Create a Dynamic Network

You’ve heard the term “self-made,” right? While I understand the spirit of this description, in my experience I don’t believe any successful person is 100 percent self-made.

Successful people surround themselves with other successful people, and they lean on their networks when they need support, investment or just another set of eyes and ears. Professional athletes train with other professional athletes. Top entrepreneurs join networks and invest in masterminds so they can share ideas with people on a similar path. Wealthy people tend to invest in retreats to network with other wealthy people.

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What is “GLOW?”

GLOW is the essence that makes you who you are.

When you are in alignment with your truth, your voice and your heart, you grow your GLOW.

Allow yourself to trust your GLOW, it lights the way as you traverse the many pathways that you take in your life. It shines light into your darkness and it illuminates what you may not be able to see with your naked eyes.

GLOW is your guiding light. We are always at choice to allow our GLOW to shine.

We are also at choice to dim our GLOW so that we may fit in or be accepted, so that we don’t stand out or make waves. Are you holding back? Are you playing small? If so, you’re denying your God given gift to GLOW.

Were you told that you are too much, too emotional, too sensitive, too loud, too quiet or too strong? Or maybe you’ve been told that you’re not enough, not capable enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, just simply, not enough.

Living dim does not serve anyone. As a matter of fact, it diminishes why you’re here, it diminishes your purpose and it diminishes the most important relationship you’ll ever have, the relationship you have with yourself, which then affects every other relationship you have in the world.

It takes courage to stand in your GLOW and to be the beacon of light that you were born to BE. As we allow ourselves the gift of owning our GLOW we inspire others to step into their own GLOW. Your GLOW is authentic to you, and as we all let our GLOW shine, we have the capability to collectively bring to the world what is so desperately wanted and needed.

Connection, compassion and the vulnerability to take a stand for who we are and what matters in our lives. Your willingness to GLOW has the power to transform all of humanity, causing a ripple effect of possibilities that are beyond your wildest dreams.

What are you waiting for? Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens because of you.

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Experience Freedom in 2017!

I hear so many of my healing clients and voice students yearning for freedom in their life. They have freedom as a value in their life but somehow are not fully embodying that value. They are, in a nutshell… Stuck.

I talk a lot about this in my latest blog entry on How to experience freedom by setting your authentic self free.

Authenticity is often underrated. It’s more than being honest with the world or speaking your mind. It’s about being honest with yourself and who you are and how you are being. There are many advantages to being authentic. Most importantly, you’ll no longer feel the need to change your words and actions to impress others. Being in authentic is EXHAUSTING! What other people think of you is none of your business. You can relax and be yourself.

Before you can be completely authentic, it’s important to know yourself. Who are you really? You need to develop a certain level of self-awareness. This includes clarity around your values and goals. This also includes developing a relationship with your higher self. Developing communication with your inner self and tuning into your body consciously on a regular basis. Authenticity becomes possible when you know what’s truly important to you as a person and as a spirit.

The first steps to take to experience freedom by setting your authentic self free are:

  1. Give up the need to appear perfect. When you don’t need to appear perfect, you’re in the position to be honest. If you are spending to much time thinking about this you are in your head or listening to you negative ego. If you are in your heart and doing what is authentic you are not hiding or covering up anything. You are transparent. No one can be perfect and honest at the same time. Avoid putting on a show for the rest of the world. You’ll only feel bad about yourself later. It’s okay to be less than spectacular. Be the best at being yourself.
  2. Know your values and live by them. If you know your core values and live by them consistently, you’re already doing well in the authenticity department. More importantly I want you to embody your values. When you are congruent with the energies or your values you actually begin to emit those energies to others. You can only do this my writing them down and referring back to them on a regular basis. Make it part of your daily practice. For myself some of my values include: Freedom, Self-Expression, Creativity, Light-heartedness, Love, Authenticity, Compassion, desire to learn and my list goes on….
  3. Notice when you’re not being authentic. It’s not easy to be authentic all the time. You might find yourself transforming based on the situation. A first date is a good example. Or going into a networking event trying to size up a new group. Are you being authentic or pretending to be someone you’re not? Are you able to share what you are about or do you clam up?

Give some serious thought to the tips above if you are ready to experience freedom by setting your authentic self free. Be willing to look deeply inside and know that you are the only one who can make the changes you desire to free yourself. To learn more about how to experience freedom by setting your authentic self free please visit my blog and begin your self-transformation today.

Here is wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2017!


