Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

1669016When we ask ourselves the question “How will I know when I have enough?” many of us think of all the “stuff” we have. We think of exploding closets and drawers, overstuffed garages or storage units, bathroom cabinets overflowing with bottles and tubes. This month we are going to change the question just a bit to “How will I know when I am doing enough?” When I ask some people, and particularly women, to consider this question, the first thing I hear is a long groan, followed by an emphatic “I AM doing too much NOW!!!” When I ask them how they know this, they again say emphatically things like “I have no time for myself! Not even 5 minutes a day!!” Or “I haven’t been to the gym for 4 months!” Or “I see my very best friends once in a great while, and then we often are too tired to really enjoy our time together.” Or “My partner and I have not done anything by ourselves for months and months. . .maybe longer.” So, it is not that many of us do not know we are trying to do too much, we seemingly do not have any idea what to do about it.

Is that really true? Is it really true that we have no idea what to do about our feelings of being completely overwhelmed with things to do and places to go, or is it that we have not spent any focused time trying to figure out what to do about it? My hunch is that it is the latter for many of us. I believe that most of us do what we really want to do most of the time. Now I know many of you will be disagreeing with this very strongly. But let us take a closer look. Continue reading “Are You Trying to Do Too Much?”

Progress Along the Enough Path

Take a Break words on Road Sign and Stop SignMany of us have realized that the “busyness” of our lives has really gotten to the point of “OK, that’s enough!” This recognition is your Sign of Enough: “That’s IT! Something has to change.” Some of us have decided to walk the path of “enough consciousness.” Daily we are becoming more and more desirous of living a simpler life, of spending more of our precious time with those who matter most to us, of participating in events that have meaning for us and activities that we really enjoy! We are becoming more aware of when we have worked long enough for one day, when we have given enough to others and it’s time to give some attention to ourselves. And if you have not joined us yet, now is a perfect time to make the decision to do so by considering the questions below. Continue reading “Progress Along the Enough Path”