Tips to Show Your Bookkeeper You Love Them Part 1

office-620822_1280I recently read as blog post by Melanie Power who is the Director – Power Finance and Head of Bookkeeping at the online bookkeeping software company, Xero. In her article, she discussed 6 tips on how to work well with your bookkeeper and let them know you appreciate them. Here is what she had to say: Continue reading “Tips to Show Your Bookkeeper You Love Them Part 1”

Take the money and run… to a female financial planner

Did you know that women now control over 50% of the private wealth and investable assets in this country? As women business owners and entrepreneurs, I hope your achievements can be included in this figure or that you are well on your way and enjoying the journey that accumulating wealth and  achieving financial freedom and business success brings to you and your family.

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