Lesson #3 of 3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays

Over the past several days, I’ve shared with you three healthy holiday lessons that I thought you would benefit from. These are inspired by my Merry & Light Holiday challengers, meaning these are actual lessons they have been learning over the past few weeks.
If you missed the first two lessons, you can find Lesson #1 HERE and Lesson #2 HERE.
Today, I bring you Lesson #3, as well as a bonus “and then some” lesson, Lesson #4. Enjoy!
LESSON #3: Stay positive when you encounter a setback
One challenger caught the flu immediately as we started the challenge. What a bummer, right? It sure was. We all felt for her. She had great intentions to have a strong holiday challenge and meet all of her “Healthy Daily Actions” and then she gets hit with the flu.
I’m going to sound cliché, but it’s really the only response: That’s life. It happens. I learned early on in my life that life wasn’t fair. Bad things and unfortunate events are going to happen. I understand that getting the flu at the start of a holiday challenge isn’t the worst problem in the world, but it’s an example of how life throws us curveballs when we least expect it. My challenger could thrown in the towel and quit the challenge entirely. She could have said, “Well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be this time.”
But instead, she rolled up her sleeves and… rested. That’s right. As much as she wanted to fulfill her “Healthy Daily Actions”, she simply couldn’t. She could have mustered up a little strength to take a walk to receive her “star” for the day, but she chose to rest up instead.
I told her it was a wise choice. It’s important to listen to our bodies. There’s a great saying: “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.”
This challenger listened to her body. She stayed in bed and stayed hydrated. If she tried to get up and earn her “star”, it may have set her back a few more days. Again, I believe she made a wise choice. Now she can recover quicker and get back in action with the holiday challenge.
What I found most inspiring about this certain challenger is that while she could have thrown her hands up and quit altogether, she CHOSE to stay positive.
There are several things that will get in the way for you this holiday season. You may encounter various setbacks and unexpected challenges. I encourage you to also stay positive and realize that this setback is simply a test in the process of who you’re becoming, on the way to where you’re going.
And then some…
LESSON #4: Create a Healthy Holiday Bucket List
I couldn’t leave you with a “That’s life, deal with it” Lesson, now could I?!
Where would my holiday spirit be?!
So, I’m leaving you with something fun that we’re also doing in the Merry & Light Holiday Challenge.
I asked each challenger to create a “Healthy Holiday Bucket List” of up to 10 fun things they want to do this holiday season. The goal was to “check off” all of their “Bucket List” items before the end of the challenge.
They came up with all sorts of fun things like:

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Lesson #2 of 3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays

Here’s Lesson #2 of my “3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays” based on the takeaways my Merry & Light Holiday challengers are having.

If you missed Lesson 1, you can find it HERE. If so, they’re not in order, so feel free to read today’s lesson and then go back to Lesson #1 right after.

LESSON #2: Find a way

Even in Southern California, we’re starting to feel the chilly weather. Okay, for all of you North, West, and East of us, I see you rolling your eyes. Understandably so and I know you consider us wimpy and I’m not denying that. I’m one who prefers shorts over pants. But nevertheless, most of us are cold. And if we’re cold, I know you’re cold.

Besides the dip in weather, another thing we’re all dealing with is the time change. This season, the time change has hit my clients hard. Honestly, me too. I don’t like the short winters nearly as much as I love the long summers.

When it starts getting dark at 5pm, it’s hard to want to do anything else besides “settle in for the night”.

For those who like to exercise outside and do it after work, it makes it hard to do, not only for weather reasons, but also for safety reasons.

One of my Merry & Light Holiday Challengers had this dilemma. For the past several months, she has been on a roll with her habit of walking in the evening. But when the time change and cold weather hit, all she wanted to do was stay comfy and cozy in her warm home.

I encourage my clients often by using one of my favorite quotes (which is also helpful when you’re on a trip or vacation): “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

That’s what this particular challenger did. She “found a way”. She transferred her daughter’s gym membership over to her name (her daughter is currently out of the state in college). The gym membership was being paid for already, but no one was using it.

Even though she hasn’t stepped foot in a gym in a very long time, she felt uncomfortable and uncertain. But again, she “found a way” because her healthy goals are that important to her.

Another challenger expressed that what she finds hard about the short days is snacking in the evenings after she already had dinner.

She, too, “found a way”. She decided to brush her teeth after dinner so that she wouldn’t be tempted to want to eat again.

Like I said, we’re all dealing with the colder temperatures and shorter days. If you also find this time of year challenging to stay on track with your healthy goals, how can you “find a way”?

Be on the lookout! Healthy Holiday Lesson #3 is coming your way soon…

Lesson #1 of 3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays

We’re just a few weeks into my 4-week Merry & Light Holiday Challenge and I wanted to share with you some great takeaways and lessons the ladies are having. My hope is that maybe one or two of these resonate with you and will help you stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing with you these three lessons. Instead of giving them to you all at once, I thought it would be helpful to share them one by one.
My hope is that it will help you focus how you might apply each lesson to your life, maybe not just over the holidays, but into the next year.
Here we go with Lesson #1 of 3 Healthy Lessons for the Holidays!


