Are You Ready…It’s Here…2016–Part 1

What a perfect time to start fresh with your business and personal life.   Now is a good time to start looking at your Sandy stetler picdreams, goals, and ambitions, so that you are where you want to be on December 31, 2016. Do you want to be famous, well-educated, successful, healthier, have a comfortable income, pursue community and spiritual interests, or any of a hundred other wishes?  If you are like me, you have learned that each wish starts with a first step.

Have you listed your 2016 resolutions?   That’s the first step acknowledging the wish or dream and jotting it down.  It seems like such a small step, yet it is really very big.!  Writing it down is the first forward motion toward making that dream a reality.

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Get Down & Dirty and De-clutter!

It’s really hard to get clear on what you want to do with your business if you have lots of “stuff” taking up room in your life. This can range from clutter in your home, office and mind :)

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Top 3 Home-Life Design Tips for Your Home: How to create a happy, healthy home for your kids

A Dirty RoomLiving in a home that gives my heart joy is my daily mission. My home has not always provided me the joy I desired; but please allow me to share with you how I came to understand my passion of a joyful, loving home.

The day I realized my kids were affected by my habitual clutter creation was the day I decided to STOP THE INSANITY and take control of my home for me and my children’s sake. What happened was this; they walked into our living room filled with clothes, books, toys, furniture, people (okay they can’t get rid of us yet), and dust! Oh boy will their drooping faces be imbedded in my mind forever.

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