5 Big Reasons Big Companies Want to Work With You

In my last article, I shared with you 5 sure-fire signs that you should be marketing and selling your services to corporations. But while this might sound like a lucrative “bright shiny object,” are these big companies really interested in buying from you, a small business owner?

While it is true that large companies have continued to consolidate their purchasing – that is, they are buying more stuff from fewer vendors – the answer to the above question remains a resounding YES! And here’s why.

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Time for “Plan C”? 5 Sure-Fire Signs You Should Sell Your Services to Corporate Clients

One of the hottest small business niches is selling services to other small business owners. But while this niche can be fun and rewarding, if this is your only target market, you could be selling yourself short.

Each year in the U.S. alone, corporations spend more than $2 trillion dollars buying services and products from other companies – and a growing portion of that money is being spent with small businesses.

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