A Sensible Splurge – Your Handbag

One great way to freshen your Spring wardrobe without buying lots of new clothes is to update your handbag.  It’s a solid investment and one that will serve you well for several seasons if chosen correctly.

Handbags usually take a beating.  Take a look at yours. Has it grown tired and fallen on hard times? This Spring season can be the time to make a handbag investment and add some pizzazz.

Handbags have personalities. Does your go-to bag represent your style personality? Make it an extension of your style expression.

Here are three bags to consider for business: a Tote, a Satchel, or a Bucket bag.


If you’re like me and need to carry client files, an iPhone, and iPad or laptop, a tote is a very practical investment. I love that I can carry just one bag and keep my wallet, makeup bag and keys in one place right along with my business tools. If you are a train or air traveler, you’ll need construction and leather that will withstand wear and tear. Pockets to house your technical devices for protection and ease of access within the tote should be considered. Look for a tote with “feet” to help with stability and keep the bag off the floor.








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Anytime Shopping Guidelines

shopping guidelines

Anytime Shopping Guidelines

  • Shop with your current weight and figure in mind.
  • Don’t go hungry.
  • Be willing to go over budget if the item is perfect! Or: Have a budget and a cushion in case you find more than you expected.
  • Turn it into an outfit by the end of the week – or return it.
  • Instead of over-spending to relieve stress, invest in another stress-reliever.
  • Beware of skinny mirrors! Check your look at home.
  • Don’t leave the store without the accessories (shoes, handbag, jewelry, undergarments).
  • Wear the right undergarments, makeup and shoes for what you’re shopping for.
  • Shop alone or with an image consultant. Don’t shop with friends because no matter how creative they are, they like what they like and don’t have the knowledge and experience of a professional wardrobe consultant.

If shopping frustrates you and you’d rather go the dentist, contact Marion about her personal shopping services, mlgellatly@powerful-presence.com or 831-625-2000. But, if you’d prefer to learn how to have a successful shopping experience on your own, check out Virtual Style School and learn what others have to say about the course. www.powerful-presence.com/vss.

Look the Part to Get the Part

Although many haven’t stopped to consider it, appearance and etiquette go hand in hand, and both topics are a passion of mine. Good manners include how we look, how we carry ourselves, and how we come across to others. An appropriate appearance demonstrates respect for your self, for others, and for the situation at hand.

Look the part

Think about it! Packaging makes a difference. Ask anyone involved in product design. Consider

your own choices. Would you buy a product with a soiled, outdated, or inappropriate wrapper? Not unless you get a discount, right? Your clients, peers, and prospects similarly size you up, based on how you look and move. You are, in fact, trying to fit in. If your clothing and mannerisms are out-of-sync, outdated, outlandish, too casual, or even too formal, you won’t be seen as a full member of the team, whatever your professional talents may be.

Recently, I had a financial advisor share her story with me…a situation she won’t forget anytime soon. She underestimated a potential client’s expectations of how to “show up” for a meeting. The advisor was presenting a comprehensive financial plan to a high net worth client. Apparently, what the advisor thought was appropriate for the meeting didn’t sit well with the older gentleman. She failed to assess the situation accurately.

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Style Tips for a Spring Wardrobe Tune-up!

Spring Wardrobe Tune-up

Your wardrobe needs you! We’re in the midst of a fashion season change. Get ready for the Spring season but also take care of the items you’ll be packing away. Here’s a to-do list for you to focus on this month.

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Innovate and Extend your Brand with Information Products

tt_beb_info_product_audio_series_01In this time of innovation, it has never been easier to create, promote and sell information products. An information product is just what it sounds like! Your awesome expertise recorded for the benefit of others in a format that can be downloaded or emailed.

•    Brand extension – your product extends your brand and adds credibility.
•    Expert Status – Clients are impressed with products.
•    More speaking engagements – Those with products get booked first.
•    Gives a taste of your expertise – may convert potential clients.
•    Passive income – You create the product once and sell it many times.
•    Excellent bonus for new clients or those signing up for your programs

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How Do You Sparkle?

GOLD BACKGROUND 42270637_sYou have thought about your personal brand, you have put it out into the universe, now have you considered how others think of you? What is the first impression people get when they meet you? What do you leave them thinking or feeling after your first encounter?  What do they think or feel when they have not yet met you, but have seen your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or your website?

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Style and a Smart Phone Go Hand in Hand

Marion G graphic Print 2Today’s phones are truly a smart way to save time. Here are seven innovative ways they also help keep you stylish.

1. Take pictures with your phone of the number or formula of your makeup essentials. Refer to the photos and pick up the exact shade of lipstick, foundation or nail polish you need.

2. Did you forget to bring that gift card again? Take a photo of the gift card SKU number right when you receive it. Most retailers will punch those numbers into the register if you lose the card, or will reissue it if you have the SKU number.

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Four Ways to Make Your Mess Your Message

There’s a misguided belief that in order to be experts in our chosen field, we have to know everything. We have to never have failed. We have to have it all together. We have to be perfect.


When I first started my PR business, Studio 4 PR, I often felt like a fraud because I was just starting out. A wise business coach once said to me, “You only have to know a little bit more than the people you’re serving.”

The perception that clients expect you to be perfect is so off-base. Because, if perfection is something worth striving for (and I don’t think there is such a thing), then how does one get to be perfect? By failing! Over and over again. Success is a journey, not a destination. Sure, it may happen faster for some than others, but there’s a lot of learning that takes place when we’re still a mess that your clients can benefit from.

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How to Wear Shoes This Season – Part 2

Because there is no simple “it” shoe this season that will make all your outfits look updated, this week let me introduce you to three more options and how to style them with clothes you may already have. In Part 1, I showcased how to wear Mary Janes, Ankle Booties, and Classic Pumps. This week, for Part 2, here are nine additional outfits that showcase three more shoe styles…Menswear-Inspired Oxfords, Sneakers and Tall Boots.

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How to Wear Shoes This Season

How to Wear Shoes This Season – Part 1 of a 2 part series         

Shoes and boots are going through a major makeover this season. There’s no simple “it” shoe that will make all your outfits look updated. In order to introduce you to options and how to style them with clothes you may already have, I’m providing you with a detailed shoe guide. In Part 1, here are nine outfits that showcase three different shoe styles. Check out Part 2 next week for more styles.

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