Self Love and Why You Are Enough (Episode #9)


Today on the show I have guest Trish Lay and we’re talking Self Love and why you ARE enough.

Highlights from our Chat:Trish-Lay-Self-Love

  • Discuss I am NOT enough syndrome
  • Talk about the importance of understanding who you are
  • Talk about the power of asking for WHAT you want
  • Discuss some indicators of why we are not in line with loving our self
  • Talk about Self Love — Self Love vs. Feeling Selfish
  • Discuss some simple steps to start the process of Self Love

About Trish Lay:

Trish Lay is the Founder and Creator of Souls at Play Productions; a professional platform focusing on Personal Empowerment through Motivational Speaking, Transformational Workshops, and Coaching Programs.

Trish is on a mission to help women discover the bright light that illuminates within.  She utilizes her personal passion and unique character qualities as an empowerment specialist toward emphasizing the important value of SELF LOVE and how positive fuel of personal self worth can create magic in your daily lifestyle.


How To Outsell Every Man In Your Office by Doing What Comes Naturally (Episode #8)


My guest today is Judy Hoberman and we discuss the importance of relationship building with an emphasis on why it’s important to understand the differences between men and women, and how to sell and actually enjoy it.

Highlights from our Chat:

  • Discuss what Selling In A Skirt means and what does it has to do with Using What Comes Naturally.judy-hoberman-selling-sales
  • Talk about the importance of relationship building for women.
  • Discuss why is Sales such a 4-letter word.
  • Talk about coaching women — including the rewards and challenges.
  • We hear all the time that women will save the economy, so we look at what are some of the things that women are doing to show they mean business.
  • How to outsell every man in your office by doing what comes naturally

About Judy Hoberman

As a former Agency Manager, trainer and veteran salesperson, Judy Hoberman has created a company that finally addresses the gender issues and differences that affect both corporate America and small businesses. A true entrepreneur at heart with experience both in the Self-Employed and Corporate arenas. She was personally selected by the President and CEO of a large Insurance Company to move to Dallas to bring her talent in training to the Corporate office and share it with over 100 offices in 44 states showing over 3000 agents how to break the mystery of the sales process into manageable pieces and demystify it.

She was awarded the Character and Integrity Award from the field for her distinct and significant contribution to the field agents success. She went back to the Self-Employed sector taking on one more missing piece of the Sales Process and offering her 30 years of experience to provide solutions for today’s market.

Her company, Selling in a Skirt goes beyond a standard training program – it presents a method, a philosophy and a way of life for the next generation of winning sales women. Judy’s objective is to change the culture of sales teams so they are more effective at addressing the differences between men and women – both in the workplace with each other and in the field with their clients. She is committed to helping women in sales to use their own gender-based talents to make more sales; to help male managers recruit, train, and retain female sales professionals; and to teach both genders how to sell to the lucrative female market.

Judy has created a suite of workshops, seminars and coaching programs that compliment her highly successful book. Her 30 years in sales has given her both the knowledge and sense of humor about the gender differences that we should all understand and embrace instead of feeling unable to communicate. Judy’s humorous stories about how men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently will enlighten you in learning how both genders can support each other’s successes in a more productive way.

Judy is the host of a weekly radio show on Tough Talk Radio called Selling In A Skirt and is also featured as “The Gender Expert” on Fox News Radio. She is the author of Selling In A Skirt, The Secrets Women Don’t Know They Know About Sales….And What Men Should Know Too. ,and her new book Famous Isn’t Enough; Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur.

In October of 2012 she added a new title to her name when she married Retired AF Colonel Don Taylor and together they are working on a new program that addresses Gender Differences “The Colonel and The Skirt”. Look for that in 2014!



How To Build a Business With Little or No Budget (Episode #7)


Today on the show I have guest Michele Unangst and we’re talking about women and their success, with a focus on how to build a business with little or no

Highlights from our chat:

  • Getting and Working Free Publicity
  • Balance – Making the Entrepreneur Decision
  • Advice for women who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur
  • How to build a business with a limited budget

About Michele Unangst

Michele Unangst, an entrepreneur, who is focused on women and their success.  Empowering female job seekers and professionals, of all walks of life.  Empowering through Education, Passion, and equipping them with the tools for success.

