How Do We Create Wealth?

How do we create wealth in today’s society?

Do you ever wonder how the rich get richer?

It is a very uncomfortable topic. Most people do not understand the concept of the vehicle that can work for anyone, not just the rich. This may be a surprise to you.

It’s called CASH VALUE LIFE INSURANCE!  You can deny it all you want but it is a fact. Just ask Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ben Bernanke. Buffett put a billion and a half dollar policy into the Gates Foundation and nearly doubled his money, tax-free.

The media makes it look like it’s just a contribution of wealth to the Gates Foundation; however, this is how wealth breeds wealth in simple terms.

Not to fret. Most of us are under-educated in just how a plan like that works only because it’s not generally taught to us. While it is important to have a variety of investment type vehicles, why not utilize a plan that can give you growth, reduce your future taxes and allow you to use your money for the rest of your life? There is more. It gives you Liquidity and you can leave money tax-free to your family, charity or business.

Fact or Fiction:

Did you know insurance is one of the SAFEST places you can put your money?

Fact! If the government fails, insurance companies will still survive.

We are taught to put our money in the most volatile of situations including government plans or, even an extremely low growth plan like a cd, short-term bond, money market or bank account.

 Living in the “When I Have More” and “I Can’t Afford To” mentality doesn’t work. We actually CAN create a better future for ourselves financially. I’m here to help. Are you ready? Join me at

How To Avoid Money Traps with Mimi Quick (Episode #3)



Today on the show I have Mimi Quick and we talk about the 4 soul sucking Money Traps every female entrepreneur must be aware of and how to avoid them so you can make money rather than being stuck, broke, and wishing you were someone else in your business!

Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • Define and discuss the 4 money traps.
  • How to by pass the soul sucking Money Traps that keep you stuck.
  • How you can begin to create a good relationship with money in business by being all YOU.
  • The best way to climb out of a money trap.

About Mimi Quick

Mimi Quick is known as the Prosperity Muse and psychic business coach for female entrepreneurs who are ready to merge and integrate all they have learned into one BIG beautiful profitable business under one roof. She is the creator of Letting Go to Make Money Flow, Evolve Your Energy In Business Aligned Success System and Spiritual Business Institute. Mimi helps spirited women clear out inner and outer stuck points around marketing, money, mission and magic.

Mimi has personally merged and integrated her talents of teaching, her proven energy shifting processes, natural psychic insight that she was born with, and her extensive professional business leadership skills and award winning marketing strategies to help you have a quantum leap into building a successful 6 figure business as a unique healer or coach!

Mimi’s clients shift quickly into their ideal businesses happily earning high 4 to 5 figure sales and 6 figure incomes with grace and ease.

She sees your higher self and will awaken, inspire, empower and mentor you into your next level so you can show up as the best version of yourself and have a business brand, programs and even a sales process that is in alignment with who you really are!

What Lies Underneath Matters

What Lies Underneath Matters

What Lies Underneath MattersYou are here to make a difference on this Planet, or you wouldn’t be receiving and reading this article.

And yet, you are not making the money you need and want in your business.  Even though you’ve learned about all the great technology available to support you, the marketing strategies to use, and are very good at what you do.

Here’s the thing.  All the knowledge in the world isn’t going to help if your beliefs about money are holding you back. They will stop you and sabotage you in ways that you won’t even recognize to keep you from moving forward.

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