Prep For Tomorrow Tonight!

Prep For Tomorrow Tonight!

Prep for tomorrow tonight

Planning out the next day the night before not only makes your life easier, but it also frees up your time, energy, and decision-making the next day. This is especially important for women entrepreneurs. We need to make sure that we are present and focused when we work with our clients. They deserve our very best. However, when we’re frantic, disorganized, and stressed out, we are doing our clients a disservice. So, if you’re on a path to healthy living, consider prepping for the next day the night before.

When everything is ready for you – you know what you’re going to eat, drink, wear, and workout in, for example, you’re more likely to follow through on your commitments. Besides, because as humans we all have a limited amount of willpower and self-control each day, you want to use that energy on other things that come up in your day. Prepare for what you can each night and you’re more likely to have a successful day in more ways than you can imagine.

Transformation Tip: A part of preparing for the next day can consist of a final short journal time, perhaps before bed. Try the 3 “P’s” (Proud, Pat, and Pause): Write down one thing (big or small) that you were proud of yourself today, and then pat yourself on your back by pausing to let the great feeling of accomplishment sink in for 10-20 seconds.

In his book Hardwiring Happiness, Rick Hansen says that if you pause 10-20 seconds to allow good events to sink in, it allows those positive emotions to become a part of you. Over time, this habit can rewire your brain to create lasting positive emotions inside of you. Keep in mind that every small success counts! For example, maybe you only took a few sips of your soda and threw the rest away when you normally drink the entire can. That’s a success! Now imagine getting into the habit of recording your daily wins in your journal and looking back one year from now at 365 successes you created!

I encourage you to prep for tomorrow tonight – literally tonight! Start with one small thing and then jump on over to my Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Women Entrepreneurs in Your 50s and let us know how it went for you:

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Want more tips like this? Download my “Transformation Daily 10 Checklist” to learn the 10 small, yet powerful daily habits that can completely transform your health and life. Download your free checklist here or click the graphic below:

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Ascended Master Oracle Reading by Aeriol

Ascended Master Oracle Reading by Aeriol

For this month’s New Moon Manifestation Reading I am using the Ascended Master Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Here are a few suggestions to create the sacred space of a New Moon Manifestation reading:

  1. Have an intention. An intention is different than a question. One can use questions to gather information that can get to a desired outcome. But keep in mind that it is not the same as asking a question. An intention is a desired result. For example: healing. Or perhaps: clarity. knowledge. peace. It is what energy or state of being you want to draw forth in your life. The New Moon is a perfect time to set manifestation intentions.
  2. Have a an energetic protocol to ground yourself and to connect with your higher self.
  3. Have energetic support: Call in your Angels, Healing Masters and Spiritual Guides across time and space and ask that the information you receive be of the highest purity and clarity and of the greatest good of all concerned.
  4. Have Fun!

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Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

1669016When we ask ourselves the question “How will I know when I have enough?” many of us think of all the “stuff” we have. We think of exploding closets and drawers, overstuffed garages or storage units, bathroom cabinets overflowing with bottles and tubes. This month we are going to change the question just a bit to “How will I know when I am doing enough?” When I ask some people, and particularly women, to consider this question, the first thing I hear is a long groan, followed by an emphatic “I AM doing too much NOW!!!” When I ask them how they know this, they again say emphatically things like “I have no time for myself! Not even 5 minutes a day!!” Or “I haven’t been to the gym for 4 months!” Or “I see my very best friends once in a great while, and then we often are too tired to really enjoy our time together.” Or “My partner and I have not done anything by ourselves for months and months. . .maybe longer.” So, it is not that many of us do not know we are trying to do too much, we seemingly do not have any idea what to do about it.

Is that really true? Is it really true that we have no idea what to do about our feelings of being completely overwhelmed with things to do and places to go, or is it that we have not spent any focused time trying to figure out what to do about it? My hunch is that it is the latter for many of us. I believe that most of us do what we really want to do most of the time. Now I know many of you will be disagreeing with this very strongly. But let us take a closer look. Continue reading “Are You Trying to Do Too Much?”

