What Word Do You See?

Success-FailureOne of my favorite thoughts about perspective comes from French novelist Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in making new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

Wayne Dyer says it this way: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” What I love about this truth is that it is both philosophical and practical. Continue reading “What Word Do You See?”

Word Swap: A better question to ask!

"WHAT?" Key on Keyboard (questions explanation help support how)Sometimes changing one word in a question is all it takes to change everything. A single word is the pivot point of the perspective. In most cases, changing our perspective is all that is needed to change our life. Let’s test that out!

Here is a very simple (and perhaps familiar!) question:

How can I get out of this?  Can you sense the panic? The desperation? Have you been there?

Now let’s look at the first word of the question and replace it and see what happens. Continue reading “Word Swap: A better question to ask!”

Are you a possibilitarian? Would you like to be?

Find A Way Or Make One ConceptMy first introduction to the term possibilitarian came from Norman Vincent Peale in his book The Power of Positive Thinking. The concept however was introduced much earlier in my life. In fact, I don’t remember a time when it hasn’t been a part of how my world view was influenced and developed. My heritage is filled with stories of people that were each a possibilitarian in their own lives, inspiring each generation to follow to the same. I believe that outside of my spiritual heritage, that has been the greatest gift I have received. Continue reading “Are you a possibilitarian? Would you like to be?”

How SMART are your S.M.A.R.T. Goals?

As we come to the close of one year and move into the next, the topic of goals is one that we either lament or celebrate. When the thought of goals is not something that puts a spark in your day it is usually because of one of these two reasons:

  • You are very unhappy with your performance to goals for the past year; or,
  • The goals you believe you need to set seem overwhelming from the onset.

We’ve each experienced one of these responses to the topic of goals. And yet, without question, high achievers all have clear and written goals. Since we all aspire to be a part of that group, it serves us to learn how to set goals in a way that we set ourselves up from the beginning to successfully attain them. Continue reading “How SMART are your S.M.A.R.T. Goals?”

3 Responses to Greener Grass

An essential component of a personal development plan is surveying the our “lifescape” looking for growth opportunities.  We scan to find value we can integrate into our personal strategies and model for others.

But the truth is that most of us are doing this even apart from any strategy for personal growth, especially today. It can be difficult to avoid what is around us when information is pushed at us from every direction using every available media and means. That makes it a challenge not to fall into a comparison trap for everything we see. Continue reading “3 Responses to Greener Grass”

Cleaning up our view: 3 Reasons We Need to Clear the Window

When we’re looking for a breakthrough in our lives, quite often we find that the magic moment isn’t generated by getting something NEW.  Instead, the breakthrough happens more often based on getting to a place where we are willing to let go of something OLD.   That could be a belief about ourselves or others; negative emotions like guilt, blame, resentment or anger; or any other practice or influence within our daily life that is preventing us from moving forward.

Being stubborn about holding on to something that isn’t serving us may not be something we readily recognize in ourselves.  All too often we feel justified in our beliefs and feelings without even recognizing their cost.  If you think in terms of our personal perspectives as the window through which we see everything in our world it can get easier to see how hanging on is distorting our view. Continue reading “Cleaning up our view: 3 Reasons We Need to Clear the Window”

Life Lessons From A Restored Photograph

Old photosLife lessons are all around us. We only have to look and be willing to see. I remember as a girl spending time working picture puzzles.  Find the hidden pieces. What is wrong with this picture? Find the differences in these pictures. And so on.  My analyst genes were already showing and these were some of my favorite games to play.  I loved searching to find and studying to analyze.  Even as a young girl.

That early interest stayed with me and is now part of my core strengths. Working with business data for many years and being able to see the story it told and then use that information to once again “find the hidden pieces”, determine “what’s wrong with this picture” and even see differences and find best practices and other fundamentals remained some of my favorite games to play. Continue reading “Life Lessons From A Restored Photograph”

What Flavor is Your Fear?

Recently I experienced a situation where fear was an unexpected partner in the dance. Not in an obvious way, but definitely present. I doubt that anyone involved (including me) recognized at the onset that fear was part of the situation. That troubled me because we will not change what we cannot see. And we won’t see what we are afraid to see. There it is – FEAR. To be successful in our lives, one of the core things we must develop is a healthy relationship with fear. Why? Because fear cannot be avoided. It can however be a positive energy, a partner for change.  But before that can happen, we need to engage fear as our ally.

Continue reading “What Flavor is Your Fear?”

3 Keys to Living Your Ultimate Life

Satisfaction, Ultimate LifeMultiple studies have shown that over 50% of people no longer find satisfaction in their life or work. In fact, they are becoming increasingly unhappy. While specific reasons vary, they generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. They no longer feel like a meaningful contributor;
  2. They are no longer comfortable taking risks;
  3. They did not plan to be where they are at this point in their life.

What about you?  On a scale of 1 to 10 – where is your life-work satisfaction meter registering?  If you are in that 50% that is dissatisfied, it is time for you to look more closely at your situation and determine what steps you can take to reclaim satisfaction in your life and work. Continue reading “3 Keys to Living Your Ultimate Life”

Retreat, Revisit, Realign

AuditoriumWhen I think of the word retreat I have a few things that come to mind. I imagine this little turtle that pokes his head out of his shell, then decides the world is too scary and he heads back inside his protective shell. Or the opposite image of being at a place where everyone meditates all day and they take away my phone and computer when I get there. Neither of these images sound very appealing to me, mainly the idea of giving up my phone and computer for any lengthy period of time frightens me. Until the last couple of years as a business owner did I really come to understand what a retreat is and why it is so essential to every entrepreneur and the growth of their business.

Continue reading “Retreat, Revisit, Realign”