Developing Leadership for Entrepreneurial Success

I have seen numerous people turn their talent into a business. They are excited to share their gifts and are determined to make a difference in the world. The really successful ones are all that and more! The thriving entrepreneurs have also developed their leadership abilities. Here are three ways I have seen leadership help them reach more people and build incredibly successful businesses.

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Leading the Way Is Good Marketing

You have the expertise and credibility, and know how to lead others when it comes to your business. But do you showcase that well for potential clients? Letting others see your leadership skills is good marketing because it positions you as an authority worth listening to.

Market yourself as a leader with these tips:

Take on leadership roles. Join committees, take a board position or volunteer to spearhead activities within networking or industry groups you are part of. These are quiet kinds of leadership pursuits that even introverts can do gracefully. These activities put you into visible leadership roles in others’ eyes. Once people see you in action, it’s easy for them to consider hiring you or referring you to others.

Take the time to share your knowledge. Be open to answering questions or giving advice to others even if they aren’t potential clients. This is a good way to give back and it’s a generous stance that invites good will to you. I once took several hours to talk with and send a detailed email response to a young college student who had questions about my industry. The next month, his coach hired me as her marketing person because she was so impressed with the information I had shared with him!

Publicize your leadership roles. Be sure to note on your website, speaker sheet and LinkedIn profile what leadership roles you take on. Do you provide advice to those younger than you? Note that you are a mentor. Have you won an award? Be sure it’s part of your profile. Be loud and proud about your leadership roles to be seen in a bigger light.

Take on leadership roles, share what you know and communicate what you do to market yourself as a leader and attract your ideal clients.

Get more tips on creating a BIG presence with your marketing HERE.

Build a Better Business by Becoming a Better Leader

Leadership is directly linked to company profits. It’s at the core of every other key factor, such as market, sales, fulfillment, productivity and expenses. When you become a better leader, you grow a better business.
Here are 10 attributes you need to be a good leader:
1. Vision – a picture of the future that is compelling and realistic even if it is a big stretch. Keep your vision at the forefront.
2. Communication – communicate frequently in supportive and even challenging ways to build a healthy business.
3. Emotional intelligence – meet followers where they are today. I often see leaders attempt to meet followers where they want them to be instead of where they are now. Emotional intelligence brings you back to a service platform.
4. Collaboration – invite differing opinions and ideas.
5. Quick decisions – no one follows a leader who can’t choose or make decisions. Be decisive to instill confidence.
6. Walk your talk – set the example, mold the culture and live the values you set for the company and the employees. Walking your talk is part of the integrity you instill within the organization.
7. Service – Lead from the front and from the rear. Support and lift the stragglers on the team. You win or lose as a team. Being of service to the team is pivotal.
8.Commitment – to the vision, the business, the employees, the stakeholders and the clients.
9. Delegate – no one can do it all. No one is great at every task. Share the wealth and make use of the talent that surrounds the business.
10. Train – to sharpen your leadership skills as well as the skills of the team.
I encourage you to choose which of these attributes you would like to improve upon and take action. Improve your leadership skills and watch your business grow.
Doreen Milano, Certified Professional Coach, established Visions To Excellence in 2010. Doreen has years of experience assisting businesses, both large and small, in growing and thriving through even the most challenging economic scenarios.
Are You WILLING to Leap?

Are You WILLING to Leap?

leap-i-can-and-i-willAre you willing to leap? Notice I did not ask you if you are READY to Leap, but rather, are you WILLING? One of my mentors, Caterina Rando, always says “don’t wait until you’re ready, act when you’re willing.” This has always struck a chord with me because we are rarely ready to take the leap, or put ourselves out there in a big way, stepping out of our comfort zones, in order to get to where we want to be, but we have to be willing. It’s like parenthood, no one is ever ready and 100% prepared before their little ones arrive, but they are willing (and super excited!) to take the leap into parenthood.

In life and business, if we wait until we are totally prepared before we launch a program, make those phone calls, start an exercise program or write that novel, our lives will pass us by and before we know it, it will be too late.

Staying in our comfort zone can be comfortable, and it can also get really uncomfortable for those of us who are being called to something bigger. When you’re getting ready to face a fear, ask yourself, “What choice am I going to make right now? And I going to move forward and take a leap, getting closer to my dreams, or am I going to hold back and stay where I am? If I chose to stay where I am, what could I be missing out on?”

I want to challenge you this week to take the leap and build your wings on the way down. Yes, it’s scary! Yes, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, you will grow your business and change your life!

What’s more important to you-staying safe in your comfort zone, or having a thriving, incredible life? So, if you’re with me, I want you to decide which mountain you want to tackle first, step up to the edge, take a giant leap and flap like crazy on the way down. I’ve chosen my mountain, stepped up to the edge, jumped and am flap, flap, flapping.
Which leap will you take?

