Crazy $exy Money 

Can money be sexy? This is all about the CRAZY, the SEXY and the MONEY.

Celebrate this, ladies! We can make it, save it, spend it, invest it and enjoy it. One of the greatest gifts today is the freedom to be as creative as we want and make money doing the things that we love. Isn’t that CRAZY?

The fact that we can do business in a home office and not have to live the traditional regimen of 8-5, 9-6 or 10-7 is fascinating. Think about it. Even if some of you have a traditional work lifestyle, there are options trending that are making it more lifestyle friendly. Having a business that is lifestyle friendly? I call that SEXY!

Now that we’re clear that we are all crazy and sexy let’s talk about the money. Times are changing and it is important now more than ever to start understanding the changes coming. There will be market adjustments. Your money is subject to losses and fees. Now is the time to at least look at creating that lower risk bucket. The key is looking at your future goals and plans.

In reality, more money will be needed at retirement. Would you rather live with less money or what you’re accustomed to? Many assume less. LIFE Happens. Think about it.

What if you could actually take 10 percent of your annual income today and invest in a 10-year plan that will reduce future taxes, provide protection in a health emergency and grow with compound interest, not subject to loss with lifetime income attached? Would you do it?

The wave of your financial future is here. Let me educate you on a system that could be life-changing for you. That’s Crazy $exy MONEY for you!

The Power of 10

With so much conversation about money and ideas on what and where to put it, do you ever just want to ask the question, can you HELP me?

Then we start talking about it to friends and now as a group, we are all the expert.  Sometimes with everyone acting as the expert sharing what they thought did or didn’t work, has now become more like the old game we played as kids called “Telephone.”  The words passed from ear-to-ear change and ultimately the information is incorrect. We may hear about someone’s unfortunate outcome with an annuity. When the person was actually put into a plan that wasn’t correct for them in the first place. They only know the pain of their particular experience. After hearing all of this you now become mentally paralyzed.  In reality, there are some great annuities that will pay you for the rest of your life and can be transferred to a beneficiary:  Win-Win.

Example: An income of $100,000

How about that saying of putting 10 percent of your money away annually for retirement?  Let’s put away $833 a month for the next ten years.  It almost seems unattainable. First reaction, “Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?”

Now if I say to you, let’s create a plan for ten years based on your income of $100,000 and fund it with $10,000 annually with guarantees that you will not only have growth capped, meaning that there will be a ceiling and a floor so that you never lose principle. Growth is compound and guaranteed; one that will offer you a larger amount to pull from in case of an emergency, will reduce future taxes and pay you a tax-free income for life. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?

We need multiple streams of income going forward. Are you ready?


How to Translate Your Vision to Dollars and Sense

Your vision doesn’t capture your heart until it captures your wallet. –Andy Stanley
How excited would you really be if you knew that your cash flow and profit aligned and truly supported your vision and values? Would you be more passionate about growing your company? Business needs cash flow like you need oxygen. It is vital for your company to grow well. Creating clarity allows you to make more money AND keep more of what you make. Here are four ways to grow your business well.

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Your Financial Sandcastle

Is your financial sandcastle sturdy or is it washing away? I had the pleasure hearing Michael Bernard
Beckwith, founder of Agape, speak about goals using a sandcastle analogy. It made me think of how we as a population can be that way with our finances.

It is time to take innovative action with regard to our finances, especially this new year 2017. There are actions that were taken before the election that will be game changers as we, as a country, move forward.  

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IRS Institutes Private Debt Collectors

calculator-1044173__340Close to 20 million people owe a combined total of $400 billion in back taxes to the IRS. Several million taxpayers have payment arrangements, and another 7 million people owe tax payments. In the latter part of 2015, Section 32102, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST), was put into law. This act requires the IRS to use private debt collectors for delinquent debts.

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Managing Bills/Paperwork for Someone You Care About

accountant-1238598__340Do you or someone you know have the responsibility to manage a family member or friend’s bills and/or important papers? Do you review the information to make sure everything being paid is needed?

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New Filing Deadlines/Penalties for Forms W-2 and 1099

1657641Last year legislation was passed regarding 1099s and other forms issued by employers. When The Trade Preference Extension Act of 2015 passed, it increased the late filing and failure-to-file penalties for several forms. Fees will be charged if forms were not filed by the due date, not having all the needed (or correct) information, and also if the intended recipient of the form did not receive it timely. Depending on the failure, the penalty increased from $100 to $250 per return. Businesses who purposefully do not follow the filing requirements fees will double, from $250 to $500. If a company intentionally has filing failures, the fee charged is $1,000 per form, with no cap on possible penalties.

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Federal Overtime Changes Took Effect December 1, 2016

bookkeeping-615384__340Do you have employees currently paid by salary rather than an hourly rate? If so, review what you pay to make sure you are in compliance with the new law that took effect December 1. The Department of Labor has established a minimum amount that must be paid to avoid overtime.

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W9 Form: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


1657641Are you prepared to file 1099 forms for payments made to your vendors in the course of business?  Have you collected the W9 forms so that you can file the information in January of next year?  In order to know which vendors are subject to receiving a 1099, you should have them complete and return the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form W9.

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7 Tips That Will Save You Money on Bookkeeping

bookkeeping-615384__340Over the years we’ve assisted many small business owners with their bookkeeping and learned how to do so efficiently and effectively. Today we want to share a few tips on how you can help your bookkeeper streamline your process and decrease your fees.

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