Facebook: A Powerful Tool for Thought Leaders

Many people, including conscious thought leaders and change makers, shy away from Facebook because they experience it as superficial, a waste of time. True, it can be superficial, and it can be used for negative purposes.


Guess what! Facebook can also be used as a powerful force for positive change in the world!


Here are three things you can do to turn your Facebook activities into powerful actions that reflect the thought leader you are!

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Three Powerful Ways to Cultivate Community Through Your Social Media

Cultivating community through your social media begins with building your own online presence. Let’s start with Facebook. To begin, you will want your online presence to reflect a clear, focused message so people can get to know you on both your personal and business pages. Everything you LIKE, share or comment on in some way reflects your message. As you share content that expresses your brand, people who have an interest in what you are up to will gravitate toward you, and your following will begin to grow.

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Grow Your Network Using Facebook

Big group woman. Color vector illustration. EPS8

Facebook is a great place to connect with people you meet in person, whether at networking or social events, or even people you just met on social media. Whenever you meet someone, ask if they would like to stay connected on social media. Send them a “friend request.” Check out their personal profile and business page to see what they are up to. See who their “friends” are. It’s a great way to get to know people, stay connected and deepen relationships.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups

Facebook groupsAccording to digital marketer Zephoria, there are 1.65 billion active monthly Facebook users worldwide, a 15% increase year over year.

To put this in perspective: The world’s population is 7.4 billion people, so if you take out the fake accounts and babies who are too young to have one, approximately 1 in 5 people is on Facebook.

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3 Actions You Can Take on Facebook to Gain Insta-Clients

Entrepreneurship. How do I Start? card with a urban background

Are you struggling with your Social Media?  Technically, you know how to do it but you’re not doing it.

You get ready to post something and you put your cursor on the send button, start to click and then you suddenly find yourself clicking over to someone else’s wall to see what they’ve posted.  You wonder, is what you’re posting similar, different, OK, right, wrong, going to embarrass you or someone else?  Is it something you want out there on the internet forever?  Wow!  That’s an even bigger question!  Well, no wonder you’re struggling, stuck, not doing it!  Wasting time!  Frustrated!

Here are 3 actions you can take on your Social Media with confidence.  You will never have to hesitate or worry that you are doing something wrong or making a mistake.

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Creating Community through Blogging

Creating community through bloggingSocial Media makes building a community so much easier

You can use your blog to build community on Social Media. Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but it is very doable. With social media, it makes building a community so much easier.  All it takes is consistency and sociability.

Now, followers aren’t just the people who read your blog on a regular basis.  They are the people who are interested in you!  You want active participation and interaction. Just start with the comments. After you post your blog on social media, encouraging people to comment on your posts opens the door to interactions that may lead to lasting online relationships.  Pay attention to those comments and reply in a way that is consistent with your post and would set the tone for future comments.

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Social Media–Do you Really CARE?

The missing ingredient to your social media success

You may have heard me say that the internet is a 24/7 networking opportunity.  It offers you a chance to make real, authentic connections on Social Media.  So how’s your Social Media going?  Here are some questions for you to use to evaluate your experience:  When you go to your Facebook profile, do you really have the intention of making an authentic connection?  Or are you on social media just to see who’s doing what? Or are you on social media just to tell everyone what you are up to, to get them to your next event or to buy your product or service? Do you feel like everyone is just putting out their stuff and not caring about yours?  Do you feel invisible?

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Facebook Traffic is a Gold Mine for Advertisers

facebook, marketing, entrepreneurFacebook is controversial. They don’t respect your privacy. They keep fans from reading your content all day long and don’t allow them to see it. They’re doing all they can to force you to pay for ads. Yet, inspire of all that, there’s never been an advertising platform that allows your advertising and marketing to be as highly targeted or effective with such a rich traffic source.

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Hot Tips to Promote Your Women’s Events and Retreats Through Social Media

social media platformsHere is a list of hot tips to promote your women’s workshops, conferences or retreats through social media for more visibility, buzz and derrieres in chairs.

Twitter Hot Tips

  • Create a hashtag for your event that is included in all your pre-event promotion.
  • At the your event put the hashtag on your first slide and tell the room out loud what it is.
  • Share the hashtags with your super VIP attendees and encourage them to use it before, during and after your event.

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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Women’s Events and Retreats

faceBook_redThere are many ways to use Facebook to promote your women’s event or retreat. Having a business page is better than using your personal page and you can use either or both to promote.

Plan Your Marketing
Start talking about your event long before the event itself! If the event has a high price tag, you may need to promote months or even a year ahead of the event. For small events, you’ll still need a 4-6 week lead before your event to get the buzz going and fill your room with ease.

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