Divine Marketing Strategies for Juicy Success 

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Does your marketing strategy bring about feelings of excitement or obligation? Obligation only motivates for so long, and avoidance can soon follow. Or, you move ahead despite your lack of joy, and pay the price by feeling dry or having less than stellar results. Infuse your marketing strategy with these tips for a joy-filled journey and outcomes that are divine.

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Scout Worthy Ways to Prepare for a Sales Meeting

debbie-mrazek-article-pic-5-1One of the biggest mistakes in sales is being unprepared for sales meetings. Too many times, salespeople arrive just minutes before appointments not prepared. 

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When Is The Best Time of Year for an Authorpreneur to Publish a Book?

Robbin Simons print image 5According to recent industry data, more than half of retail book sales in the United States occur only a few months before the Christmas holidays, between September and December. This a perfect time for launching and promoting your book if it is one that fits into the general interest or fiction categories. 

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Taco Marketing

Your core message is the same no matter how you package it

Your core message is the same no matter how you package it

Are you communicating your Core Marketing Message on Social Media?

Marketing your message is like ordering food at a Mexican restaurant. Once you have identified and clarified your core message, you are going to brand your online presence through your core message.  Depending on who you are targeting, you package your message accordingly. I recommend you say it a variety of ways to reach different people.  Overall you want all of your content on social media to be an expression of your brand, your core message, even when you like, comment and share other people’s content, you want it to be in alignment with your brand.

How do you communicate what you do to Different Types of People on Social Media?

It’s just like ordering Mexican food.  You have your taco, your enchilada, your tostada and your burrito.  Truth is, it’s all the same ingredients inside, the core message is the same.  It’s just a matter of how you serve it on the plate. Nothing has changed about your product or service.  You know what you do.  It’s just how you communicate it.  And we all know what we like at the Mexican restaurant.  It’s just the packaging, crispy taco shell, soft tortilla, lotsa lettuce…

When you are Creating your Social Media Content to Post

This is a great analogy to use when you are creating your social media content.  Not everyone will resonate with the same images, videos, words etc.  You don’t have to change your message, after all, it’s your message!  You just change the packaging, the mediums, images etc.  And you will reach different people with different images and mediums.  Think about this, if all Mexican restaurants were just taco stands they would reach a lot less of their target audience.  But since there are so many different types of Mexican restaurants, foods, etc., the likelihood that they will reach their intended market is much higher.  The next time you start to choose your content for social media, think carefully if you’re communicating your message with just tacos or if you will try tostadas, enchiladas and burritos to reach more people!

Aeriol’s top 10 tips to building online influence with Facebook Live

10 easy breezy tips to get started building online influence with social media: Facebook Live

Those of you who may know me personally know that I am a Social Media Evangelist and a bit of an Audio- Visual geek! lol. well, I just made that up but the truth of the matter is I absolutely LOVE Facebook and I am currently immersing myself in Instagram as well. Both of these Social Media Platforms have a video function which is great news for business’s who would like to build their online visibility and influence.

Instagram currently lets you take or upload short videos up to 60 seconds long. This is great in and of itself but I see this as interesting opportunity to create a promotional buzz to promote longer videos and host video shows on FB live. I see both these platforms (both owned by Facebook coincidentally) really working together to support each other in social media marketing and influence building.

Building Influence Online with Aeriol

Building Influence Online with Aeriol

Today I wanted to give you just a couple tips on getting your FB Live Broadcast ready to go. Here are 10 easy breezy steps to get you started:

  1. Have a script or outline for your topic. I can’t stress this enough- I know we all think we can be impromptu but you are going to want to have at least a an outline to keep you on track to make sure you don’t wast any of your broadcast time. Try to have bulleted points or 3-5 “hot tips” that you can share and then talk about a little more in depth to expand.
  2. Ideally you should do a preliminary sound check and also check your lighting and surroundings on your camera so you can see how you look before shooting. This ensures quality picture that your audience will enjoy.
  3. Log into your Facebook account on your phone from your profile, business page or group depending on who you want to see your video.
  4. Touch the “Publish” icon to create your video post.
  5. Touch the “Live Video” icon.
  6. Write a super juicy title… (to see more tips please click link)

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups

Facebook groupsAccording to digital marketer Zephoria, there are 1.65 billion active monthly Facebook users worldwide, a 15% increase year over year.

To put this in perspective: The world’s population is 7.4 billion people, so if you take out the fake accounts and babies who are too young to have one, approximately 1 in 5 people is on Facebook.

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3 Ways New Entrepreneurs Can Save Money

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Moving from the corporate world to my own business has taken a significant adjustment. My deep desire to have my own business overshadowed the abundance of support I received in my corporate job. Nonetheless my passion for having “my own thing” and the fulfillment I get from helping other women entrepreneurs is worth every photocopier, scanner, IT guy, finance team, human resource department, expense account, software program, and lavish lunch in the country. There are many treasures in the corporate world that came with the job, but now are at a cost in running my own business.

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Why It’s Super Important to Pay It Forward

1172629_10201322155808323_730112676_o (2)Do you ever have experiences where something wonderful comes your way and you have no idea where it came from? It was something out of the blue. The person ahead of you at Starbucks pays for your coffee. You receive a surprise order from a valuable customer. Your spouse sends you flowers “just because.” The gifts mean you were the recipient of someone else giving back.

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Planning an Efficient Internet Marketing Strategy-Part 1

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Without precisely clear goals and objectives, your marketing campaign will not bring you the results you desire. How will you know if and how effective (or unsuccessful) your campaign was if you do not establish precise objectives you can measure? If you want to have a captivating campaign, you must think about how you will determine its success.

Bear in mind that approaches to your marketing goals should not be restricted to only one channel. Social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) should be considered in your collective approach to help you take full advantage of the possibilities that are out there.

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3 Ways to Become a Standout Entrepreneur Author


Anyone can write a book, but not everyone can write an outstanding book or be an outstanding Entrepreneur Author. One might think the difference would lie in writing skill, eloquence, verbiage and flow. These are all important components, but for the Entrepreneur Author, the key elements that contribute to a successful book product vary surprisingly from what you might expect.

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