For Women Entrepreneurs on Blogging to Create Value

IMG_0766Would you like to use blog posts or articles for marketing your business, but you don’t know where to get started? Sales and marketing are essential to every female entrepreneur to launch or grow her business. You can use blogs to help promote your business and give value to build relationships with future prospects.  The best part is that it’s free marketing and if you do it right, you can maximize each blog to reach prospects in multiple places. This article shares a few tips to get you started and is the first of two articles. The second blog covers how to make your blog into a multi-purpose vehicle to increase your social media exposure.

Quick Note: there are slight differences between blogs and articles, for example the length, 1500 or less words vs. 1500 or more words; 1st person vs. 3rd person; and the tone, scholarly vs. relationship. My writings are more of a combination, perhaps a “blarticle,” but for the purpose of this message, I will use blog and article synonymously.

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Tips for Caring for Your Summer Whites

Clothes Washer.

If you’re looking for ways to prevent your summer whites from turning yellow by Labor Day, here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal:

Wash Frequently & Treat Stains—It’s good to wash whites every time you wear them, even if you don’t think they’re dirty. Perspiration and body oils will turn your white items quickly to yellow. Always use cold water to rinse fresh stains. Treat stains as soon as possible. If a stain sits, it will discolor the fabric.

Soften Your Water—Minerals in hard water can gray your white clothes, so add ½ cup of vinegar to your rinse water.

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White is White, or Is It?

Especially during summer months, we love to include white shirts and blouses in our wardrobes. But, are all whites created equal? No! Whites can be pure, and they can be soft or creamy. Which white is best for you?

June article 3 pic 1 Pure whites usually look better on an individual who has all or some cool coloring. For example, pink skin tone; blue or blue-green eyes; black, white, gray, or taupe brown hair. I also like pure white on rich dark skin tone.


June article 3 pic 2



Creamy whites look better on individuals that have all or some warm coloring to their skin, eyes or hair color. For example, peach, golden or olive skin tone; brown, olive or golden eyes; warm brown, golden blonde, or red hair.

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How to Look Professional in the Heat

Stay Prof in HeatStick to professional messages
Business is business; you have to look professional even when the heat is suggesting that fewer clothes are best. This is easier to do when you remember a few clothing rules that support a professional look.

What works: Solid colors are more professional than prints and three pieces are better than two. Enjoy the summer bright colors but in moderate doses. Consider wearing a taupe colored skirt or pant with a turquoise or coral sleeveless silk blouse and then add a linen blazer to the mix. Instead of wearing two pieces like a summer skirt and a blouse, try an ankle pant with a knit shell and a silk/linen blend cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves. You can even create a three-piece look with two clothing pieces and a prominent accessory. For instance, slip on a slim pencil skirt, tuck in a blouse that has sleeves and then add a wide belt. The belt is the defining piece that steps in as that third piece. Or wear a sleeveless solid-colored dress with a cardigan and add long layered pearls or metal chains as the third piece.

What doesn’t work: Avoid wearing patterns that are distracting. Simple floral prints, thin stripes or polka dots in neutral colors can work in the office. Save the wild prints for the weekend.

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Dressing for Work in Your Home Office

Marion pic June 1More and more people are working from home whether they are solo entrepreneurs or they have the option of conducting some of their business off-site a few days a week. It’s easy to stay in your pajamas or workout clothes all day, but is that really the best uniform for you?

The home office certainly has a more casual dress code. But to eliminate it all together could be a mistake. Paying attention to your grooming and your attire even if no one will see you could give you a structure to your workday that benefits you and increases your productivity. The routine of getting ready for work is one worth keeping even if you’ve moved your office into a spare bedroom.

Even though the distance to your office may be seven steps to the spare bedroom, don’t skimp on your morning “me” time. Have your cup of tea or coffee. Read the paper or something inspiring. Review your goals or affirmations. Have something to eat. Prepare to go to work.

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Your Stress-Free Travel Packing Plan – Part 3

travel-164575_1280In Part 2 of this Travel Packing series, I shared what not to pack.  Here are some things that are always useful on a trip.

•    A dress can be so useful. You can dress it up or down. In hot weather it can be so much cooler than pants and tops. Add a cardigan or jacket and/or a scarf and you’ve warmed it up for chillier days or evenings.

•    Bring a rain-resistant anorak or trench coat. Too many pieces of outerwear can really add pounds to your suitcase. Keep it simple. Choose a jacket in a neutral color and it should easily work with any outfit.

•    Pack an outfit for the unexpected cold snap or the unexpected warm spell. Unless you’re 100% confident about the weather being as predicted for where you’re going, we all know that weather conditions are rather erratic at this time. You could be wearing that “just in case” outfit three days in a row.

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Gratitude Looks Great on Everyone

THANKS CloudGratitude looks great on everyone. Gratitude especially looks great on your business. You can innovate your business by creating some standard operating procedures around gratitude. Here are four gratitude innovations to embrace:

Add gratitude to your on-boarding client list at least four times
On your checklist for new clients, include the following ideas:

1) Send a thank you card to let your new client know how thrilled you are to be working with her thank her for choosing you.

2) Send her a thank you email for getting started.

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Your Stress-Free Travel Packing Plan – Part 2

Packing 2Part 1 of this article series laid out a schedule for preparing and packing for your travels.  Here, I’m sharing some quick tips. Vow to never to make these five mistakes again.

1.    Don’t pack delicate knits. Avoid bringing anything that snags easily. Good fabrics to pack are denim, superfine wool or tropical weight wool, sturdy knits, microfiber and polyester blends.

2.    Don’t pack white blouses in silk or cotton. Unless you have laundry service at your fingertips, white is not a good travel choice. Print t-shirts, tops or blouses easily camouflage small spills or dirt and won’t need immediate cleaning.

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Your Stress-Free Travel Packing Plan – Part 1

May 1There’s hardly anything more stressful than packing for a trip. But, if you have a plan, it really does get easier.  Maybe you’ve had your own nightmare experience whether it’s forgetting the most important outfit for your business trip (the complete outfit is hanging in your closet 3,000 miles away) or you forgot your makeup bag on the bathroom counter.  Or maybe the new shoes you purchased for the trip have left you with blisters on Day One.

To avoid these calamities, start with the purpose or goal of your trip.  This will lead to how much you want to pack and carry.  If you’re a road warrior your top priority will be to pack light and efficient so you can travel with ease and speed.  On the other hand, if you’re traveling to your daughter’s wedding, minimal packing will most likely not be your goal; but rather, beautifully-coordinated outfits for your many social festivities will be a higher priority even if it means checking two bags and paying a porter to help you.

Whatever your purpose, I recommend that you begin by adopting a new plan for packing.  Here are some of my tips to help you.

14 days out – Although your trip seems far in the future, it’s time to start prepping now! Try on and write up or take pictures of all the pieces for your highest impact outfits. What are high impact outfits? They’re the outfits that are the most important outfits you’ll be wearing on the trip. Attending a wedding? Interviewing for a job? Meeting the in-laws for the first time? Attending a peer conference? Sight seeing? You know which days or nights mean the most to you so be sure you create those outfits early. This way you’ll have time to purchase any components that might be missing. Do you take prescription drugs? Check the refills now. Your pharmacist will help you stock up so you won’t miss any days.

12 days out – Investigate the condition of your outfit pieces by looking closely at each clothing article. Finalize your high impact outfits and check closely to see if any articles need repair, alterations, or cleaning. Most establishments want a week to complete jobs.

10 days out – Start brainstorming your low-to-medium impact outfits. These are the outfits you’ll wear on day trips, visiting museums, going to the beach, socializing with friends/relatives, and having casual dinners out. Try on the different possibilities and be sure to include the accessories. Let these possible combinations simmer for a couple of days in a section of your closet. That way you can mull over your outfit ideas without feeling rushed.

7 days out – You can start creating your non-weather related pre-packs.  Some items can be packed right now. Consider gathering up your panties and bras now and packing them in a small travel bag or even a zip-lock bag. Nightgowns or pajamas and anything you use just before bed can be packed in a small travel bag. Do you have a favorite lip balm you apply at night? Do you wear earplugs or eyeshades? Designate a travel pack for just these items. When you get to your destination, you just pull out this nighttime pack and you could be asleep in five minutes!

Make another pre-pack for your workout gear if this is included in your itinerary.

Count out your daily vitamins and/or medications and put them in mini-plastic.  Don’t do this the night before you leave!

Your toiletries and hair products can be pre-packed now too and placed in your suitcase. A benefit of having an extra set of makeup is that you can pack this early and avoid any panic about forgetting a most-important product.

5 days out – Your anxiety might be presenting itself. Keep calm and get more of your packing prepped. Check the weather at your destination. Now you have a clearer idea about the forecast and how it will affect your wardrobe. However, always pack a couple of pieces of clothing for each extreme weather possibility. That could mean a pair of shorts and a long-sleeved sweater.
Since you already planned out your high impact outfit ideas on Day 14, time to put them together completely. Check to be sure you have the accessories for each outfit.

Make the final edits to your travel wardrobe for your low-to-medium impact outfits. Do laundry if needed. Plan your actual “day-of” travel outfit.

1 day out – Don’t worry, you’re ready for this day. Time to fit it all into your suitcase and get some good night sleep, stress-free. Make yourself a note of anything that needs to be put into the suitcase just before you leave. This could include a curling iron, makeup, and makeup tools (if you don’t have an extra set for travel).

Have your travel outfit laid out and ready to go, especially for those early morning flights.  Make sure your pants are dark in the event you spill coffee on them during your flight, and they are comfortable for a long haul.  I especially love knits or fabrics with stretch for maximum comfort.

Need more simplifying?
Let me help you. I’ve packed my clients for many different destinations and occasions. They love how simplified their packing experience becomes. You could be the calmest customer in the security line on your next trip!  Contact me at

Similar Brand Attributes Can lead to Win-Win Collaborations!

tribble_image_39533548_lBrand attributes, or core values, represent the essence of your brand and help distinguish you from your competition. They include character, beliefs, values and personality traits. They not only attract your ideal peeps, but also amazing collaborations.

Identify your brand attributes:
List six to eight words that represent you. A few of mine are: Positive, Energetic, Creative, Integrity, Team Player, and Problem Solver. Remember, this is organic and your attributes change and develop in conjunction with your business.

Find peeps to collaborate with:
Look for people and businesses that are in alignment with your brand attributes. I like to use the phone test: If you think Ugh when you see someone’s name on the caller ID, they’re probably not a good match. If you smile and look forward to the conversation, that is a great sign!

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