Quick Energy Clearing Tips with Aeriol

Hi Everyone.

I have prepared a brief video as part of my FREE Crystal Angel Energy Healing Webinar to share with you all.

It is always a great idea to have a few practical tools to clear energy for yourself and in this video I show you how to clear energy from your chakra system and the energy field of your client by using a simple pendulum dowsing technique. I love using a pendulum as a sort of energetic diagnostic tool to identify stuck “stuff” on lots of different levels in order to assist my clients in healing their selves and their own clients.

At Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts I use hands on energy healing techniques and well as offer energy clearing dowsing sessions and intuitive readings in order to identify and release energetic blocks on all levels.

I lope that this video will be offer you some interesting insights on how you can use dowsing and crystal energy in your practice.

Thank you for watching and please visit my website to check out upcoming Energy Medicine Playshops and Webinar Classes at Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts.


Slow Down to Speed Up

Slow Down to Speed Up

Woman Receiving Back MassageI heard this wise advice at a time management seminar a few years ago. The speaker was a wife, mother of two, a speaker, a writer, and a successful 7-figure entrepreneur. Needless to say, she is a very busy woman and she told us a story I’ll never forget.

There was a man she knew who was taking a spin class at his local gym. The man was doing his best and pedaling really hard on his bike. It was a tough class and they were right in the middle of “climbing hills”. The instructor looked over at him and saw that he was really struggling. The man’s face was red from exertion, his shoulders were tense, and his hands were clenched tightly to the handlebars.

The instructor got off his bike and walked over to the struggling man and asked him if he was okay. The man said, “Yes, I’m fine, I’m just trying to go faster.” The instructor said, “Slow down to go faster.” The instructor then encouraged him to loosen his grip, relax his shoulders, and take a deep breath. He did as he was told and guess what happened? He went faster!

How many times have you caught yourself trying to do more in a day, yet only feeling less productive?

What then often happens is you don’t feel productive so you assume you need to try even harder, just like the man in the spin class. After days, weeks, months, or even years of this “sheer brute force” type of approach to your work, you are soon so worn out that you’re running on fumes. So then you try even harder to get more done, but you are even less productive than ever. Welcome to the law of diminishing returns.

What does this have to do with your health and well-being? Well, everything.

The reality is that we women are often pulled in so many directions at work, at home, and in our relationships. We have long “to-do lists”. We have to get this thing done and that thing done. On top of everything, we desire to get fit, feel good, eat healthy, and have more energy.

If you want to not only grow your business, but look, feel, and perform at your best in your 50s, the first step is to trust that slowing down will help you go faster, be more productive, and of course, most important of all, enjoy and savor every precious minute of your short life. Then, schedule some time to receive – whatever that means to you. Perhaps it’s booking a massage, sipping coffee or tea with an enjoyable book (that’s not work-related!), or book yourself a local (or not so local) hotel room for a day or a weekend (and don’t take any work with you). The list can go on and on. What sounds good to you?

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New Moon Goddess Manifestation Reading April 2016

Greetings Goddess! Are you ready to connect to your goddess self so that you can manifest your hearts desire during this New Moon Cycle?  Then settle in and take some sacred time to sit in silence and connect with your higher self. Ground yourself into Mother Earth and relax while breathing deeply into your beautiful perfect body. Pay special attention to your EXHALE. Allow yourself to let go of what does not serve your highest and best good. Just let it go. Keep a journal close by and call in the energies of your angels, healing masters and guides & sit in silence with these goddess energies:

Expect a Miracle!
Expect a Miracle!