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Aeriol’s top 10 tips to building online influence with Facebook Live

10 easy breezy tips to get started building online influence with social media: Facebook Live

Those of you who may know me personally know that I am a Social Media Evangelist and a bit of an Audio- Visual geek! lol. well, I just made that up but the truth of the matter is I absolutely LOVE Facebook and I am currently immersing myself in Instagram as well. Both of these Social Media Platforms have a video function which is great news for business’s who would like to build their online visibility and influence.

Instagram currently lets you take or upload short videos up to 60 seconds long. This is great in and of itself but I see this as interesting opportunity to create a promotional buzz to promote longer videos and host video shows on FB live. I see both these platforms (both owned by Facebook coincidentally) really working together to support each other in social media marketing and influence building.

Building Influence Online with Aeriol
Building Influence Online with Aeriol

Today I wanted to give you just a couple tips on getting your FB Live Broadcast ready to go. Here are 10 easy breezy steps to get you started:

  1. Have a script or outline for your topic. I can’t stress this enough- I know we all think we can be impromptu but you are going to want to have at least a an outline to keep you on track to make sure you don’t wast any of your broadcast time. Try to have bulleted points or 3-5 “hot tips” that you can share and then talk about a little more in depth to expand.
  2. Ideally you should do a preliminary sound check and also check your lighting and surroundings on your camera so you can see how you look before shooting. This ensures quality picture that your audience will enjoy.
  3. Log into your Facebook account on your phone from your profile, business page or group depending on who you want to see your video.
  4. Touch the “Publish” icon to create your video post.
  5. Touch the “Live Video” icon.
  6. Write a super juicy title… (to see more tips please click link)

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Starting a Business? Helpful Tips for Things You’ll Need to Know.

Starting a Business? Helpful Tips for Things You’ll Need to Know.


Are you planning on starting a business?  Maybe you’ve recently retired from your career but don’t want to hang up the towel yet.  Perhaps you are unhappy with your current job and want to work for yourself.  Or maybe you have a hobby that has turned into a business.  There are some important things you’ll need to know about taxes, entity types, how to account for your income/taxes, and more.

Type of Business:
What type of business entity are you going to establish?  A business can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, C corporation, S corporation, or limited liability company. The type of business you establish determines which tax forms you will need to file.  There are pros and cons to each type (minimum tax, liability protection, etc) so you should talk with a professional about which entity type you should form. Continue reading “Starting a Business? Helpful Tips for Things You’ll Need to Know.”

How Thriving Health Builds the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor

How Thriving Health Builds the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise 1

It’s Business 101: people have to know, like, and trust you before they choose to do any kind of business with you. Whether you are looking to get more clients or collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs on a business venture, those you seek to bring on board in some way must, again, know, like, and trust you.

There is one thing that you must have in order for people to know, like, and trust you and that one thing is confidence. You must not only have confidence in your product or service, but you also must have confidence in yourself – how you walk into a room, how you show up on stage, how you present yourself over the phone, and so on.

The best way to increase your confidence, and therefore the “know, like, and trust factor” is to live a vibrantly healthy life. When you have thriving health, you have more energy. You smile more. You carry yourself with pride. You present on stage with poise and dignity. You present your offers with certainty. You get more clients. More people want to do business with you. More people want to collaborate with you. When you look and feel well, you put your best foot forward each day.

You represent your brand – what your brand stands for. When you’re confident in how you present yourself to your prospects, you will grow your business and help more people through your products or services. Living a healthy life is a choice. When it comes to the “know, like, and trust factor”, it’s not just a health choice; it’s a business choice.

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Are you the CEO of Your Business?

Are you the CEO of Your Business?


You have probably heard that eight out of ten businesses fail in the first two years. Most people guess the reason is money. It sometimes is. There are other explanations too. The market changes, suppliers fail and complicated regulations make it challenging to run a profitable business. According to a recent Gallup study, one cause rarely mentioned is entrepreneurs. This means the business owner is an important key to success.

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BIS Smart Tip

BIS Smart Tip

Benita Digital article 4 graphicWhen I started my business, there was very little help was available for small businesses in my industry. I learned a lot on my own. I want to help you avoid the many mistakes I made. With these simple tips and tools, you can create a thriving business to be proud of, maintain a loyal team, gain longevity, boost company cultural morale and lead well.

BE PRESENT! In any industry, it’s vital that YOU, as a leader, are present! It is not enough to be present in ownership and title, and to occasionally be there physically. To be effective, you must lead by example physically, mentally and socially, and to be emotionally invested in your industry. It’s difficult to lead your team without mutual trust, loyalty or respect, and you can only gain these by building strong relationships within the company. Continue reading “BIS Smart Tip”