Moneeka Sawyer
is our Thriving Woman of the Week!

Moneeka SawyerHow long have you been in business? 10 years

Why did you begin your business?  I was working with a business coach myself because I felt like I was hitting a block to my own business growth.  After working with me for 6 months he asked if I’d be interested in working as a coach for him.  I’d always been attracted to the idea of helping others improve their lives so I jumped at the opportunity.  He provided all the training and my coaching career began.  I’ve stayed in this business because I absolutely love watching people’s lives change right before my eyes.

What is your mission for your business?  There are so many women out there who are successful in all areas of their lives, but for some reason don’t feel completely content.  They may ask themselves things like “is this all there is,” “It’s like there is still something missing inside of me, but I just can figure it out,” or “I have everything.  Why am I still not happy?”  It is my mission to help women answer those questions and define what Bliss really means to them.  Then I help them step into a life of their own personal bliss.  I want to change the world by helping us all experience our own personal bliss.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be?  I thought I was going into business to do something that I enjoy and make a living.  It turns out that running a business is supposed to be inspirational and is the biggest growth experience I will ever have.  So when things go wrong, understand that’s part of the purpose of starting a business.  My business is here to make me a better me.  That isn’t going to happen unless I have challenges.  So, instead of getting overwhelmed by challenges, I need to face them head on, and then celebrate what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown by solving them.

What is a guiding principle that you use in your business?  The truest essence of Bliss is unconditional love.  So, my guiding principle is to always run my business from a place of unconditional love.  I want my clients to experience bliss with me and through me.  And I want to experience expansion, joy, and bliss through running my business.

What makes you a thriving woman in business?  I have touched many lives in really positive ways over the years.  This energizes, invigorates, and inspires me.  I feel like I am making a difference in the world.

What do you love about being a thriving woman in business?  I love knowing that I am making a positive impact on the world.

What is the next big thing or dream for you in your business?  I would like to expand my impact exponentially.  I want to bring even more bliss to our world.  To do that I need to start reaching out to more people more often so I am moving from doing one-on-one coaching to doing more workshops and group coaching programs.

How can our readers connect with you?  You can reach me anytime at or on my website

Is Bliss in Your Business and Life Possible?

Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment

When you hear the word Bliss, do you ever have thoughts like these? “Bliss seems so out there. I just want to be happy,” or “I don’t want to be blissful. Then I won’t be as driven to achieve success, and I have so much more I want to do in life.” Even so, are you still intrigued by what having bliss in your business, relationships, and life might look like?

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Exciting New Book Reveals How To Have The Life of Your Dreams!

Exciting New Book Reveals How To Have The Life of Your Dreams!

front cover for kiindle
Choose Bliss: The new paradigm in Business.


Choose Bliss: New Book Proves a Life of Enduring Joy & Contentment *IS* Possible. It’s a Paradigm Changer Critics Hail “Authentic & Powerful”

 Masterfully crafted from the life, experiences and wisdom of Moneeka Sawyer, ‘Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment’ empowers readers to embrace the fact that bliss isn’t circumstantial, but is rather a constant state of being that anyone can thrive in. Through both deeply-personal vignettes and a host of practical exercises, Sawyer walks readers through learning how to never settle for “just good enough” and how creating true power and prosperity can be as easy as a few simple mindset shifts…

 Mountain View, CA – Those who know Moneeka Sawyer often regard her as one of the happiest, most joyous and positive people they’ve ever met. It’s far from a front; Sawyer is truly blissful at all times and feels totally in control of every decision she makes.

It’s a unique yet totally transformative state of mind underpinned by a series of foundational “bliss practices” that anyone can deploy. In her new book, Sawyer explains how you too can be as happy and content as she is.

‘Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment’ will leave readers reveling in their new life steeped with opportunity, positivity and bliss that goes far and beyond being a buzzword. It’s a book about the power to choose, and how these choices can easily create a reality more blissful than anyone believed possible.

Book Synopsis:

This book is about your power to choose. It is a paradigm changer that will transform your view of your life, the world around you, and what is truly possible. Filled with thought-provoking concepts, it will teach you simple bliss practices you can implement immediately and short exercises to integrate bliss into your life forever. The tools in this book have proven successful time and time again. So, from this day forward, you don’t have to settle for good enough.

“The issue is that most people fall into a state of complacency, creating a vicious circle where they live robotically and become frustrated when they’re seldom happy,” explains Sawyer. “My book and my entire philosophy will amplify anyone’s inner light and rekindle the love in their heart. After all, don’t we all deserve to live surrounded by bliss? Feeling happy, strong and free is so empowering that it’s almost hard to put into words. This book will help anyone identify the mental, physical and spiritual adversity that’s holding them back and then inspire them to emerge victorious into a life they have only ever dreamed of.”

Continuing, “I want people to remember that they have a choice about every single thought, movement and action they make in life. When you understand how to make each of these decisions with a continuing life of bliss as the goal, amazing things begin to happen. Just ask the people I’ve helped who have proven first-hand that my methods are rock-solid and proven.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews. For example, H. Blanchard comments, “I’ve read a lot of self-help books and this one feels different – more authentic – because Moneeka shares her own life journey and how she overcame problems in a way that I could relate to. The main thing I will take away is that changes are not linear and you don’t have to take action A, then B, then C etc. you can have bliss now even though you haven’t worked your way through to Z yet. I also found that as I read she left cues for the forthcoming chapters that my subconscious started working on so that when I got to the chapter on that subject e.g. Gratitude, I had already started working it into my daily routine naturally.”

