The Need To Make Money 24/7

The Need To Make Money 24/7

passive money

Why the need to make money 24/7? There is a misconception that the root of all evil is money.

In reality, money creates options and freedom;

the option to make choices when life hands you the unexpected and the freedom to afford it.

Do you feel excited or stressed when I say, “make money 24/7?”

I would hope it’s excited. If not, let’s look at making a shift. We’re definitely busy sometimes working full time  in and out of the home. However, the key in today’s society is building an income that pays you even when you’re not working. Continue reading “The Need To Make Money 24/7”

Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) Discontinuation FAQs

Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) Discontinuation FAQs

IncomeRut-238x300Are you using Intuit’s IPN payment system with your QuickBooks software to invoice your customers and receive their payments? If so, this service will be discontinued May 31, 2016. Customers will still be able to pay invoices with the pay link until June 30, 2016. Pay link, Ecommerce button, Mobile payments, QR code, and Facebook integration features will be discontinued on June 30, 2016.

Intuit periodically changes or discontinues services, and their FAQs state that the new process is an improved billing solution. Intuit has introduced eInvoicing to replace IPN. If you are currently using IPN with a website or a Mac, you must sign up for QuickBooks online. For information on how to import data into QuickBooks online, go to If using the Windows version, an upgrade to 2016 is necessary. Continue reading “Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) Discontinuation FAQs”

Knowledge Is the New Money

Knowledge Is the New Money

big-money2 knoweldge

What is more important than the dollar? It is the knowledge in how to grow, move or hang onto it during a family, economic or emergency situation.

We are constantly advised through the media and advisors to invest in the market by placing it into deferred plans. None of them are telling you that taxes will go up or about the fees and penalties associated with these plans. We’ve been in an all-time tax low. Our president signed a bill with no cap on the rise of future taxes. The only way to pay for the health care change is from higher taxes.

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How to MAXIMIZE Productivity when Your Office Is at Home. Part 2

How to MAXIMIZE Productivity when Your Office Is at Home. Part 2

Now that you have clarity on why to have an office/business from home, the next step to maximize your productivitytechnolgydelegate is to establish when to push the reset button. What I have found with many of my clients is that once the adrenaline is flowing, it’s hard to stop.

The feeling is great, in the beginning. You’re at “your best,” effortlessly accomplishing your highest revenue-generating activity, usually making calls or coaching, and then you hit a wall. Instead of stopping, you tell yourself you’ll try harder and dig deeper, because you can’t stop. But for productivity, you must stop.  Continue reading “How to MAXIMIZE Productivity when Your Office Is at Home. Part 2”

How to Correct a 1099 After the Original has been Filed

So you knew 1099 forms had to be processed for vendors who met the IRS guidelines and you filed them timely. helpPeriodically, a business finds a mistake after forms were filed which needs to be corrected. What do you do if this happens to you?

If you submitted 1099 forms to the IRS and later discovered a mistake, the following steps are required:

  • Correct it as soon as possible and file Copy A and Form 1096 with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Furnish corrected statements to the recipients

When correcting mistakes, complete all information required based on the type of error:

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Important 1099 Information Part 3

In the last post, I discussed the exceptions to the 1099 rules.  If you missed the post, you can read it hereTo do list

Today I’m going to explain how to properly fill out the forms required by the IRS.  There is a lot of information listed in the IRS instructions that don’t apply to most small businesses, so I’ll leave that out of this post.  If you’d like to see the full instructions, they can be found at

In the Payer’s Name section, include the business name, address and telephone number.  In the Payer’s federal identification number box, include your tax ID number (EIN is format of XX-XXXXXXX, Social Security is format XXX-XX-XXXX).

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Important 1099 Information Part 2

In the last post, I shared some basic information on who is subject to receive form 1099-MISC.  If you missed that Tax forms 1040EZpost, you can find it here.

There are exceptions to the rules listed in the prior post:

  • Generally, payments to a corporation. But see Reportable payments to corporations, below.
  • Payments for merchandise, telegrams, telephone, freight, storage, and similar items.
  • Payments of rent to real estate agents. But the real estate agent must use Form 1099-MISC to report the rent paid over to the property owner.
  • Wages paid to employees (These are reported on Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement).

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Important 1099 Information Part 1

As business owners, we are required to file 1099 forms for vendors we’ve paid if the purchases and those who have taxesbeen paid fall into certain categories.  These forms are due to the recipient by January 31, and to the IRS by February 29 (if filing paper documents) and March 31 if e-filing.

Many entrepreneurs are confused to whom to send forms, so this post will give information which will help you determine which vendors need to have the 1099-MISC form issued to them.

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Where did I put that?

Woman Searching For Something In DrawersYou know the moment I’m talking about. You had it and you put it somewhere. Now if you could just remember where, you could get it back. You really need to find it. But it seems the harder you try, the more elusive it gets. Perhaps it’s your car keys, your glasses, a book, a bill, a favorite shirt. You had it and now you cannot find it. It can be frustrating, even a little maddening.
But perhaps it’s something more. Perhaps it’s your money, your time, your health, your friends, other things of value that seem to be slipping from your grasp and you’re struggling to better manage and keep up with them. You know it was there, but where did it go? Where did you lose it? Continue reading “Where did I put that?”