How to Wear Shoes This Season – Part 2

Because there is no simple “it” shoe this season that will make all your outfits look updated, this week let me introduce you to three more options and how to style them with clothes you may already have. In Part 1, I showcased how to wear Mary Janes, Ankle Booties, and Classic Pumps. This week, for Part 2, here are nine additional outfits that showcase three more shoe styles…Menswear-Inspired Oxfords, Sneakers and Tall Boots.

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How to Wear Shoes This Season

How to Wear Shoes This Season – Part 1 of a 2 part series         

Shoes and boots are going through a major makeover this season. There’s no simple “it” shoe that will make all your outfits look updated. In order to introduce you to options and how to style them with clothes you may already have, I’m providing you with a detailed shoe guide. In Part 1, here are nine outfits that showcase three different shoe styles. Check out Part 2 next week for more styles.

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What the Award Season Can Teach Us about Fashion

marion red carpetThe award season has started. All eyes will be on the stars watching for fashion hits and misses. Luckily most of us will never feel the pressure of walking the red carpet with millions of people watching. While we’re taking in the spectacles of music, TV, and movie award shows, here are some things we can learn from those red carpet warriors.

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3 Ways to Create Your Own Book FAST!

You may have already an written blog posts, eBooks or special reports and posted on these your website as a free thinkingopt-in offer. But many entrepreneurs find just getting started to be one of the greatest challenges they face once they set their minds on writing. The one thing you need to decide first is what your goal is. This is where it all begins.

The Basics

If your goal is to simply have a book to use on your website as a free gift to visitors for opting in to your newsletter or eZine, then this can easily be done in a just a couple of hours. It’s really unbelievable how easy it is to put together a 5-10 page basic eBook or special report to use for this purpose and it’s a great way to get your feet wet if you’re just launching a new business or just want to try your hand at writing.

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Beautify Your Closet

We visit our closets once, twice, maybe even three times a day to assemble outfits that will represent our best selves. Marian G Jan pic4Is your closet supporting those efforts or is it uninspiring and not reflecting your personality, lifestyle, or goals?

Closets are easy to neglect especially when no one sees them but you. Just because it remains hidden from view doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and inviting. Won’t getting dressed in the morning be that much more pleasant if it is? Create beauty with these five steps.


Begin decluttering your closet by first removing all dry cleaning plastic bags. Next get rid of all mismatched hangers. Settle on one hanger style that suits you and will look good in your pretty closet. The purpose of your closet is to hold your clothes so anything that doesn’t relate to getting dressed needs to find a different home. Your closet is not a place to store skis, old clothes, or holiday ornaments: out with the excess baggage!

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Increase Your Presence, Create Powerful Relationships

Part 2 of 6…

Are you great at getting out there and going to events, yet not quite connecting with people or getting noticed?  If so Andrea woolf Jan pic2the first place to look at is YOU, since you are the common denominator and the star of your show.

The good news is that, with just a few slight tweaks to how you are showing up in your business and personal life, it is absolutely possible to create very different results.

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Have a BRAND new year!

The new year is a time for reflection and anticipation, filled with hope, resolutions and visions of making this year your BEST YEAR EVER!

Let’s start with your BRAND: Great branding clearly, concisely and confidently communicates who you are, what you do and the results of working with you. It differentiates you from the myriad of others who are doing the same thing. However, we all know you have your own special way of doing it and that is what branding does; it reflects your personality and your core values, and does it in such a way that your ideal clients are physically drawn to you.

So for your BRAND new year: Decide who you want to play with, what you want to do for them, and what results they will get from working with you.

Now extend your BRAND: Once you have it, share it with everyone and put it everywhere. If you’re branding yourself as a speaker, that should be on all your print and online media.

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3 Reasons Why Book Publishing is the New COMPETIVE ADVANTAGE for Entrepreneurs

Woman at ComputerAs a professional speaker, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur, writing a book has become almost as necessary as having a business card or a website. This is because, as a published author, your book provides instant credibility and influence as an expert in your field of specialty.

Traditional publishing can take months or even years to complete. With electronic retailers or “e-tailers” as they are often called, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBookstore, many authors are now turning to self-publishing as an easier and more convenient way to fast-track the publishing of their book.

Book authoring is the NEW COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for today’s entrepreneur and is the easiest and the quickest way to build credibility as a speaker or expert.

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11 Affirmations to Get Dressed By for 2016

As you read these Style affirmations, can you relate? I invite you to look at your image from this point of view. When Marion picyou focus on improving your image, you think less about yourself and can focus your attention on your loved ones or the tasks at hand. Looking great can make you feel great and will naturally improve your role as a mother, professional, or partner. Worries and insecurities are replaced by knowledge and self-care practices that only yield positive results. Which of these affirmations will you embrace?

I owe it to (fill in the blank with loved one’s names) to have their memory of me be of a woman who respects herself.

2. It’s so therapeutic to dress in line with my personality and my values. I am so essentially me!

3. Looking confident in a well-put together outfit that fits and flatters me opens doors I never could have dreamed of!

4. I work from home, so really, looking good matters to no one  but me. By looking good, I’m telling myself I matter. Isn’t that what self-care is all about?

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Are you ready to be a Woman of Impact?

Andrea WoolfDo you know you could be, do and have more but are getting in your own way?

Are you your biggest critic?

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated in your business or your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. You want something to change.

You Know You are a Woman of Impact If:

  • You are being called to play a bigger game in business and in life.
  • You want to become your own biggest champion and embrace your magnificence.
  • You are ready to contribute and make a difference in the world.
  • You want to connect, collaborate and communicate with a vibrant community of like-minded and like-hearted amazing women.

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