How to Thrive More

How to Thrive imageSome people are very successful on their own terms. They don’t rush to the next appointment, rush to get off the phone or rush to get a package to the post office. They are confident they will achieve their goals, while enjoying their work and having full personal lives.

Many of us believe that we have to work hard from before sun up to after sun down to accomplish anything. This is not living, it’s existing and doing it too long will strip you of your joy for life and passion for your work.

There are ways of living and thinking that promote ease and support you. Success with ease is taking a stand for the way you work, committing to having your work contribute to you as much as it contributes to others. Success with ease is enjoying your work, the process and the results while enjoying yourself and the other aspects of your life. Adopt some of these ideas to add more ease to your work and the rest of your life.

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