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Book Caterina to Speak at Your Next Conference or Event If You Want a High Energy Speaker Who Provides Massive Value

Caterina has been presenting to audiences large and small, for twenty-five years. She has presented on five continents to hundreds of different audiences. She is a dynamic and high-energy speaker who touches hearts while providing a significant amount of super tips and take away value in every talk. Caterina has a life-time supply of content to share, here are a few of her favorite talks to deliver:

Innovative Strategies to Build or Expand Your Fempire

Discover how to leverage your time and maximize creative and strategic efforts to create a profitable and sustainable business. In this program you will uncover how to build your power team so you are only doing what is the highest and best use of your time. Caterina will also reveal the three guiding principles for your business that will make the most difference in having you soar in your business.

Become a Sought After Speaker and Make Your Business Thrive 

The shortest distance between you and a full client base is public speaking. Get started with this thrilling, yes-you-can speak and gain insta-clients session that shares how to define your speaking strategy, identify where your potential clients gather and then position yourself so you become the chosen sought-after-speaker for all premiere events.

In this powerful program you will learn how to generate advanced interest in your program and position yourself as an expert long before your presentation begins. We will explore how to use speaking to build an ongoing relationship with clients for more money now and more money later. This program is highly interactive and builds insta-confidence as a result of all the speaking strategizing and practice done in the training room.

Influence Power for Women—Create Yours and Thrive

Wouldn’t if be great if everyone always loved to see you, if your calls always got returned immediately and if every time you asked someone for something you got an insta-yes? That is what happens when you have influence power. Many women do not realize that they have a lot of influence already and that with just a little attention more directed, while embracing the qualities that cultivate influence they can have so much more. This is what this eye-opening and thought provoking program share immediate actions women entrepreneurs can take to accelerate their businesses by cultivating massive influence.

Hosting Your Own Women’s Events and Retreats and Catapult Your Business

Many women love to gather women together. This talk will show them how create unique, memorable events that fulfill the mission of the event be it to connect women, raise money for a cause or cultivate a community for fun and profit. Caterina will share some of the rookie mistakes to avoid and what to know before during and after to uplift women and keep them coming back.

Starting a Women’s Giving Circle and Change The World

So many women think someday they would like to start a non-profit organization that helps people. These dreams will often go unfulfilled because of the huge amount of time and red tape involved. I propose a much more ideal solution—start a giving circle, it is fun, easy and simple to start. This talk will show why a giving circle is the right solution for busy women, how to determine who to raise money for, how to structure your circle so it only takes a few days a year and has massive impact with the people you want to serve. You will have everything you need to get started.

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A Few Rave Reviews

“Caterina was a featured speaker at the U.S. Small Business Conference and she was a huge hit. She does a great job of providing a lot of content in a fun and engaging way. The audience loved it and I am so glad we booked her to speak.”  —U.S. Small Business Conference

“I heard all positive and enthusiastic comments from the attendees at your workshop. One session attendee said ‘I felt I could use the information from the workshop as soon as I returned.’ I will definitely add you to our list of  speakers for a repeat performance.” —Women in Leadership at Lucent Conference

“Caterina, your evaluations were fabulous! Here are some of the comments from the women in the audience: ‘Excellent speaker, best of the seminars!’ ‘Wonderful, compelling, positive!’ ‘How can you not improve your life after listening to Caterina!’ ‘Speaker is a real person who continues to grow. I could have listened all day.’ We look forward to having you back next year.” “Caterina’s presentation was high energy, and a wonderful mix of salient content, interactivity and fun! Through it all, Caterina’s warmth and dedication to helping women achieve came shining through.” —Central California Women’s Conference

“Caterina’s presentation was high energy, and a wonderful mix of salient content, interactivity and fun! Through it all, Caterina’s warmth and dedication to helping women achieve came shining through.” —International Young Careerist Women’s Conference

“Caterina is an awesome speaker, I love having her at my events. She provides so much value and really energizes the audience. She has great stories and gives people ideas they can act on immediately. When we look at the participant feedback, Caterina is always a top-rated speaker.” —Take Action, Get Profits Conference

“I am so glad I invited Caterina to speak at our Ultimate Networking Conference. She is so great at connecting with everyone in the room and making them all feel she is the only one speaking to them. She has so much great information and she inspires the audience to feel like they can make it all happen. I look forward to having her back soon.” —The Ultimate Networking Conference

“Your session was excellent – one of the best I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been around!). I especially appreciated your warmth and your peaceful spirit and of course your many great ideas.” —Association of Image Consultants International Annual Conference