Creator of Get My Mom a Job, and understanding that women are the most vital resource in employment, small business, and eCommerce success.  Helping women to achieve the power from within.  Finding their core purpose, values, and passion.  Michele teaches, writes, and helps women build their life and career through her personal journey. Her roadmap is one of struggles, but ultimate success.  A system to inspire, motivate, and create.

How to Go From Fear to Fantastically Bold and Fearless (Episode #6)


Today on the show I have guest Hazel Palache and we’re talking how to be fearless.

Fear is a feeling that can really create obstacles for entrepreneurs. When you feel afraid it makes it very challenging to achieve what you are truly capable of!hazel-palache-fearless

The simple answer is that fear, like everything else, is just a feeling manifested by your mind and usually occurs because of unresolved limiting beliefs you have on a subconscious level.

However, transforming the thinking from negative to positive to become a fully empowered woman can be done with energy and ease.

Highlights from our chat:

  • How to successfully STOP overwhelm and stress
  • Using the power of questions to change the way you think
  • How to create a successful business working only 25-30 hours a week
  • Why perfection can sabotage your success?
  • The easiest way to make friends with fear so it doesn’t get in your way.

About Hazel Palache

Hazel Guides Under-Earning High Potential Women Entrpreneurs to Make More Money Right Now!

Transformation expert and certified coach,  Hazel Palache teaches spiritually-based women how to let go of limiting beliefs, leave negativity in the dust and Live an A Plus Life and lifestyle with good health, happy relationships and financial freedom.

Hazel’s clients love the way she gives them the guidance and tools to create the success they want.  both in business and in life.  It’s not unusual to hear them say,

“Hazel is the real deal”

“Working with you has been life altering,”

“Working with Hazel, I made dramatic changes in

my life.  It has been one of the best choices I have

ever made.”

“Hazel you are extraordinary!”

Her clients benefit not only because she is highly trained but from her vast life experiences which has given her the ability to really empathize and understand any challenges her clients may have.

In addition to her coaching certification, she holds certifications as a Master Clinical Hynotherapist, NLP practitioner, stress management counseling, chemical addiction and is also a certified teleclass facilitator.

Position Your Message Through The Power of Online Marketing (Episode #5)


Today on the show I have guest Kathleen Gage and she provides the proven solution for how to quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively establish a strong presence using the power of the online marketing.

Here are a few highlights from our chat:kathleen-gage-online-marketing

  • Why visibility so important
  • What the first steps are for a solo entrepreneur who needs to take to market their business
  • Why solo entrepreneurship is such a growing business model
  • Strategies for gaining visibility for someone just starting out

About Kathleen Gage

Kathleen has written dozens of information products and books, has hundreds of interviews to her credit, and is a highly skilled, inspirational keynote speaker. Her mission is to help people understand that their business is merely a means to get their message out to the world. She teaches that it’s not just about what you do, but the reasons behind why you do it.

Communication Magic With Men for Business Success (Episode #4)


Today on the show I have Keri Newell and we discuss the importance of communication and what women can do to get the results they want when communicating with a man…including the 3 secrets to gaining their respect.


Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • The differences between communicating from your feminine compared to your masculine
  • How much more powerful you can be using your femininity
  • 3 secrets that most women don’t know to get a man’s respect
  • What you do unintentionally that causes a man to see you as his adversary

About Keri Newell

Known as the “Communication Magic With Men” relationship success expert, Keri Newell has shared her expertise on the importance of good communication and understanding male/female differences with women around the world.  For the past 13 years, Keri and her mother, Dr. Sherie Zander, have been teaching women how to speak the male language and improve their relationships with ALL the men in their lives through live events, group coaching, and private sessions.

How To Avoid Money Traps with Mimi Quick (Episode #3)



Today on the show I have Mimi Quick and we talk about the 4 soul sucking Money Traps every female entrepreneur must be aware of and how to avoid them so you can make money rather than being stuck, broke, and wishing you were someone else in your business!

Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • Define and discuss the 4 money traps.
  • How to by pass the soul sucking Money Traps that keep you stuck.
  • How you can begin to create a good relationship with money in business by being all YOU.
  • The best way to climb out of a money trap.

About Mimi Quick

Mimi Quick is known as the Prosperity Muse and psychic business coach for female entrepreneurs who are ready to merge and integrate all they have learned into one BIG beautiful profitable business under one roof. She is the creator of Letting Go to Make Money Flow, Evolve Your Energy In Business Aligned Success System and Spiritual Business Institute. Mimi helps spirited women clear out inner and outer stuck points around marketing, money, mission and magic.

Mimi has personally merged and integrated her talents of teaching, her proven energy shifting processes, natural psychic insight that she was born with, and her extensive professional business leadership skills and award winning marketing strategies to help you have a quantum leap into building a successful 6 figure business as a unique healer or coach!

Mimi’s clients shift quickly into their ideal businesses happily earning high 4 to 5 figure sales and 6 figure incomes with grace and ease.

She sees your higher self and will awaken, inspire, empower and mentor you into your next level so you can show up as the best version of yourself and have a business brand, programs and even a sales process that is in alignment with who you really are!

How To Say Anything To Anyone with Shari Harley (Episode #2)


Today on the show I have Shari Harley and we’re discussing the importance of business relationships and how to better control them.  shari halrey

Shari shares the real-life stories of people who have struggled to get what they want at work. With her clear and specific roadmap in hand, she enables you to create the career and business relationships you really want—and keep them.

Here are a few highlights and takeaways from our conversation:

  • ask for what you want at work
  • improve all types of working relationship
  • reduce the gossip and drama in your office
  • tell people when you’re frustrated in a way that resonates
  • take action on your ideas and feelings
  • get honest feedback on your performance

About Shari Harley

Shari Harley is founder and President of Candid Culture, an international training and consulting firm that is bringing candor back to the workplace, making it safe to tell the truth at work. Shari is known globally as an engaging, funny, content-rich business speaker and author. Before launching her business Shari led leadership development training for OppenheimerFunds, conducted customer service training for American Century Investments, and facilitated and sold programs for Dale Carnegie Training. She holds an MA in Communication and the Certified Speaking Professional Designation (CSP), and taught leadership at the University of Denver.  Shari’s practical approach has led her to speak and train in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Dubai, and Australia. Some of her clients include IBM, DirecTV, Starz Entertainment, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Noodles and Company, and the University of Colorado.  From making meetings work and delegating better, to managing your career and saying anything to anyone, Shari’s techniques are sure to delight and inform in a real, direct, and very funny way.


New Media Marketing with Shelia Butler (Episode #1)


shelia-butler-podcastingToday on the show I have Shelia Butler and we’re discussing the importance of sharing your message through New Media Marketing and Podcasting.

Here are a few highlights from out chat:

  • Define new media and we discuss the importance of podcasting
  • Discuss the difference between hosting your own podcast vs. using a platform like Blog Talk Radio
  • Talk about the 5 reasons every entrepreneur should consider podcasting
  • Discuss Google + Hangouts and how it can be used in business

About Shelia Butler

Shelia Butler is a productivity and lifestyle expert who loves being an Entrepreneur and mom, but was fed up with the Work-Life Balance fallacy.  So she created a community and coaching program to help women business owners streamline in order to live harmoniously aligned lives through simple productivity, leveraged technology, and mastery of their most valuable resource — time.

Shelia is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded her first business, Aidan Gray Home, in 2004.  She eventually sold her interest in that company and started Me Giant Inc., a children’s gifts and decor line, but found that her true calling is in helping small businesses streamline, systemize, and become more profitable.

She spent her early career in Healthcare and Education and earned an MBA from Baylor University.  Through the gift of adoption, she’s a proud mom of two boys who keep her on her toes and teach her more about life and business than she could have ever imagined.