How Valuable is Your Membership?

Q TeamYou are a member of several clubs, such as volunteer organizations, speaking clubs, networking clubs, social clubs, art communities, and educational groups.  Are you paying your dues or using your membership as a resume builder, or are you truly getting value beyond your membership? The purpose of this article is to convince you to get more out of your membership by engaging more in the group. There are many benefits and you will learn about a few here.

Having group affiliations on your resume is a nice thing, however, you can get so much more if you engage in the group on different levels.

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Cook Up Some Spaghetti Marketing


I lived in Italy for a year in college. What I realize is that pasta for lunch and dinner is always a delicious meal because there are so many different shapes and sauces and ways of preparation that it could be different almost every time.

Lately, I have been talking about spaghetti marketing. What that means is that you are always trying something new or modifying what you are already doing to see if you can come up with a new recipe for success.

Taste the New Ingredients
In cooking there are new ingredients that you did not know about years ago like quinoa or chia seeds. It is the same in marketing. Today and recorded webinars, video emailing like BombBomb are all the rave. Take a bite.

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8 Ways to Use News Releases that Don’t Involve the Media


Many business owners think that news releases are just for the media.

Not true!

There are many ways that you can use a news release without ever sending it to a newspaper or TV station.

You can:

  • post it on your blog
  • share it on social media
  • send it to your email list
  • send it to influential bloggers who reach your ideal client
  • include it in your online media kit
  • put it on your website
  • send it to news release distribution services like prlog, prweb, etc.
  • send it to conference and meeting planners looking for speakers

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The Right Mindset can help you Create a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Have persistence with your Internet Marketing CampaignInternet marketing campaigns are crucial for online marketing. It is vital to have clear campaigns to attract traffic and convert that traffic into leads and eventually, into actual sales.

I’ve blogged a lot about how to create an internet marketing campaign to get more clients.  In this blog, I want to focus on the mindset that will help you be more successful with your internet marketing activities.


To be successful in executing your internet marketing campaign you have to keep persevering! You have to remember that attaining the expected results from your internet marketing campaign takes some time! Many Internet marketers tend to give up after the first few weeks without even accomplishing their short-term goals because they believe that they are not gaining any results with their Internet marketing campaign. Trust your own intuition and keep going.

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The Importance of Networking

Diana Morgan Jan pic2As much as we may not like it, we all need to network in order to grow our business and become more effective sales professionals. When you take the time to grow your network and nurture it, you will be rewarded with a wealth of opportunities to hear about leads and prospective clients. Those who are in your network are more likely to recommend you to others, because they have a personal connection with you. If you find networking difficult, I have put together some helpful tips that will turn you into a networking pro in no time.

While you may be intimidated at the thought of having to meet new people and connect with them, you may want to start with people you already know. One of the best ways to reconnect with previous clients and find new leads is through social media. We all know how popular social media has become, it has become even more popular among sales professionals. It is one of the most effective and easiest ways to start building your network.

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Do You Have a Personal Brand?

sticky-notes-importantDeveloping a plan and setting goals is an excellent strategy for growing yourself personally and professionally. It allows you to focus on specific areas, set timelines, measure progress and celebrate your wins.  The definition of a goal is a plan with a timeline. The steps in setting goals are to determine what area in your life you want to improve, name the specific goal you wish to accomplish, uncover what holds you back, and decide how you can overcome what’s in your way.  There is a final part to goal-setting many hear about for corporations, but it can be incorporated in your personal life and in your business. The concept is having a personal brand.

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Three Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Collaborate

shareSocial media was never intended to replace person-to-person interaction. It is a powerful way to collaborate with strategic partners to grow relationships that turn into clients. Here are three ways to do this.

Find Strategic Partners and Share Each Other’s Content
Strategic partners are people who have the same target market as you but sell something different. An example would be a chiropractor and a dentist, or a business coach and a bookkeeper. Here’s an example of how this would work:

Let’s say a business coach is working with entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses and she knows her clients generally need a bookkeeper. The business coach would find a bookkeeper who is active on social media. They would meet, share ideas, get to know each other and make an agreement to share one another’s posts. This is a very powerful collaboration and for both people.

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Critical Elements for Creating a Successful Best-Seller Book Launch

Robbin Simons graphic article 3To be honest, I’m not crazy about coaches and consultants who promise they can make you a best-seller in a couple of weeks or even in a weekend. I don’t believe anyone can authentically make that claim, because there are a lot of elements that go into creating a best-seller. And truthfully, it’s very difficult to manipulate Amazon® to do this. It seems that every time we figure out some kind of process, strategy or system for creating best-sellers, Amazon changes its ranking algorithms or the rules for qualifying.

What I can tell you is that for many of the authors I’ve worked with, I have discovered that there are some key elements necessary for each best-seller I’ve launched. Here are three of them:

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Boost Your Marketing with Collaboration

Paper people on green grass, close up

Marketing is enhanced with collaboration. There are simply too many parts and functions to do them all well while running a great business. You’ll be well-served if you focus on creating successful collaborations with vendors to do your marketing as well as partners that you can co-market with. It can enhance your well-being to be part of a supported team rather than an isolated solopreneur. It also allows you to make a deeper difference in the world as you free up time and energy to grow your business or to work in your highest state.

Collaborations are successful when you:

Believe that other people can support you. Get assistance in clearing out earlier experiences of betrayal, hurt or loss. Own your background and behave accordingly. Even if you’ve done lots, not having successful collaborations means there’s more to clear.

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The Importance of Following Up in Sales

IMG_0801If you’re a sales professional, you may have realized that it can be one of the most demanding, yet rewarding careers out there. In order to become the best sales person possible, you need to embrace the follow-up process. If you are not following up with 100% of your sales leads, you are missing out on valuable clients. To help you understand the importance of following up, I have put together some helpful tips on improving your follow-up skills.

  • Don’t Wait – When it comes to making a sale and landing a new client, don’t wait. Studies have shown that sales professionals who contact potential leads within an hour of receiving their inquiry, are more likely to have a conversation with someone who is ready to take the next step. Every hour that goes by without you contacting a potential new client, is time wasted. When you respond quicker, you are demonstrating that you want to do business with this client and you are genuinely interested in hearing what their needs are. Do not wait when it comes to responding to an inquiry.
  • Provide Complete Answers – When someone contacts you, it is likely because they have a question about the services or products that you offer. When you’re returning a call to a prospective client, remember to provide them with complete answers. It has been shown that the first sales person to respond to a client with the information they want, is most likely to land that client.
  • Keep Learning – In order to become the best possible sales person, you can be, you need to continue to learn about what is relevant in your field. If you are promoting a new product or service, learn everything you can about it. The more informed and knowledgeable you are; the more trustworthy potential clients will find you to be.

The tips listed above will help you improve your existing follow-up technique. The key to becoming a more effective sales person, is following up with potential clients. The faster you respond and provide a prospective client with the information and details they want, the more likely you are to add that lead as a new client.

The world of sales can be very demanding, but if you continue to hone your skills, and educate yourself your clients will remain loyal customers who turn to you for advice and information when they are considering making a change. A simple follow-up call, can lead to clients who value our opinion and look to you for help when expanding their business. You have a lot to gain from a simple follow-up call.