22 Reasons I’m Thankful

It’s that time of year again where we wax poetic about all the reasons we’re thankful. Check out your Facebook newsfeed and it’s like a gratitude love fest. Instead of acting like it’s a big deal to be thankful now, I’m proposing that we build the concept into our daily plan of living and do it all year round. Continue reading “22 Reasons I’m Thankful”

Innovative Woman Robin Taney

Innovative Woman, Studio 4PRMeet Innovative Woman Robin Taney, founder of Studio 4 PR public relations firm, and a finalist for the Innovative Women In Business Award! 

How/why did you begin your business?
One of the main reasons I started my business was that my husband and I adopted a foster child we had taken custody of – an adorable little boy with special needs. I started Studio 4PR in 2009 as a way to help creative, independent and what I call “kitchen table” entrepreneurs to be found by their ideal client. I believe that, as a business owners, we have to Get R.E.A.L. In order to get noticed, so I work with highly motivated women to create strategies that are realistic, engaging, authentic and designed for long lasting results (in other words, they’re real). Continue reading “Innovative Woman Robin Taney”

10 Ways to Maximize Customer Engagement

Consider this: On average, it takes seven to nine points of contact before a prospect becomes a customer. It’s like a courtship. Think about how many times you interacted with your spouse or partner before you/they said “yes.”

Customer engagement works the same way. It’s a two-way process that has to be managed in order to be maximized. Continue reading “10 Ways to Maximize Customer Engagement”

Shopping or stalling? 5 ways to make sure it isn’t hurting your business

It’s time to play the Shopping or Stalling game! There are two scenarios listed below. All you have to do is decide which one is “shopping” and which one is “stalling”? Ready? Go! Continue reading “Shopping or stalling? 5 ways to make sure it isn’t hurting your business”

Are You Scared? 5 Ways to Get Over it and Get Noticed

You know what scares me? Heights. I’ll get on an escalator or an airplane (although I white knuckle it during take off and landing), but you’ll never get me to jump out of a plane, off a bridge, or dance on the side of a building.

BANDALOOP Dance, a pioneer in vertical dance performance, has redefined this art form by taking the dance floor and turning it on its side. (photo courtesy of Atossa Soltani ) Continue reading “Are You Scared? 5 Ways to Get Over it and Get Noticed”

What Do You Mean Wonder Woman Does NOT Live Here?

The other night I engaged in my favorite procrastination activity: reading other people’s blogs. There is nothing quite as satisfying (except maybe chocolate) as ignoring the laundry or the disaster that is my office so I can find out how someone else dealt with the same challenge.

While surfing, I found: Staying Sane as a Parent and Business Owner. Hmmm, anyone who’s figured this one out is a genius in my book. Continue reading “What Do You Mean Wonder Woman Does NOT Live Here?”

What’s Your Why? Six Ways to Get R.E.A.L About What You Want

A good friend has asked me to take her on as a PR client. She worked for many years, very successfully, for a large, very well known company where her work was regularly recognized and appreciated by the top management. When she left, she thought she was moving on to “the next big thing”.

Unfortunately, her next employer didn’t appreciate the value she brought to the company. Not only didn’t appreciate it, but came right out and told her how much they didn’t appreciate it. It wasn’t long before she left because it was starting to affect her health. Continue reading “What’s Your Why? Six Ways to Get R.E.A.L About What You Want”