Instead of thinking, “What will I miss out on?”, think, “What will I GAIN?”

We all have it – F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out).

One holiday challenger was debating whether or not to go to a holiday party at work. They usually have a ton of sweets and treats. She knew her friends would be there and it would be a fun time, but she also knew that those tempting treats would only veer her off her healthy holiday plan.

Here’s what she learned:

Instead of “F.O.M.O. thinking”, “What will I miss out on?”, she considered thinking, “What will I gain by not going and overindulging on treats?”

By not going to the party and not focusing on what she’ll miss out on, rather what she would gain, she was able to keep momentum going forward.

This is a really important lesson because it’s hard to make a U-turn once we’re going a certain direction. Besides, when we have to make a U-turn, not only do we lose momentum, but it also takes a lot of energy – energy we can put into other things.

On the other hand, momentum doesn’t take as much energy. Once we’re going in a certain direction, it’s easier to stay the course. And the longer we’re staying the course, that’s when the habit has been solidified and we start seeing great results.

This is why I harp on the importance of coaching – I have a coach too. A coach offers you clarity, insight, accountability, support, and guidance on your way toward your best self. They keep your momentum moving forward. Are there stoplights along the way? Sure! But with a coach, you’re less likely to sit at that stoplight for very long.

My question for you to consider today based on Lesson #1 is:

In what circumstances this holiday season do you feel like you’ll miss out on something if you don’t go or don’t eat this or that?

Can you change your thinking to what you might GAIN by not going or not overindulging?

It’s important to consider that “not going” or “not indulging” is not always the right choice. If you want to go, then go! However, realize what temptations might surround you and prepare for them accordingly.

Not sure if you should go?

The best question to ask yourself is: Will it be worth it?

Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it’s no. No one can answer that but you.

Hope you resonated with something today. If so, great!

Stay tuned for Lesson #2 coming your way really soon!

What Baseball and Your Health Goals Have in Common

50885902 - baseball stadium

My Facebook feed this week was blowing up. I didn’t know I had so many Facebook friends who were Cubs fans. I even read that one fan at the game held a sign that said, “Now I can die in peace.” That’s what you call a diehard fan!

In case you missed it and have no idea what I’m talking about, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in 7 games in the World Series – a championship their organization has not seen in 108 years.

To be honest, I didn’t even watch one game. I like baseball, but I don’t LOVE it. What I do love is basketball and that I will spend my precious time watching.

I do have to admit that I sort of regret not watching this series, especially because I love a good come back and that’s exactly what the Cubs did. They came back from a 3-1 deficit – Wow!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when I saw pictures of the players immediately reacting to the win, I could only come up with one – exhilarating.

When was the last time you had that feeling of victory, of complete exhilaration over something you’ve worked so hard for?

Imagine having a goal of victory for as long as the Cubs did and then finally achieving it.

What one long-term health goal achievement would make you feel that victorious?

In my recent Healthiest Month Ever Challenge in our private Facebook challenge group, I shared a little about what baseball has in common with our health goals.

This was a part of my final message to them as we closed out the challenge:

Way to go challengers!! Congratulations on completing the October HME Challenge.

I want you to remember that this challenge is about “ah-ha’s”, trial and error, learning about yourself, perseverance, determination, accountability, and much more.

It is my aim to ensure that you experience all of those things in my challenges. Most importantly, I want you to remember that the little things BECOME the big things, meaning (for you baseball fans), rarely is it the grand slam or even the home run that wins games; rather it’s what you call “small ball” where you hit singles and doubles consistently. That’s what gets you around the bases, keeps the momentum going (because let’s face it, not every at bat is going to be a home run), and eventually wins you games.

The same is true for your health and well-being – it’s the little things you do on a consistent basis that gets you those singles, doubles, and most importantly, momentum that moves you forward. If I can leave you with anything today on our final day as you go off on your own, think “small ball”. Think moving around the bases.

I chose to share that with them because I think it’s common for us to believe that everyday we have to hit a home run — that we either hit a home run today or we’ve failed.

I should know. I led my high school softball team in strikeouts.

You see, I would go up to bat with the intention of hitting a home run every time. I would “swing for the fences” as they say.

When that’s the mentality, it often leads to strike outs because you try to make any pitch even close to the strike zone a home run.

But, that’s simply not realistic. Like I shared with the HME Challengers, it’s the singles and doubles that get you around the bases.

It’s all about consistency and momentum. When you aim for both – those regular singles, doubles, and even bunts you will move around the bases and score.

