Creating Support to Soar

Have you ever thought about the power of using social media as a tool for support? Here are three ways to use social media to create support in your business:

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Marketing Support: Vital to Business

Should you do your own marketing or not? It depends. Let’s take a look:

Start-up: In the beginning, it’s up to you to find the right clients, sell to them, use their feedback to refine what you do and then repeat.

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How a Little Support Gives You the Wings to Soar

My son is learning how to fly jets. He would not be in the position to learn how to soar in a jet without the support of family, instructors, fellow students, sponsors, the bank who loaned the tuition, etc. The list goes on.

His process got me wondering how many people I know who have Big Hairy Audacious Goals, but struggle with moving the needle forward.

I looked at many of my clients and found that two key pieces keep entrepreneurs from soaring:

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Collaboration is Fun and Rewarding

Lee Richter Print 3When I go to work, I am excited to see what my amazing team and I will create together. We love to bring value to our customers, our community and the world. We brainstorm with our customers and ask them what would improve their experience.

Through collaboration, we make a plan and a timeline of what we want to accomplish, and then the magic happens. We organize our resources and time to accomplish our dreams.

•    We focus on WHAT we are doing and WHO is on the development team.
•    We plan HOW and WHEN we are going to do it.
•    We determine WHY we want to do it.

When we are clear on WHY, everything falls into place with ease.

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Why Coaches Need Coaches

NametagThis is part one of a four-part article about being coached to accelerate your success. Watch for the other parts here soon.

Why Do I Need a Coach?
Some of you have been following me, taking my workshops, and been connected to me in various ways on social media. I always have things to teach you about speaking, being your own best self (only better!), and making your business grow. Since I’m always coaching others, would you be surprised to learn that I always have a coach?

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Your Unique Greatness, EntrepreneurWhat does your greatest self look like? Who and what are you capable of being? Our greatest self lies under the masks that we have created to hide who we really are. Hiding who we really are is disabling our most immense asset. Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” So how does one become aware of the greatness that they have within? Here are three action steps to support your journey in discover.

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Create Your Own Community and Grow More than Revenue

woman-showing-achievment-150x150When I started running regular group programs to teach women how to grow their businesses, my top concern was providing a ton of value. What I did not know at the time was that there was huge value in something I did not even create. What sprouted up without my carefully crafting it was an incredible community of like-minded women entrepreneurs. This was more valuable than any content I could teach.

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Keep Your Clients Coming Back

ClientsAs a business success coach and a sales coach, I work with business people whose clients are everything from large companies in California that have been in business for decades to micro businesses that have started in the last two years.

Whoever your clients are, it is far more cost-effective to keep selling and servicing your current clients than to go out and find new clients to replace them. Yet, most businesses spend far more effort, money, and time on finding new clients than on keeping the ones they already have. Clients do business with a company when they know, like, and trust them and believe that the company can provide them value.  A client will continue to do business with a company for those same reasons.

If you want to keep your clients coming back, use the following proven strategies for successful client retention.

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