Top 10 Networking Tips

Low angle view of two business executives shaking handsIn addition to being a business and real estate attorney, I am a Director/Consultant and Ambassador for Business Network International (BNI), a global business networking organization in 70 countries around the world.  Started by Dr. Ivan Misner in 1985, Dr. Misner identifies the top 10 traits of master networkers, which I have used in my law practice, and which work for small and large business owners, such as yourself.  Here are ten things that will make you more effective at networking and bringing in clients as a result of that networking.

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Network for Success

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Summer parties make great networking opportunities. Relaxed and festive, they’re ideal for stepping forward and shining.

Identify people you’d like to meet. Find out about them in advance. Use this information to break the ice and make authentic connections. Don’t whip out your product, sales pitch or brochure. Create bonds and build trust, paving the way for solid relationships.
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The Importance of Networking

Diana Morgan Jan pic2As much as we may not like it, we all need to network in order to grow our business and become more effective sales professionals. When you take the time to grow your network and nurture it, you will be rewarded with a wealth of opportunities to hear about leads and prospective clients. Those who are in your network are more likely to recommend you to others, because they have a personal connection with you. If you find networking difficult, I have put together some helpful tips that will turn you into a networking pro in no time.

While you may be intimidated at the thought of having to meet new people and connect with them, you may want to start with people you already know. One of the best ways to reconnect with previous clients and find new leads is through social media. We all know how popular social media has become, it has become even more popular among sales professionals. It is one of the most effective and easiest ways to start building your network.

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Grow Your Prospect List with These Five Easy Ideas

One of the toughest steps in growing your revenue is finding new customers. It is the single hardest step for many. Yet, new dreamstime_xs_30265982customer acquisition can make or break your business. It may be the most important element to your success as a business owner or sales professional. The challenge is finding prospects. This article addresses a few ideas to building a long-term list.

First, let’s get it out of the way… the cold call. This is not a long-term strategy, it is a short term technique. Many rely on the cold call to fill their funnels and it can be a good way to build your list. There are few people who are great at establishing relationships and rapport on the phone and in email, but the cold call is not for everyone. It can be a big time waster if you do not warm up the call first. The focus here is to warm up prospects or get them to call you.  There are several ways to do that using the giving first principle.

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The Internet; 24/7 Networking Event

The internet is a 24/7 networking opportunity, with thousands of places to play. My question for you is how do youDiana Morgan Jan pic2 show up on the internet?  Do you show up as the same person you are at an in-person event?  Let me give you an example.  When you go to a networking event, you put on your “business” clothes, maybe you do some positive affirmations about meeting new people, putting your best foot forward, bringing positive energy.   You grab your business cards and your off to the event.  Hopefully you bring your “A game.”

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Why Are Sales Harder For Some than Others

black happy woman on phone6153704_sWhen it comes to sales, it can be one of the most intimidating and difficult aspects of business. While some people may struggle with the art of making the sale, others seem to be able to sell anything to anyone. In order to help those who struggle with sales increase their confidence and knowledge about sales, I have put together some helpful tips. Continue reading “Why Are Sales Harder For Some than Others”

3 ways to get the most out of an event

cropped woman with clipboardIt’s a common trend.

Show of hands: How many of you have attended a speaking engagement, workshop, or conference, taken copious notes of all the great information you learned, and then when you returned home, shoved the notebook on a shelf, which is not opened until months or years later, when you’re cleaning your office?

I recently attended the 6th annual Success Summit and Expo in Los Angeles. It is produced by Today’s Innovative Woman magazine, of which I am a featured expert and City Director for the Rochester, NY digital edition. Apparently implementation is a common problem because when one of the speakers asked that question, just about everyone in the audience raised their hands. Continue reading “3 ways to get the most out of an event”

Startup Diaries: 6 Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

Advertise Starting a new business takes guts and ambition. It means you, as a business owner, have something you believe is of value of others. It also means that you need to market these products and services in order to draw your target market. However, it does not have to mean spending a lot of money in order to reach your goals. Here are seven reasonable and fun ways I have found that work, when it comes to getting the word out, without hurting my bottom-line. Continue reading “Startup Diaries: 6 Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Small Business”

Your Quickest Path to a Full Client Base

business-people-shaking-hands-150x150There are so many ways for you to market your business, some of your favorites might be social networking, doing videos, or blogging, and any of these may bring you some clients. What I want you to be clear about is that the shortest and most certain path between you and a full client base is referrals, networking and speaking. It’s a three-part winning strategy that has worked for all of my clients and myself, time and again.

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The Power of One Day to Create Your Best Business

The Power of One DayAs I speak to different groups I hear what makes a difference in people’s lives—how one conversation, one sentence, one meeting, one phone call, one radio program can put an idea in someone’s head that sticks there and won’t leave until action is taken and things become new. There is great power in one single day and rarely do we know which day it will be.

Susan recently told me, a few years back, her boss told her to do some business writing. This request caused her to fear for her job, instead of letting her fear and feelings of inadequacy win, she took action and signed up for a nonfiction writing class at her community college. After only the first meeting of the class she went back to work and wrote a case study for her employer that ended up running in the Harvard Business Review. Today Susan is a sought-after freelance business writer.

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