Create Impactful Relationships for Massive Success

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Unless you are a hermit, everything in business and life is about relationships. So gaining mastery in building amazing, impactful relationships is the key to success.

Here are the five keys to creating impactful relationships in every area of your life:

  1. Focus on the Other. Seek to serve and support instead of putting yourself first, thinking about ‘What’s in it for me?’ Give unconditionally and the rest will follow. When others feel seen, heard, ‘gotten,’ acknowledged and loved, you will truly be a powerful contributor in their lives.
  2. Be Interested. Ask questions instead of talking talk about yourself. This is so simple, yet so powerful. All it takes is to be genuinely interested, and people will open up right away.
  3. Listen. Instead of waiting to speak, listen openly. This will immediately put people at ease and build trust, which is one of the most important elements in great relationships.
  4. Keep Your Heart Open. Relationships are living organisms. This is so easy to forget, especially with long-term relationships. Like flowers, they need nurturing and tender loving care to blossom.
  5. Be Intentional. While you can’t actually ‘make’ anyone feel anything, you can be intentional in how you want to make people feel-and then be and do what it takes to create those ideal relationships.

Think about the relationships in your life. How are they going? Are they ideal in every way or are there some gaps between where they are and the ideal? If so, think about how you could be different and what you could do differently to create great relationships. Use these keys to take a baby step and then another, and watch what happens!

Cultivate Your Community, Catapult Your Impact

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.”

-Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s quote is vital to carry in your heart at all times, whether you are already leading your own community, thinking of doing so, or you are an important member of one.

Community is all about relationships. In a successful community, there is something that transcends the training. It is the people who share the journey together in meaningful ways.

How do you create a successful community? Here are the top five keys:

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Your Changing Nest: Are you ready for what’s next?

Your Changing Nest: Are you ready for what’s next?

Change is a part of life. We all know that. But do we champion change and actively put it to work in our lives? Sometimes we can be so busy responding to the many changes outside of our control that we lose sight of how strategic change can actually be.

Empty NestIn thinking about a practical example for this, I thought about where change can be the most disruptive, especially for women. One place that is true is our “nest”. Whether those changes are planned and even celebrated does not mean they are not disruptive in ways we didn’t count on or struggle with as we move forward in our lives. Our changing nest – and for what we’ll be talking about here, our empty nest.

Our children growing up: heading to college, moving away, getting married. It doesn’t matter who you are – this can be a very unsettling time. Our whole lives can seem to shift. No matter how much we’re celebrating, within that change there can still be a sense of loss.

Let’s talk about why that might be and break it down. I call it the 3 R’s of our nest dynamic:

Relationships – Responsibilities – Resources

In my own life I can see this so clearly in hindsight (that rearview mirror!). There is a relationship dynamic that definitely shifts. Our children are always our children, no matter how old they are. But they become someone else as well. They become another adult, even in some ways, a peer. That relationship can bring a very different energy.

When we think about responsibilities, quite often we’re really talking about purpose. We’re so used to living our daily life at every level based on being responsible for their daily life. When that responsibility shifts, it can bring with it a loss of purpose. What will we do with ourselves?

And those resources! Our time, money and energy! When the priorities begin to shift, we often fail to recognize that how we leverage these resources also needs to shift.

It is here where we begin to learn and embrace the POWER of Permission, Perspective and Possibilities. Every change is an ending and a beginning. Every time our life progresses to a new season it brings the ending of something we know so that we can replace it with possibilities that were not there before. Think about this in terms of actual seasons. We can’t have winter and summer at the same time in the same place. And there are things that are unique to each of them. So it is true in our lives.

The truth is though that we may not want a season to end and that can be our first hurdle. To get through to the point of permission, perspective and possibility we have to first allow ourselves to grieve for what is left behind. How we do that is as individual as our fingerprints. But it is essential. The most effective approach for this is quite simple: Gratitude. Once we commit to seeing everything through the lens of grace it becomes much easier to live from a point of gratitude. This isn’t just a platitude and I also don’t think it’s valid to say that we have to be grateful for everything. It’s not realistic. But we can always be grateful for something. And that’s the difference. Focus on what we can be grateful for and the rest becomes much easier to carry.

There are also some other very practical things that we can do that will help us re-feather our nest we will cover in part two of our discussion. I’ve come to think of them as life practices or personal strategies. What makes them powerful is the fact that they are a part of our everyday life.

The key question is always this: What does this make possible? That is the essence of resilience and how we move with grace to what we create next in and with our lives.

Live (change) today like you want tomorrow to be. Live (change) well!

BIS Smart Tip

BIS Smart Tip

Benita Digital article 4 graphicWhen I started my business, there was very little help was available for small businesses in my industry. I learned a lot on my own. I want to help you avoid the many mistakes I made. With these simple tips and tools, you can create a thriving business to be proud of, maintain a loyal team, gain longevity, boost company cultural morale and lead well.

