Power Decision Making

Power Decision MakingMaking decisions can be difficult, stress inducing and create a sense of insecurity. Even the most confident individuals may occasionally suffer from a brief bout of decidophobia: the fear of making serious decisions.

When we fear something or are not sure whether or not to do something and we do nothing- put off making a decision or taking any action we are being passive and letting the passage of time make our decision for us.

Indecision is a silent enemy that steals many opportunities from us. You cannot decide what to say to a friend who has lost a relative – so you say nothing, loosing the opportunity to provide support to your friend in need. You put off deciding if you can afford to go to a conference, leave the information on your desk and by the next time you pick it up the event has already passed. Your lack of decision making means you miss an opportunity to meet with your colleagues and learn about your industry.

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