Paula Pacheco

About Paula Pacheco

Paula’s professional background includes Fortune 500 companies such as the Bank of America, IBM, PG&E, the Pacific Stock Exchange, the entertainment industry, the non-profit sector and high-tech startups.

Paula’s 17 years in the corporate arena turned her into a dynamic, strong, results-oriented operations development and change professional experienced in analyzing, managing, training, growing and restructuring business operations.

In 1992, Paula earned a BA in liberal studies with a concentration in consulting psychology, (organizational development), from John F. Kennedy University. From 2011-2015, Paula took business courses at Stanford University.

BUSINESS ACUMEN: A Woman’s Golden Key to Corporate Success

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise 1Don’t want to get stuck in middle management? Be the kind of highly successful and effective leader that businesses fight for, and one that gets you into a company’s management talent pipeline. How do you do that, by learning to develop business acumen as early in your career as possible.

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Empower Yourself and Social Benefit Entrepreneurs. Be an Impact Investor.

Imagine championing social benefits such as those listed below!

–A warehouse buzzing with the assembly of healthy lunches for some of America’s hungry inner-city schoolchildren.

–Families in the developing world using solar lanterns manufactured by entrepreneurs to meet the demand for cheap, safe power.

–Urban doctors using a cloud-based proprietary software application that allows them to remotely monitor rural patients.

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Always Know the Value You Bring


When a potential new employer asks, “What is the value you bring?” can you give an immediate and confident reply?

If you can’t, then be prepared for not getting noticed. If you are able to answer this question immediately with ease and confidence, and be very specific about the skills you have, it will help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

How do you define your skills and capabilities? Try this easy assessment tool:

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Embrace Your Feminine Skills and Take Your Place at the NEW Leadership Table

Human Resources.

Our image of leadership has always been masculine. Society has rewarded men who are focused, decisive, daring, fearless and dominant. Make no mistake; those masculine skills are what made this country great.

What we need now to solve today’s morass of complex issues are feminine skills that guide people to work in community to solve problems. Feminine skills, such as deep listening, inclusion, empathy, finding common ground, collaboration, emotional intelligence, support for others and intuitive thinking. It is these feminine leadership skills that are critical for success in the 21st-century business environment.

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