Developing Your Leadership Qualities Invites Success

Business education and studies often look at reasons businesses fail. What makes them successful? One of the most important factors is the people. You, the leader, are the most important person in your company. A Gallup Poll between 2013 and 2015 reviewed the reasons people think businesses fail. The most critical element was the leader. Let’s look at five qualities of successful leaders and how to develop them.

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Fearless Financial Mastery: The Courage is the Key

Fearless Financial Mastery: The Courage is the Key

What do you feel or experience when the subject of finances comes up? Fear, anxiety, worry, embarrassment, excitement, peace? Perhaps a combination of all of those in the span of a minute. I completely understand. I’ve been there and so have the women I serve.
The one thing I know for sure: getting the skill to manage money starts with courage. Courage to ask for the sale. Courage to decide this is the last year of financial feast or famine. Courage to be honest about what has been hiding in your heart.

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Courage or Fear, Which Will You Choose?

Courage or Fear, Which Will You Choose?

Retro style image of a rustic wooden sign in an autumn park with the words Courage - Fear offering a choice of reaction and attitude with arrows pointing in opposite directions in a conceptual image.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication, persistence, personal growth, and most of all, courage.

Courage is taking action IN SPITE of fear, something we all have. Fears of success, of failure, of the unknown, of being seen, of not being good enough…the list goes on. We have a choice when faced with fear. We can run, hide and take cover, or we step up, feel the fear, and do it anyway. We can take the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, moving us towards our dreams or we stay in our comfort zone and live an ok life, keeping our dreams just that. Dreams.

One of the most powerful questions to ask yourself when making a choice is, “Is this decision moving me towards my goals?” If your answer is no, ask yourself “why am I holding back? What is my fear? What is the WORST that can happen if I take this risk? If I decide not to take myself forward towards my goal, what could I miss out on?”

You see, most people let their fears control them and never create the life of their dreams. A big difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is courage. Facing the fear and doing it anyway. Stepping out of their comfort zone. Giving it all they’ve got. Doing anything it takes to get there.

So I ask you, where are you holding back? Are your decisions taking you towards your goals? What’s the worst that can happen if you felt the fear and did it anyway?

I challenge you to do ONE thing out of your comfort zone, today, to move you towards a goal. When you do it, CELEBRATE! I would love to hear all about it too, so leave me a comment.

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Do you have the rarest form of courage?

Special PeopleThere is a powerful statement I have heard many times from thought leaders over the years.  Each time I hear it, it stops me in my life tracks like a flashing light at a railroad crossing: “It’s not what we are doing or where we are going that matters.  What matters is who we are becoming.”

That belief is at the center of my own personal philosophy and on some level, the focus of all of my coaching programs and writings.  My manifesto is that our core belief system should require us to have a purpose-driven life.  That means we embrace our unique purpose and live each day as we want tomorrow to be.  We must grow in ways that matter, for ourselves and for others.  Our lives must deliver on our promise, for today and for the future. Continue reading “Do you have the rarest form of courage?”

Lessons from Women in History: The Courage of Others

TIW_Laughman_March 2015_Article 1_CourageWhen facing a challenge, what person’s story pushes you over the last wave of fear? Who inspires you to try, to move, to win?

Everything we face today at some point was harder, perhaps even impossible. But someone did not give up. Someone made it possible. We can stand humbled by others’ stories, or we can honor them by moving ourselves, inspired to action by their stories. The courage of others can become our own.

When I consider this question for myself, there are several people, women in particular that come to mind. But there is one that is very personal. I’m often asked about the name of my company: The Mackenzie Circle and its significance. Let me share with you a story and introduce you to Molly Mackenzie. Continue reading “Lessons from Women in History: The Courage of Others”