Quiz: Do You Practice Empathy?

Quiz: Do You Practice Empathy?

empathyEmpathy is defined as “the quality of recognizing and understanding another person’s desires, beliefs, and emotions.” It’s one of the most valuable skills we can ever acquire. Empathy cultivates meaningful relationships, reduces discrimination and negative assumptions, encourages honest communication, and can help deter violence. Studies have found that highly empathetic people are more confident and sensitive, and they enjoy better physical and mental health. Often described as looking through another person’s eyes or standing in someone else’s shoes, empathy connects us human-to-human. Continue reading “Quiz: Do You Practice Empathy?”

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 3

The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 3


Hello again!  This is part 3 of this series about the rewards of really listening.  (Go to PART 1 or PART 2 of this series.)  As I mentioned in the last article, this skill can be learned.  Last time we discussed three key elements of listening.

The first three key elements we mentioned are:

1) Anyone can learn to be a good listener.

2) Listening is active.

3) Listening means turning off the noise inside our heads.

Today we’ll discuss two more keys to developing this important skill so you can reap the benefits of it in your life and business. Continue reading “The Rewards of Really Listening – Part 3”

Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

1669016When we ask ourselves the question “How will I know when I have enough?” many of us think of all the “stuff” we have. We think of exploding closets and drawers, overstuffed garages or storage units, bathroom cabinets overflowing with bottles and tubes. This month we are going to change the question just a bit to “How will I know when I am doing enough?” When I ask some people, and particularly women, to consider this question, the first thing I hear is a long groan, followed by an emphatic “I AM doing too much NOW!!!” When I ask them how they know this, they again say emphatically things like “I have no time for myself! Not even 5 minutes a day!!” Or “I haven’t been to the gym for 4 months!” Or “I see my very best friends once in a great while, and then we often are too tired to really enjoy our time together.” Or “My partner and I have not done anything by ourselves for months and months. . .maybe longer.” So, it is not that many of us do not know we are trying to do too much, we seemingly do not have any idea what to do about it.

Is that really true? Is it really true that we have no idea what to do about our feelings of being completely overwhelmed with things to do and places to go, or is it that we have not spent any focused time trying to figure out what to do about it? My hunch is that it is the latter for many of us. I believe that most of us do what we really want to do most of the time. Now I know many of you will be disagreeing with this very strongly. But let us take a closer look. Continue reading “Are You Trying to Do Too Much?”

New Moon Goddess Manifestation Reading April 2016

Greetings Goddess! Are you ready to connect to your goddess self so that you can manifest your hearts desire during this New Moon Cycle?  Then settle in and take some sacred time to sit in silence and connect with your higher self. Ground yourself into Mother Earth and relax while breathing deeply into your beautiful perfect body. Pay special attention to your EXHALE. Allow yourself to let go of what does not serve your highest and best good. Just let it go. Keep a journal close by and call in the energies of your angels, healing masters and guides & sit in silence with these goddess energies:

Expect a Miracle!
Expect a Miracle!


The first goddess for this New Moon Manifestation Reading is Mary Magdalene. Mary is a healing priestess who teaches us to rise above mundane controversies and seeming chaos and to dwell in higher vibration. Magdalene reminds us to dwell in higher consciousness and rise above bickering voices, harsh judgements and pettiness. Hold a vision of the highest good for yourself and also for anyone who may be struggling in any way. She reminds us that only love is real and that love can heal.
The next Goddess in our line-up is Oonagh. This magical Celtic Goddess remids us to take a deep breath and relax.  Everything is occurring in perfect timing. It is important not to get ahead of ourselves at this time. This is really timely  because I notice that in the Spring it is not uncommon to feel feel anxious and a bit restless as Mother Earth wakes up from her winter nap and everything stirs under the surface waiting to bloom. Do not worry if you are feeling undirected or do not know where to focus your energies, it will be revealed to you soon enough. There is no cause to rush around or make sudden moves at this time. Call upon Oonagh’s energy at this time to help make transitions magical and creative.
Finally our last Goddess for this New Moon Manifestation Reading is beloved virgin Mary “Queen of the Angel’s.” Her presence and energy can be called upon to produce miraculous healing for all situations. I find it interesting and exciting that both of the Mary’s show up in our reading this month so we can be sure that the heavens have something wonderful in store! Regardless of your religious beliefs spend some time invoking the miraculous healing energy of Mary into your reality over the next few weeks. Then, let go of worrisome thoughts and follow any divine guidance you receive. You will be rewarded with blessed miracles.

That wraps up our goddess oracle reading for the New Moon April 2016!

Happy Manifesting!


Knowledge Is the New Money

Knowledge Is the New Money

big-money2 knoweldge

What is more important than the dollar? It is the knowledge in how to grow, move or hang onto it during a family, economic or emergency situation.

We are constantly advised through the media and advisors to invest in the market by placing it into deferred plans. None of them are telling you that taxes will go up or about the fees and penalties associated with these plans. We’ve been in an all-time tax low. Our president signed a bill with no cap on the rise of future taxes. The only way to pay for the health care change is from higher taxes.

Continue reading “Knowledge Is the New Money”

The Power of Your Own Beliefs

The Power of Your Own Beliefs

The power of your own beliefs.

Almost everything we know is secondhand and based on belief. Even when it comes to our experiences firsthand, recent psychological research shows that our perceptions of our own experiences are often unreliable.

What’s wrong with believing what we want? What’s wrong with having inaccurate memories and seeing experiences the way we want to see them and not knowing for sure what’s certain or not? Well, the reality is that there is a lot wrong with these false beliefs we keep telling ourselves.

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Your Cash Formula

As women in business we are always on the go. We know how to make the money, juggle the family schedules, take care of our sick and run the household as well as the office. But, who will be able to take care of us if we fall ill? The question now becomes: what is my cash flow formula? We are led to believe that tax deferred or precious metals are the end-all. The largest concerns for women today are “Not Outliving Our Money” and” No Loss Of Principle.”

How about liquidity? Not only do we need to diversify but we need access to funds without penalties; e.g.

Liquidity- A misnomer in that liquidity gets confused with equity.
Liquidity is immediate access to cash. Continue reading “Your Cash Formula”

How To Get What You Want

cropped woman blonde with headset 43400747_sThroughout your career you have likely wondered why some people always get what they ask for at work. It is not that they are gifted or lucky; they simply understand how to effectively communicate their wants to those in charge. To help you become more effective at asking for what you want at work, I have put together some helpful tips.

  • Know What You Want – It is common for many people to say that they want something but not be able to clearly explain what it is. This is because they likely haven’t thought it through completely. To know what you want, you should begin by understanding what you want and deciding how you can put it into words in clear and concise manner.

Continue reading “How To Get What You Want”

5 Ways to Jumpstart your Creative Possibilities

notebookStuck in a rut? Here’s 5 ways to jumpstart your creative possibilities:

1. Capture your ideas
Did you ever have an idea only to find that it disappeared before you had the chance to save it? Write your brilliant ideas in a small notebook that you carry with you. Do you get your best ideas in the shower? Place a small white board near the shower so that you can jot your ideas before they disappear. Another method is to speak your ideas in your cell phone so that you can refer to them later. Finally, use an app to track your ideas. Create an idea dashboard using Evernote®, or try keeping track of your ideas with Google’s Keep® or Android’s Ideagrowr®. Continue reading “5 Ways to Jumpstart your Creative Possibilities”