Living My Life with Ease

lee-richter-print-image-5Living life in gratitude and ease is my goal. I know what it is like to struggle and be in pain. When I survived a near-fatal car accident in 2002, I learned that life is not always easy. I also learned that my mindset creates the experience I live. I’d rather be in abundance and happiness than in victim mode or negativity.

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Have a Booming Business with Ease

Have a Booming Business with Ease

sparkler-677774_1280There are three steps to create your dream life through your business. These three steps will not only help you create a business you love; you may even increase your bottom line ten-fold. Shift from surviving and striving to thriving by building a booming business with ease. Continue reading “Have a Booming Business with Ease”

What if it was all easy?

Do you know a businesswoman who seems to always get in her own way? She gets upset or stressed easily. She seems to always be struggling and she is the first to tell you why something is so difficult to do. Hopefully, the woman you are thinking of is not the one you see in the mirror. There may be days though, when you do feel like your efforts are not coming together and it seems like you take two steps forward and then move three steps back. Everything is better when you look for the ease. Follow these super tips to add more ease to your day, every day:

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Pursue Mastery for Massive Monetization

Laura G pic copyWhen you achieve mastery in your business you will experience ease and excellence consistently throughout your business. This does not mean there will not be challenges, this means that you will do much of what you do seemingly effortlessly, the way an figure skater can jump in the air and spin around three times and make it look so easy, while onlookers gasp with the knowledge of how hard it really is. Here is what I want you to know:

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