The first goddess for this New Moon Manifestation Reading is Mary Magdalene. Mary is a healing priestess who teaches us to rise above mundane controversies and seeming chaos and to dwell in higher vibration. Magdalene reminds us to dwell in higher consciousness and rise above bickering voices, harsh judgements and pettiness. Hold a vision of the highest good for yourself and also for anyone who may be struggling in any way. She reminds us that only love is real and that love can heal.
The next Goddess in our line-up is Oonagh. This magical Celtic Goddess remids us to take a deep breath and relax.  Everything is occurring in perfect timing. It is important not to get ahead of ourselves at this time. This is really timely  because I notice that in the Spring it is not uncommon to feel feel anxious and a bit restless as Mother Earth wakes up from her winter nap and everything stirs under the surface waiting to bloom. Do not worry if you are feeling undirected or do not know where to focus your energies, it will be revealed to you soon enough. There is no cause to rush around or make sudden moves at this time. Call upon Oonagh’s energy at this time to help make transitions magical and creative.
Finally our last Goddess for this New Moon Manifestation Reading is beloved virgin Mary “Queen of the Angel’s.” Her presence and energy can be called upon to produce miraculous healing for all situations. I find it interesting and exciting that both of the Mary’s show up in our reading this month so we can be sure that the heavens have something wonderful in store! Regardless of your religious beliefs spend some time invoking the miraculous healing energy of Mary into your reality over the next few weeks. Then, let go of worrisome thoughts and follow any divine guidance you receive. You will be rewarded with blessed miracles.

That wraps up our goddess oracle reading for the New Moon April 2016!

Happy Manifesting!

Progress Along the Enough Path

Take a Break words on Road Sign and Stop SignMany of us have realized that the “busyness” of our lives has really gotten to the point of “OK, that’s enough!” This recognition is your Sign of Enough: “That’s IT! Something has to change.” Some of us have decided to walk the path of “enough consciousness.” Daily we are becoming more and more desirous of living a simpler life, of spending more of our precious time with those who matter most to us, of participating in events that have meaning for us and activities that we really enjoy! We are becoming more aware of when we have worked long enough for one day, when we have given enough to others and it’s time to give some attention to ourselves. And if you have not joined us yet, now is a perfect time to make the decision to do so by considering the questions below. Continue reading “Progress Along the Enough Path”

3 Principles for Eating Healthy While Working From Home

3 Principles for Eating Healthy While Working From Home

Midlife woman working from homeWhen you work from home, it’s easy to combine work with everything else you do at home, including eating. If not careful, mindless eating can lead to weight gain and overall poor health over time.

The following three major principles will help you make the best food choices while working from home, and if implemented, can move you toward the healthy, wealthy, and wise woman entrepreneur you were meant to be!

Principle #1: Don’t mix eating and working.

This includes eating while you’re working as well as where you’re working. Separate your work and your meals as much as possible. Work can often cause stress, which triggers a physiological response to grab an unhealthy snack. What’s more, when you’re eating while working, your mind is on your work and off what you’re putting in your mouth.

Whether you work at your kitchen table, dining room table, or home office, don’t eat there (even if you’re not working at the same time). Your work area should be solely for work and your eating area should be solely for eating. Just sitting at your work station can bring feelings of stress or anxiety. These emotions can seep into your meal time and affect being present and mindful during your meal. Mainly, do your best to separate eating and working entirely.

Transformation Tip: Strive to make eating a single-task activity, meaning when you’re eating you’re not doing anything else – you’re not working, watching TV, or talking on the phone. Instead, try to practice mindfulness by eating slowly enough to really taste and appreciate the flavors and textures of your food. Being mindful and present when you eat helps you grow a healthier relationship with food.

Principle #2: Don’t keep tempting unhealthy foods at home. 

Being an entrepreneur requires being faced with a variety of choices everyday. You are constantly making decisions, which drains your willpower throughout the day. Keeping unhealthy foods out of the house and only healthy foods readily available will help you make healthy choices. When you make healthy food choices, your confidence improves as well as the proud feeling of accomplishment that you did something good for yourself. On the other hand, choosing unhealthy foods does the opposite, so keep those away.

Transformation Tip: While it’s okay to eat unhealthy foods from time to time, keep ALL of those foods out of the house. Instead, make the commitment that you’ll only eat unhealthy foods on special occasions that are reserved for when you go out.

Principle #3: Don’t eat when you’re not hungry.

