Lee Richter – New Year’s Resolutions (that will make you happier!)

At the start of each year, we all sit down and think about our New Year’s resolutions. I have thought long and hard Present to the Experience of Financial Abundanceabout this topic, and have now come to understand why some people do not like New Year’s resolutions. To start, they can be a source of failure, year after year. Most of the time we have a tendency to pick resolutions that are inherently unrewarding, that necessitate relentless hard work in a way that makes us feel small rather than grateful.

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Like Entrepreneurship, Health is Not For Everyone

Thriving HealthBeing an entrepreneur is tough. I’ve realized over the last few years that in order to build a successful business, it takes preparation, learning, taking risks, making mistakes, trial and error, a ton of resilience, and the ability to trust the day-to-day process, while keeping your eye on the long-term. Truth is, that’s not for everyone and that’s okay. Similarly, I don’t think thriving health is for everyone either. Don’t get me wrong. I wish thriving health for everyone, but like building a thriving business, building thriving health just isn’t for everyone. Continue reading “Like Entrepreneurship, Health is Not For Everyone”

My Top 3 “Don’t Do’s” This Holiday Season

Holiday Don't Do's, health and fitness, midlifeI can give you a ton of tips on how to survive the holiday season, but is that REALLY what the holidays are about in midlife?

Instead, my hope is to help you look forward to the holidays this year because you have created a plan that makes you “in charge” of the holidays, as opposed to the holidays being “in charge” of you.

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How Improving Your Health Improves Your Bottom Line

Health, Tranformation, Imagine living healthier and increasing your bottom line so that you can have more time and money freedom to do the things you love to do?

As a wellness coach for women in their fifties, I hear it all the time, “I know my health is important and I know need to find time to make myself a priority, but I just have so much to do.” Frankly, with ALL that you have going on in your personal and professional life, “finding” the time to do anything of importance is often no easy task. The truth of the matter is that you have to “make” the time. We business owners know that what gets scheduled gets done (well most of the time). Continue reading “How Improving Your Health Improves Your Bottom Line”