Magnetize Community to Grow Your Business

There are endless options to expand and grow your business. Leveraging community can be a fun way. A community is a group with common interests and culture. According to a 2017 Michigan University article, incremental revenue increased 19 percent when customers joined an online community.

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3 Ways New Entrepreneurs Can Save Money

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Moving from the corporate world to my own business has taken a significant adjustment. My deep desire to have my own business overshadowed the abundance of support I received in my corporate job. Nonetheless my passion for having “my own thing” and the fulfillment I get from helping other women entrepreneurs is worth every photocopier, scanner, IT guy, finance team, human resource department, expense account, software program, and lavish lunch in the country. There are many treasures in the corporate world that came with the job, but now are at a cost in running my own business.

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Goals that Stick

key to successHow to Set Goals that Stick

Do you find yourself struggling to stick to the goals you set for yourself? Do you often forget what goals you set? Do you feel like it is too overwhelming to meet all your goals?

What would it be like if you could achieve your goals?

The definition of a goal is a plan with a timeline.

According to Statistic Brain, only eight percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Here are some quick tips to help you achieve your goals too:

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Having the Worst Day Ever?

young woman in panic

Having the Worst Day Ever? Here Are Some Tips to Get Out of It

You have had one of those days, right? Of course you have, everyone has. Sometimes these days pile up one right after another and can last for weeks or months. It can be debilitating and can cause even little frustrations to feel enormous pressure on you. You got a flat tire, your boss is a jerk, your kid is acting up (again), you have deadlines that are approaching, your dog is sick, you’re sick, and so on. Would you believe that your brain can be to blame for the pile up you’re having?

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How To Build a Business With Little or No Budget (Episode #7)


Today on the show I have guest Michele Unangst and we’re talking about women and their success, with a focus on how to build a business with little or no

Highlights from our chat:

  • Getting and Working Free Publicity
  • Balance – Making the Entrepreneur Decision
  • Advice for women who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur
  • How to build a business with a limited budget

About Michele Unangst

Michele Unangst, an entrepreneur, who is focused on women and their success.  Empowering female job seekers and professionals, of all walks of life.  Empowering through Education, Passion, and equipping them with the tools for success.

Creator of Get My Mom a Job, and understanding that women are the most vital resource in employment, small business, and eCommerce success.  Helping women to achieve the power from within.  Finding their core purpose, values, and passion.  Michele teaches, writes, and helps women build their life and career through her personal journey. Her roadmap is one of struggles, but ultimate success.  A system to inspire, motivate, and create.

The Power of Perseverance In Your Business

Are you short sighted or do you have a long-term approach to growing your business? While your goals for this week and month are important to pursue it is also important to recognize that persevering today will pay off down the road. People will respond positively to your perseverance. It is a quality many people admire and for some it even builds trust and admiration.

Recently, I met with a new client who has been a long time prospect. She has said “no” to me three times for different business development programs I have contacted her about participating in. I ran into her recently at a social event, we had a nice visit. Following that she responded to a general email I sent out to my whole list and a subsequent phone call I made brought her on board— finally as a client.

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