This seems pretty obvious, but when you’re an entrepreneur, you understand that your day can be up and down at any given time. Perhaps you’re writing an article and get stuck or you just got off the phone with an unhappy client. It’s easy to walk into the kitchen and grab some comfort food, but it only “comforts you” for a short time. Soon afterwards, it can lead to guilt, shame, and make you feel even worse than before you ate it. What’s more, unhealthy foods often sit like a brick in our stomachs and make us feel lethargic and tired, which doesn’t lead to our best work.

Transformation Tip: Don’t eat when you’re not hungry, even if it’s healthy food. It’s a bad habit. Instead, fight through the “stuckness” or “negative” feelings by finding other ways besides food to get through the moment. Perhaps you call up a trusted colleague or go for a stroll in the sunshine. Find what works for you.

I hope these principles were helpful for you as you continue to build a thriving business and thriving health simultaneously.

I’d love to continue to support your healthy, wealthy, and wise journey!

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The Number One Thing You Can do to Enjoy Your Fabulous Life

Just breathe...The Number One thing you can do to enjoy your fabulous life. Are you ready? here it is: Breathe. Just Breathe. I mean it. Let me spell it out for you.
B – Breathe deeply and Be inside your body now. Close your eyes and slowly with intention fill your lungs with life giving oxygen. Imagine your lungs absorbing this vital life force giving nutrient and listen closely as your heart beats slowly delivering it to every single cell of your body.
R – Release energies that are not in your highest good. Close your eyes and imagine you can see your whole body as a grid of light illuminated from the inside. Notice anything in that grid of light that is dark or black or looks out of place. Imagine that you can collect any discordant energies or debris and dispose of them in a large refuse container. When you have managed to collect the negative energy, graphically visualize disposing of or destroying the can of energy “crud”. Make it fun.
E – Establish a connection with the higher self. Say to your self: “Self, we need to have a talk.” Now just listen. The part that says “who me?” or “what do you want to talk about” is the part we are talking to!
– Ask for guidance from your angel team. Once you feel you have a connection with your higher self you can ask to call in your Angels, Healing Masters and Guides. Ask for assistance with whatever issue needs healing or attention. I like to draw oracle cards or use a pendulum to get my answers from my team but it is also possible to just wait and listen to whatever thoughts enter your consciousness. Sometimes you may see a picture or hear a song or have an idea. These are all messages. Remember- being connected to your higher self is the first step in bringing in your team.
T – Take the advice of your angel team! You may want to keep a journal handy to jot down messages, ideas, pictures, colors or information you receive. It is important to get these ideas or messages down on paper because our conscious mind LOVES to forget or rationalize the messages away. Let the message speak through you with art or music.
H – Hold the the resonance. Keep the energy of the vision alive by visiting it daily. Embody it, Breathe it, Write it, Create a Vision Board whatever you do, you must take some small action to nurture it daily. Call upon your team as often as possible to update and refine your vision.
E – Expect the best! Know that your angel healing team and the Universe want you to succeed. As long as you have been clear about your intentions and hold the resonance of what you want to create, heal or change in your life your prayers and healing intentions will be answered.
So there you have it. Now… take a deep breath and enjoy your fabulous life.
Angel Intuitive, Energy Healing Expert, and Spiritual Business Advisor Aeriol Ascher has decades of experience assisting clients to liv  e more comfortable, confidant and conscious lives. Her healing practice Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts was voted Best “Day Spa” in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Mercury News 2015. Aeriol empowers her clients with tools to increase awareness, hone intuition and connect to their authentic self by offering them gentle guidance and straightforward advice on navigating the path to manifesting their heart’s desire. Got Questions?
Fall in Love With Your Life – Part 2

Fall in Love With Your Life – Part 2

Moneeka Sawyer article picDo you love your life? Do you feel energized and motivated with all that you are doing? If you answer no to these questions, it’s time to fall in love again…with your life.

When you are in love with your life, everything is easier, flows well, and feels good. You feel light, vital, happy, and like you can handle anything. When issues come up, you are better equipped to deal with them.

A couple weeks ago I posted the first of 2 parts of my teleseminar series “How to fall in love with your life.” Here is part 2.

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