find the synonyms: teamwork, partnership, alliance, relationship and cooperation. The dictionary says: “a working together.”
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Year of the Monkey – A Year of Innovation!

Year of the Monkey – A Year of Innovation!

Year of MonkeyTrue innovation requires a multitude of ideas, events and circumstances to come together at the right time when all components align, creating the perfect stage for invention and origination. Sometimes everything bad happens, pushing tolerance levels to the max. There is no way the perfect storm can be averted. It’s total chaos!

According to Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect, this is where something seemingly unrelated creates a small change to a nonlinear state, causing a ripple effect of change. Out of chaos, innovation occurs.

Monkey See, Monkey Do – Not So for Innovation

On February 8, we started the Chinese Year of the Monkey. Monkey Years are known to be years of innovation. It was a Monkey Year when the new democracy of the United States was started in 1776. The world of social media – and the world itself – was changed forever when Facebook was birthed in the previous Monkey Year, in 2004.

Think about the conditions under which these two inconceivable-at-the-time and life-altering innovations occurred. Both of these were started by one person thinking outside the box to find unconventional solutions to old problems. Huge risks were involved and taken after careful calculations were made. All these are Monkey Year qualities.

Your Tasks for Breakthrough Innovation

The energy of innovation is supported during Monkey Years. The time is right to achieve amazing, innovative results by changing things in your home and office environments. These improve communication, humor and wit to get you through this stressful year.

•    Create a clean slate for work
•    De-clutter
1) Your physical environment
2) Your negative or limiting beliefs
•    Exercise regularly
•    Connect with nature
•    Dare to be different
•    Take calculated risks
•    Be courageous
•    Run with your ideas

Now is the time! Embrace an inventive attitude! Solve problems you see in the world! Go forth and INNOVATE!

Symbolism Sets the Subconscious Mind

Symbolism Sets the Subconscious Mind

In the Asian culture, the Chinese New Year starts some time in January or February. It begins on the first New Moon We Are Gratefulafter the first Full Moon after the Winter Solstice. Yes, it is tied to the moon cycle.

It is a 15-day long ceremony where gratitude for our lives are acknowledged and celebrated. It involves all areas of our lives. This process allows us to bring both balance and focus into our life.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Dinner on New Year’s Eve is one of the most important events of the celebration. It is called the “Rounded Yearly Banquet.” Almost all Asian cultures follow a similar format with similar belief s about each food. Continue reading “Symbolism Sets the Subconscious Mind”

Feng Shui Preparation For Your Best Year Ever

As we continue to prepare for our Best Year Ever, we look at some of the customs and traditions from different OrangeSunsetYogacultures. We can pick and choose what works for us. We can choose from our own spiritual or religious background. Maybe we have attended retreats or gatherings where we experienced ceremonies where we felt comfortable or brought us great joy.

Welcome The New Year

Celebrating throughout the holiday season of December, the tendency for many is to spend money, eat rich foods, indulge in sweets or drinks we know are not the healthy for our bodies and cram far more events into our already full schedule than our bodies can handle.

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