Resilience: What does it really take?

Resilience: What does it really take?

ResilienceWe all have aspirations for something.

Even if we haven’t translated it yet into a specific goal, there’s something we want more of, less of or different.

It is the ultimate dichotomy I think of our humanness: We resist change and yet change is what we crave.

The underlying conflict in this seems to be that we want the change we want and nothing else.

We do not want to have to put change to work; we only want change that works for us. And we believe we are the best judge of what that might be.

But the best change quite often masquerades as something else, something perhaps we don’t recognize for its true potential.

That’s the essence of resilience. Being able to recognize opportunity in whatever comes our way. Once we’ve made the decision for what we want, then everything gets put to work to accomplish that. It’s one of the principal lessons I learned from Napoleon Hill’s work, Think and Grow Rich. The decision begins everything. Without a decision, there is no touchstone.

What does it really take then to go from decision to done? What does resilience need in order to work? From studying those that are repeatedly successful it would appear that there are three things that happen with resilience.

First is that everything becomes a resource and gets put to work. You see things differently. You see them through the lens of possibility. You become resourceful instead of just waiting on resources.

Second is a steadfast sense of resolve. Jim Rohn tells the story of a young girl that when asked to define resolve explained that it was a promise you make to yourself. When things go awry, as we know they will, it is our resolve that keeps us on track and moving forward.

The third element is not just what we get in the end, it’s what we continuously produce and that is results. Results are the most effective way to light our path. They show us which direction is working. They guide us along the way. That is why we have to measure from the first step, so we can harness the power of those results, adjusting our sails as we go.

What it really takes is not just one thing, in fact it’s really not a thing at all. When you think about it, what it takes is us. We make the decision, we become resourceful, we resolve to persevere and we follow the best results until we get there.

What is it you want? Decide. Start there. Let it begin.

Live (decide) today like you want tomorrow to be. Live (decide) well.

Loving Productivity

Loving Productivity

Everyone wants to be productive, they want to get things done and feel good that they accomplished something – My To-Do ListRight? Creating opportunities to be productive are all around us and yet we don’t take advantage of them most of the time.

Productivity is a very achievable goal EVERYDAY, if you truly desire to be. Over the last few years I’ve discovered something about many of us including myself – We all LOVE that feeling when we’ve been productive. The challenge that we all face is that we do the same thing we do in so many other areas of our lives and that’s too compare ourselves to someone else.

Productivity and what motivates us to be productive is unique to each individual. Comparing ourselves to someone else’s completion of their to-do list only creates unrealistic expectations because our environments and circumstances are different. Continue reading “Loving Productivity”

Are You Ready…It’s Here…2016–Part 1

Are You Ready…It’s Here…2016–Part 1

What a perfect time to start fresh with your business and personal life.   Now is a good time to start looking at your Sandy stetler picdreams, goals, and ambitions, so that you are where you want to be on December 31, 2016. Do you want to be famous, well-educated, successful, healthier, have a comfortable income, pursue community and spiritual interests, or any of a hundred other wishes?  If you are like me, you have learned that each wish starts with a first step.

Have you listed your 2016 resolutions?   That’s the first step acknowledging the wish or dream and jotting it down.  It seems like such a small step, yet it is really very big.!  Writing it down is the first forward motion toward making that dream a reality.

Continue reading “Are You Ready…It’s Here…2016–Part 1”

Sizzling Synchronicities Along Your Path of Success

SynchronicitiesRead the following statements and rate yourself from 1 to 10 with 1 being “hardly ever” and 10 being “an emphatic YES”.

  1. You are today’s innovative woman and as such you do things differently.
  2. You enjoy magical encounters every day.
  3. Your inspired action steps come from deep within.
  4. You know that success is an inside-out job.
  5. You let your inner brilliance shine in the world.

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Why You Need To Implement the IDEA Concept into Your Business

When it comes to running a successful business, or simply making more sales, the IDEA concept can help. When you implement the IDEA formula into your business, you will soon notice that you have a better understanding of how you can make more sales and connect with each one of your customers. To help you better understand the concept, I will explain each element. Continue reading “Why You Need To Implement the IDEA Concept into Your Business”

Bringing the virtual world home…

Our lives are enriched everyday by people we have never met in person.  Whether through on-line classrooms, forums, social media or just by reading the stories of incredible people leading extraordinary lives, the influence of the stranger has never been greater.

What a wonderful time we live in and how fortunate we are to have all of these marvelous tools at our fingertips!  But as with anything, the strategy we employ and the integrity we maintain will be the key factors in making certain that all of these wonders of technology are being used to an effective end and purpose.

When we have the opportunity to bridge that virtual space and bring that virtual world into our physical realm, there can be both excitement and a bit of trepidation. Continue reading “Bringing the virtual world home…”

3 Responses to Greener Grass

An essential component of a personal development plan is surveying the our “lifescape” looking for growth opportunities.  We scan to find value we can integrate into our personal strategies and model for others.

But the truth is that most of us are doing this even apart from any strategy for personal growth, especially today. It can be difficult to avoid what is around us when information is pushed at us from every direction using every available media and means. That makes it a challenge not to fall into a comparison trap for everything we see. Continue reading “3 Responses to Greener Grass”