Developing Your Leadership Qualities Invites Success

Business education and studies often look at reasons businesses fail. What makes them successful? One of the most important factors is the people. You, the leader, are the most important person in your company. A Gallup Poll between 2013 and 2015 reviewed the reasons people think businesses fail. The most critical element was the leader. Let’s look at five qualities of successful leaders and how to develop them.

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You Forgot To Teach Me How To Run a Business!

Entrepreneur, how to run a businessYou started a business because you have a passion and a message that inspired you to action. That’s likely what you want to concentrate on and where you want to spend most of your time. But the surprise that you got is that you have to know how to run a business. It’s the part of being an entrepreneur that most people like the least.

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Get Gutsy: Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream (Episode #68)

Get Gutsy: Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream (Episode #68)


My guest today is Jenny Fenig and are discussing how you can, Get Gutsy: Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream.

Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • 011215 Jenny Fenig HeadshotLearn how Jenny leveraged messages and messengers to get the courage to reinvent herself from burned-out corporate gal to yogi to spirit-driven entrepreneur … and how you can make giant leaps to design your ideal life and business
  • Use personal loss, grief and pivot point moments as fuel to find your calling and live your big WHY
  • Decipher between the Inner Critic and the Inner Voice as you use step into your power, spread your message and heal the world
  • Ensure your foundation is solid to achieve sustainable success (this is where most women fall down!)
  • Harness your energy for high-value projects that will boost your impact, income and fun factor

About Jenny Fenig

Jenny Fenig is a spirited woman, wife, mom, yogi, author, adventurer, and award-winning entrepreneur. After spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder as a communications executive and event producer in New York City, Jenny burned out and quit her high-pressure, six-figure job to become a yoga teacher and figure out how she could rebuild her life from the ground up with freedom and faith as her foundation.

The corporate refugee discovered the fields of coaching and online business and immediately knew she found her soul’s calling. Through her courses, events, coaching programs, and bestselling book “Get Gutsy,” Jenny teaches spirit-driven female visionaries how to reach more, make more and play more. She lives in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts with her husband and three children.

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What is required to be a successful woman entrepreneur? Hernan Cortez, was a Spanish conquistador who in burned the ships that brought his 600 men to the shores of Mexico for battle. He did not want them to have any retreat and to fight as such. I see it all the time, women who are “in” business but not “all in” business. They are still considering retreat. This is like having a conversation at a party with someone who is looking past you to see if someone more interesting is around. You can tell they are not fully engaged in the situation they are in.

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Reignite Your Passion and Make Your Business THRIVE

Reignite Your Passion and Make Your Business THRIVE

happy young woman is jumpingAre you energized to get into your day when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you living you best possible life? If not, it might be time to light a fire and reignite your passion.

Every day, every moment you have a choice, a choice to be passionate or ambivalent in your life. You are responsible for making sure you are served up a full helping of passion in life. Only you can figure out what you are passionate about and only you can decide what will reignite it.

When you are passionate about your life problems are seen as possibilities, obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. The only thing standing between you and a life filled with overflowing passion is you.

To lead a lifestyle of passionate living read on:

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Are You a Flicker or a Flame?

Are You a Flicker or a Flame?

Kimber BritnerWe each carry a flame that we either feed or let die out. So when I found myself trudging through life as a whimpering, gasping flicker, without a breeze fanning my embers and no wind beneath my wings, I knew it was time for deliberate measures.

After being widowed at thirty-six, I tackled the daunting task of finding new inspiration in my life, while raising four small children from the ages of two through nine alone. That’s when I made the heavenly 911 call for a little CPR that breathed life back into the dry places and led me on a journey to a passionate, joy filled life. Through this process I became an expert in the art of innovation, repurposing my life and making inspired living a life style. Now I help other women connect to the inspiration to do the same. Read the rest of Kimber’s inspiring story!