Increase is the Key to Better Cash Flow

The purpose of your company’s product or service is to meet a need, solve a problem or create an experience. Focusing your energy and effort on increase allows you to grow top-line revenue and profitability, which creates healthy cash flow.

Here are ways to bring increase into your company:

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How to Translate Your Vision to Dollars and Sense

How to Translate Your Vision to Dollars and Sense

Your vision doesn’t capture your heart until it captures your wallet. –Andy Stanley
How excited would you really be if you knew that your cash flow and profit aligned and truly supported your vision and values? Would you be more passionate about growing your company? Business needs cash flow like you need oxygen. It is vital for your company to grow well. Creating clarity allows you to make more money AND keep more of what you make. Here are four ways to grow your business well.

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Try Crowd-funding to Help Fund Your Business

dollar-1362244_1920Successfully running a business requires cash flow. Having enough cash to pay upcoming expenses is critical to maintain operations. Whether you are just starting your company, or have been in existence for some time, we recommend you consider raising capital through crowd-funding if you are finding it difficult to be approved for a loan. Continue reading “Try Crowd-funding to Help Fund Your Business”

Is Your Business Bipolar? How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow Highs and Lows!

Is there a period of a few weeks and months when you feel that you are a leader in your field, your business is booming, the phone is ringing, the checks are coming in, your clients are happy and all seems right with the world? Then at other times there are weeks when you think no one ever heard of your firm and your great reputation, your competition seems to be getting all the goodies and you wonder if you went under tomorrow world anyone notice?

Well, those days are over. Follow these strategies to ensure that your business stays on an even keel, with steadily increasing revenue.

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