James R. Cichoracki adds, “Moneeka’s insights and her compelling stories (from her challenging childhood where she was relentlessly bullied to her hard choice a few years ago to not become a mother) demonstrate how deeply devoted she is to the amazing principles of choosing bliss no matter what her circumstances. I found myself underlining and making notes of things I want to incorporate into my life to live the joy-filled life that Moneeka clearly embodies every day. This book is full of gems!”

‘Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment’, from Silver Torch Publishing¸ is available now:

For more information and resources, visit the author’s official website:

Quiz: Do You Practice Empathy?

Quiz: Do You Practice Empathy?

empathyEmpathy is defined as “the quality of recognizing and understanding another person’s desires, beliefs, and emotions.” It’s one of the most valuable skills we can ever acquire. Empathy cultivates meaningful relationships, reduces discrimination and negative assumptions, encourages honest communication, and can help deter violence. Studies have found that highly empathetic people are more confident and sensitive, and they enjoy better physical and mental health. Often described as looking through another person’s eyes or standing in someone else’s shoes, empathy connects us human-to-human. Continue reading “Quiz: Do You Practice Empathy?”

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 3

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 3


Hello again!  This is part 3 of this series about the rewards of really listening.  (Go to PART 1 or PART 2 of this series.)  As I mentioned in the last article, this skill can be learned.  Last time we discussed three key elements of listening.

The first three key elements we mentioned are:

1) Anyone can learn to be a good listener.

2) Listening is active.

3) Listening means turning off the noise inside our heads.

Today we’ll discuss two more keys to developing this important skill so you can reap the benefits of it in your life and business. Continue reading “The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 3”

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 2

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 2


Hello!  This is part 2 of this series about the rewards of really listening.  As I mentioned in the last article, genuine listening can be learned.  Today we’ll discuss some of the keys to developing this important skill so you can reap the benefits of it in your life and business.

Here are three key elements about listening:

Anyone can learn to be a good listener. Even though some people might be better at this skill than others, listening isn’t about being educated, wealthy, or popular. Anyone can learn to listen, and children are some of the best listeners because they have the ability to drop what they are doing and focus intently on someone or something.  Continue reading “The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 2”

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 1

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 1

listening - steve coveyBetty and Wilma are sitting at a coffee shop. Betty has just experienced a divorce and is telling Wilma all about it. To a casual observer, it appears as if Wilma is listening. But take a look at the thoughts running through Wilma’s head: Really, people get divorced every day; it’s time to move on. It would help her if she lost some weight and got a job; that’s what I’d do. I hope this never happens to me.

Wilma thinks she’s a good listener. After all, she’s not interrupting or fidgeting, right? But what Wilma is actually doing is hearing Betty. Like so many of us, Wilma’s just not listening.

As toddlers, we learn to speak and to understand the words of others. As we grow, we learn to read and write, in addition to many other valuable skills. But few of us ever learn one of the most essential skills of all—how to really listen.

To truly listen takes our entire attention and focus. The rewards are immense, however: happier marriages and joyful families, improved communication at work, fewer disagreements between friends and loved ones, calmer and less stressful lives. And another benefit: when you listen well, you become a person other people want to listen to.

Genuine listening can be learned. In my next post we’ll discuss some of the keys to developing this important skill so you can reap the benefits of it in your life and business.

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Thriving Through Gratitude – Part 2

Thriving Through Gratitude – Part 2

Gratitude Changes Everything.Hello again! In my last post we discussed why gratitude is so important and how it affects our lives, our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and why I consider it to be the Master Skill of Bliss. I also shared what the “secret sauce” is to making any gratitude practice as transformative as possible. This week, let’s actually create a gratitude practice for you that will fit easily into your life, and will uplift you in ways you never thought possible.

Listen in to part 2 of my Bliss Bits Gratitude series here. I hope you enjoy it and would love it if you shared a comment below about what practices you are implementing in your life. Your comments can give the rest of us ideas on some fun ways to add a gratitude practice into our own lives.

Cultivating Gratitude in Your Life

Thriving through Gratitude!

Thriving through Gratitude!

gratitude birdy

Do you wonder why there is so much hype about gratitude lately? Do you consider yourself a grateful person? Today I’d like to explore what all this hype is about. What is the secret behind the power of gratitude? Here’s a hint: an Attitude of Gratitude is not what you need.

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Fall in Love With Your Life – Part 2

Fall in Love With Your Life – Part 2

Moneeka Sawyer article picDo you love your life? Do you feel energized and motivated with all that you are doing? If you answer no to these questions, it’s time to fall in love again…with your life.

When you are in love with your life, everything is easier, flows well, and feels good. You feel light, vital, happy, and like you can handle anything. When issues come up, you are better equipped to deal with them.

A couple weeks ago I posted the first of 2 parts of my teleseminar series “How to fall in love with your life.” Here is part 2.

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