Does it take longer to score than a home run does? Yes. But, when you aim for home runs all the time (like I did), it becomes all or nothing and it only ends up leaving you returning to the dugout frustrated, disappointed, and I’ll have to admit for me, embarrassed.

I encourage you today to think “small ball” when it comes to your health goals. Think about how you can “hit singles” on a daily basis.

Singles also feel more manageable so you’re more likely to follow through.

Think one healthy meal at a time, one workout at a time, getting to bed 30 minutes earlier, etc. as opposed to home run thinking – healthy meals all week, workout everyday this week, get to bed at 9:30 as opposed to the usual 11:30, etc.

See how “small ball” works? It works for my clients and it’ll work for you.

So if you’re discouraged, remember the Cubs came back from what most would consider an insurmountable obstacle.

If they did, so can you. Just keep your eye on the target and remember that the small things BECOME the big things.

The Most Important Next Step

JustDoItDuring this year we have been walking the Sign of Enough path, which invites us to work with the question “How will I know when I have enough?” using whatever areas of our lives call for our attention.

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Law of Reciprocity

linda-lenore-print-image-6Energy flow and balance are common principles within the many Feng Shui schools. Living a full and happy life entails learning, understanding and implementing the Law of Reciprocity. This involves a relationship of mutual exchange or interchange. 

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How to Make Healthy Choices Easier


Personal story: This past Thursday sucked. I was lethargic and grumpy. I found myself ravenous, wanting to eat everything in sight.

That’s not all. My workout STUNK. I did manage to complete 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, but it was horrendous. You know that feeling when you are walking toward heavy wind? You put your head down and you try to fight that resistance that just takes all your energy out of you. Well, that was exactly how I felt during my workout.

Being a wellness coach and actually teaching this stuff, I wasn’t blind to what was really going on. I knew exactly why my food choices were poor, my workout was awful, and I just wasn’t at my best.

Here’s what happened: I stayed up way too late the night before watching the final Presidential debate. Then, I got up at 5am to start my day and shortly after that I hit my wall. Everything started going downhill, beginning with the unusual urge to eat again shortly after breakfast.

Basically, I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. When we don’t get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep, what happens is that our cortisol levels rise and our leptin, serotonin, and dopamine levels drop.

This is not good news for our healthy choices throughout the day. High cortisol levels make us feel exactly how I felt. You can have all the willpower in the world, but you are fighting a hard fight when your cortisol levels are out of whack. Your body wants and needs sleep, but if you don’t give it that, it’s going to resort to craving comfort foods. What’s more, your workout will stink, just like mine did.

Ideally, we want the opposite. We want our leptin, serotonin, and dopamine levels to be high and our cortisol levels to be low. You see, the first three biochemicals I mentioned regulate our appetite, make us feel good, and ultimately help us make healthy choices that can feel effortless.

Most people think they just don’t have enough willpower or motivation to make healthy choices, but it’s really not entirely true. Because our sleep, food, mood, and exercise habits are all connected – when one is poor, it brings the others down. This eventually leads to all sorts of health issues.

Instead of having to rely on willpower (something you should save for other things, not food or exercise choices), when you get a good night’s sleep and your leptin, serotonin, and dopamine levels are high, it’s going to be much easier to create a healthy day, keep the weight off, and move forward toward your goals in an effective and productive manner.

You see, when you get a good night’s sleep (quality and quantity), you will make better food choices, be in a better mood, do better work, make fewer mistakes, be happy and cheery, and your workouts will not only be more enjoyable, but they’ll be more effective. This will result in reaching your health goals much faster.

So, how do you make healthy choices easier?

  • You sleep between 7.5-8.5 hours a night
  • Eat healthy, whole foods in an appropriate quantity
  • Lower your stress
  • Exercise on a regular basis

When you have these four things going on, you won’t have to MAKE yourself choose right, it’ll come easy and naturally as a result of a balance in your biochemical makeup.

How is YOUR sleep going?

If you want to shed some unwanted pounds, it’s really important that you sleep well. This will lead to eating healthy, the desire to move your body (because let’s face it, when you get a bad night’s sleep, physical activity isn’t appealing), and you’ll be less stressed and grumpy.

If you’re not getting enough sleep or the quality of your sleep is low on a consistent basis, I’d love the opportunity to help. A great place to start is by checking out my 6-week online ReINVENT Your Health course.

This is no cookie-cutter program. Instead, you will discover strategies that work for YOU specifically to improve not only your sleep, but your food, mood, and exercise habits as well. If one or more of these areas could use a boost, consider this course. Each week we laser-focus on one of these areas.

My last course of the year starts January 20th and I would love to see you in it.

You can all the details about the program and register here: