The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups

Facebook groupsAccording to digital marketer Zephoria, there are 1.65 billion active monthly Facebook users worldwide, a 15% increase year over year.

To put this in perspective: The world’s population is 7.4 billion people, so if you take out the fake accounts and babies who are too young to have one, approximately 1 in 5 people is on Facebook.

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Color Rut No More

If you find yourself in a color rut, join the club. It happens to everyone from time to time. Whether you’re someone who favors pale colors or bright ones, dark ones or light ones, there is always room to play with new color combinations.

Color inspiration can be ten feet away from you at all times. Here are some places to check for new ideas.

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Are you Suffering from Website Shame?

11769093 - thumb down icon blue glass, isolated on white background.

I see it over and over, entrepreneurs starting their business and they either do not have a site or are embarrassed of the one they have. Equally as tragic is the entrepreneur that has an outdated site that has been dormant forever and no longer reflects their business today. Common results of website shame include:

Failure to market:

They are so caught up in not having a professional site that clearly and concisely communicates who they are, what they do and who they do it for in a way that attracts their ideal clients that they just don’t market, network, call on potential clients and often times give up before they have given their business a chance to thrive.

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Wearing Color with Intention – Part 3

In Part 3 I am addressing four popular colors that can be used as accent colors or also as neutrals in deeper values…Green, Blue, Turquoise, Purple.  If you missed Part 2 about other accent colors, check it out in last week’s post here.


This color is nurturing and rejuvenating. It’s peaceful to be around, friendly and kind.  Use it to chase away personal self-doubt and help you re-boot that project you lost faith in. Wear it when you could use some sustaining energy. It’ll encourage you and others at the same time. It’s a great color for a winter coat, a knit dress, sweaters, or skirts. It can be a daily mantra if you have it in a green wallet and pull out it several times a day.

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Wearing Color with Intention – Part 2

In this Part 2 I am addressing three popular colors that are often used as accent colors…Red, Orange and Yellow.  If you missed Part 1 about neutrals, check it out in last week’s post here.


This color exudes energy, determination, excitement, and passion. Use it as your power tool and be ready to deliver what’s expected of you, and then some. Wear a red dress and people will be impressed by your confidence. Wear red in a skirt, a jacket, or shoes. Even a little bit of it goes a long way to expressing vivaciousness. It’s also an easy color to use in your makeup. Choose it for lipstick shades or nail polish.

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Living Your Brand from the Inside Out

tammy_tribble_image_34251322_lHave you ever been to a networking event and met an amazing woman who was outgoing and wearing bright, happy colors, and when she spoke, her eyes sparkled – only to later find that her business card was incredibly corporate in design, in no way reflecting the life and vitality she radiated in person?

Many entrepreneurs feel they have to look a certain way, speak a certain way, be a certain way and present themselves like a corporation in order to be taken seriously. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

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For Women Entrepreneurs on Blogging to Create Value

IMG_0766Would you like to use blog posts or articles for marketing your business, but you don’t know where to get started? Sales and marketing are essential to every female entrepreneur to launch or grow her business. You can use blogs to help promote your business and give value to build relationships with future prospects.  The best part is that it’s free marketing and if you do it right, you can maximize each blog to reach prospects in multiple places. This article shares a few tips to get you started and is the first of two articles. The second blog covers how to make your blog into a multi-purpose vehicle to increase your social media exposure.

Quick Note: there are slight differences between blogs and articles, for example the length, 1500 or less words vs. 1500 or more words; 1st person vs. 3rd person; and the tone, scholarly vs. relationship. My writings are more of a combination, perhaps a “blarticle,” but for the purpose of this message, I will use blog and article synonymously.

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Tips for Caring for Your Summer Whites

Clothes Washer.

If you’re looking for ways to prevent your summer whites from turning yellow by Labor Day, here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal:

Wash Frequently & Treat Stains—It’s good to wash whites every time you wear them, even if you don’t think they’re dirty. Perspiration and body oils will turn your white items quickly to yellow. Always use cold water to rinse fresh stains. Treat stains as soon as possible. If a stain sits, it will discolor the fabric.

Soften Your Water—Minerals in hard water can gray your white clothes, so add ½ cup of vinegar to your rinse water.

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White is White, or Is It?

Especially during summer months, we love to include white shirts and blouses in our wardrobes. But, are all whites created equal? No! Whites can be pure, and they can be soft or creamy. Which white is best for you?

June article 3 pic 1 Pure whites usually look better on an individual who has all or some cool coloring. For example, pink skin tone; blue or blue-green eyes; black, white, gray, or taupe brown hair. I also like pure white on rich dark skin tone.


June article 3 pic 2



Creamy whites look better on individuals that have all or some warm coloring to their skin, eyes or hair color. For example, peach, golden or olive skin tone; brown, olive or golden eyes; warm brown, golden blonde, or red hair.

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How to Look Professional in the Heat

Stay Prof in HeatStick to professional messages
Business is business; you have to look professional even when the heat is suggesting that fewer clothes are best. This is easier to do when you remember a few clothing rules that support a professional look.

What works: Solid colors are more professional than prints and three pieces are better than two. Enjoy the summer bright colors but in moderate doses. Consider wearing a taupe colored skirt or pant with a turquoise or coral sleeveless silk blouse and then add a linen blazer to the mix. Instead of wearing two pieces like a summer skirt and a blouse, try an ankle pant with a knit shell and a silk/linen blend cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves. You can even create a three-piece look with two clothing pieces and a prominent accessory. For instance, slip on a slim pencil skirt, tuck in a blouse that has sleeves and then add a wide belt. The belt is the defining piece that steps in as that third piece. Or wear a sleeveless solid-colored dress with a cardigan and add long layered pearls or metal chains as the third piece.

What doesn’t work: Avoid wearing patterns that are distracting. Simple floral prints, thin stripes or polka dots in neutral colors can work in the office. Save the wild prints for the weekend.

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