BE PRESENT! In any industry, it’s vital that YOU, as a leader, are present! It is not enough to be present in ownership and title, and to occasionally be there physically. To be effective, you must lead by example physically, mentally and socially, and to be emotionally invested in your industry. It’s difficult to lead your team without mutual trust, loyalty or respect, and you can only gain these by building strong relationships within the company. Continue reading “BIS Smart Tip”

The many returns of the day, Part 3- What is your ROR?

The many returns of the day, Part 3- What is your ROR?

RORWelcome back to our series where we are talking about how we achieve a good rate of return on our investments outside of invested cash. We are exploring the idea that where our money goes in and of itself is not really the indicator of what our future is going to look like.

Our priorities and choices in every part of our life are a factor.

In part 3, we’re talking about ROR or Return on Relationships. Are you a strategic in your relationships? Remember that being strategic is simply beginning with the end in mind. We all have relationships. It’s our perspective about their value and our respective roles in them where we begin to understand the idea of return when it comes to relationships. Continue reading “The many returns of the day, Part 3- What is your ROR?”

Increase Your Presence, Create Powerful Relationships

Part 2 of 6…

Are you great at getting out there and going to events, yet not quite connecting with people or getting noticed?  If so Andrea woolf Jan pic2the first place to look at is YOU, since you are the common denominator and the star of your show.

The good news is that, with just a few slight tweaks to how you are showing up in your business and personal life, it is absolutely possible to create very different results.

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The many returns of the day: What investments do you measure?

The many returns of the day: What investments do you measure?

GrowthIn our businesses we talk about achieving a good rate of return on investment or ROI.

We want to know that where we are investing our resources is providing us an adequate, even above average return.

We consider risk and reward as a part of this and most likely will not invest where the potential ROI (reward) doesn’t align to what we want to achieve.

It is about our priorities and choices.

All too often we limit these expectations (and conscious decisions) to where we are investing our money. We equate the idea of investment to what we are spending in terms of cash. This extends into our personal lives as well.

The reality is that for most of us, where our money is spent is not in fact the best place to focus for determining if we are getting our highest returns. There are at least three other areas of investment where when handled strategically and with a clear intention we can exponentially grow ourselves and our businesses at a much higher rate. Continue reading “The many returns of the day: What investments do you measure?”

Boost Your Business by Having a Great Relationship (Episode #73)

Boost Your Business by Having a Great Relationship (Episode #73)


My guest is Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. and we are talking about how you can, Boost Your Business by Having a Great Relationship.

Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • 041315_Dr. Janelle Alex_HeadshotThe better your romantic relationship is the more successful you will be in business/work.
  • Happier relationships create better problem solvers.Letting go of the need to be right and letting go of the need to make another wrong offers you opportunities for new ideas.
  • Integrating your work life and your personal life fluidly will make you happier on the whole as an individual and as part of a couple.

About Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

As a Relationship Expert, Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. uses a blend of body consciousness, spiritual psychology, transpersonal counseling, archetypes, animal energy and spiritual connection. She has spent the past 25 years helping others connect to their creative energy – their life force energy. She shows women and couples how to integrate unique, yet practical, spiritual tools to traverse the journey of their relationship and how to direct their sexual energy (creative energy), so that they can deepen their relationships, boost their businesses and fulfill their life’s dreams.

Mindful Romance

Romance, Pure Romance, Relationships, sex, womenAre you winning in the romance department? Is your relationship with your partner mediocre? How about your sexual relationship? Would you say ‘it’s just okay’, or is it sizzling? Single, married, in a long-term relationship- this is for all of us. Romance is an attitude. Master the art and enjoy the process.

As we know, men and women have many differences. The difference I’m here to discuss is:
Men want sex-Women want romance.

Men are not complex when it comes to sex. The wind blows the right way and they are ready to go at a moments notice. The hormone responsible for sexual arousal is testosterone. We know that men have plenty of testosterone but did you know it’s 20 times more than women? Continue reading “Mindful Romance”

Learn What Men Are Thinking When It Comes To Love Sex and Commitment (Episode #66)

Learn What Men Are Thinking When It Comes To Love Sex and Commitment (Episode #66)


With me on the show is Jonathon Aslay and our topic today is, Learn What Men Are Thinking When It Comes To Love Sex and Commitment.

During this call we will discuss:

  • 022315 Jonathon HeadshotAre men really commitment phobic? Learn the truth.
  • Why do men pull away when the relationship goes deeper?
  • Can men ever be as emotionally available as women?
  • Do men want something more than sex during the early stages of dating?

About Jonathon Aslay

Known as America’s Leading Midlife Dating & Relationship Coach, Jonathon Aslay is a defender and protector of women’s hearts around the world.  He helps women transform from attracting Mr. Wrong into finding their Mr. Right.

Jonathon, a successful entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and author of  Unlocking the Male MindFinding Love Online and Why Men Pull Away: 3 Ways to Keep Him Close.

Jonathon is like A GUY SPY to the male mind who truly understands the way a single or divorced man thinks and acts.  He’s a master at helping women recognize and distinguish the difference between men who are emotionally unavailable from those who are truly ready for love.