Do you have a reservation? The Two Minute Save!

beautifully set table is reserved for guests of the restaurantThere were going to be eight of us for dinner at 7:00 on a Saturday evening.

We were traveling in from different parts of the city. That called for some coordination.

The meeting held importance for us and so the particulars of where and when had an elevated consequence.

We could easily have just decided to meet and hope for a table to be available or wait for one. Yes, that was an option. The better option though was to confer with the restaurant and let them know that there would be a party of eight there at 7:00 PM and confirm they would be able to accommodate us.

They could. So as we each arrived we were able to be seated straight away. No waiting. No rushing about by staff figuring out where to put eight people in a crowded restaurant on a busy Saturday evening.

The entire process took less than two minutes. But the time and stress it saved for everyone involved cannot even be fully measured. Continue reading “Do you have a reservation? The Two Minute Save!”

The 15 Minute Diet

The 15 Minute Diet

Bibi-15-MinI recently had the pleasure of working with a client who wanted some help with organization, let’s call her “Mary”. Mary had tried everything to get organized, she hired professional organizers, read books, had friends come help her purge, but all the stuff would just eventually end up back to the way it was. She was very frustrated.

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Freelancing: Organize Yourself; Optimize Your Income

Freelancing: Organize Yourself; Optimize Your Income

You have finally sat down and done the work to become a full-time freelancer. You built a website; you figured out your pricing, created an order form and some business cards and have some basic advertising done. NowWoman at Computer you just have to wait for the orders to come in and you’ll be rolling in the dough. Predictably, that is probably not the case; here’s why.

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