15 Minutes — The Difference Between Organized and Overwhelm

I believe we can all agree that time is one of our most precious commodities. Some talk about wasting time or managing time. I like to look at
it as how do we get to create the best time for us. For what is wasting time to some may be the perfect experience of time for others. That’s where priorities come in.

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Cleaning Help…Oh my

Precious Time Concept ClockI’m in the bank and I overhear the senior bank manager talking with a customer about having a cleaning person. He was commenting about how much his mother did when they were growing up and how, he realized now, she really needed someone to help. There were four kids and pets for her to manage, along with the house.

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Time, Spend It If You Got It!

Precious Time Concept ClockWikipedia defines time management as “the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity”. The part of this definition that is the most critical is CONSCIOUS CONTROL, being fully aware of where your time is being spent. More importantly, consciously making the decision to spend it there.

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15 Minutes is All You Need

15 Minutes is All You Need

clockHow often do you think it would be great if you just had another hour you could get everything done? Except that hour keeps eluding you. I want to share a simple method you can use to get some tasks completed, especially those you don’t like doing. You can also use this to keep you from getting sidetracked in those areas like e-mail and social media that you can get sucked into and lost for hours.

Start by making a list of tasks that are necessary for you to do on a regular basis. Here’s what part of my list looks like:

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Power Decision Making

Power Decision Making

Power Decision MakingMaking decisions can be difficult, stress inducing and create a sense of insecurity. Even the most confident individuals may occasionally suffer from a brief bout of decidophobia: the fear of making serious decisions.

When we fear something or are not sure whether or not to do something and we do nothing- put off making a decision or taking any action we are being passive and letting the passage of time make our decision for us.

Indecision is a silent enemy that steals many opportunities from us. You cannot decide what to say to a friend who has lost a relative – so you say nothing, loosing the opportunity to provide support to your friend in need. You put off deciding if you can afford to go to a conference, leave the information on your desk and by the next time you pick it up the event has already passed. Your lack of decision making means you miss an opportunity to meet with your colleagues and learn about your industry.

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How to Thrive More

How to Thrive More

How to Thrive imageSome people are very successful on their own terms. They don’t rush to the next appointment, rush to get off the phone or rush to get a package to the post office. They are confident they will achieve their goals, while enjoying their work and having full personal lives.

Many of us believe that we have to work hard from before sun up to after sun down to accomplish anything. This is not living, it’s existing and doing it too long will strip you of your joy for life and passion for your work.

There are ways of living and thinking that promote ease and support you. Success with ease is taking a stand for the way you work, committing to having your work contribute to you as much as it contributes to others. Success with ease is enjoying your work, the process and the results while enjoying yourself and the other aspects of your life. Adopt some of these ideas to add more ease to your work and the rest of your life.

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Boundaries, Why We Need Them!

Boundaries, Why We Need Them!

It never surprises me when I meet someone who blurs the boundary lines in multiple areas of their lives Graphic of Personal Boundary Quotebecause it happens so naturally, especially if you have a home office.

Do you schedule specific time to dedicate to yourself or your family? What I’m finding is that most of us have given priority to work over self and family. Mainly with our time, if something is calendared for ourselves or our family we allow work to interrupt that time where we rarely allow the reverse to happen.

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Embrace the 80/20 Rule to Make Your Business THRIVE!

Embrace the 80/20 Rule to Make Your Business THRIVE!

The 80/20 rule is also called the Pareto Principle. It states that 80 percent of your major achievements are accomplished in just 20 percent of your time. The rule works when you, in fact, spend 20 percent of your time80-20 graphic doing what counts—doing activities with the highest value for your business. You have to decide what those are for you—I say they are revenue producing activities like working with clients and talking to prospective clients.

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How Food Shopping Changed My Life Today!

How Food Shopping Changed My Life Today!

Have you ever wondered why habits are hard to break?

Especially those habits that you don’t name as “bad” habits even though they cost you a lot of precious time?

Do you have such habits? Usually, they’re hidden and they keep you from living full-out.

Let me share how changing one habit changed my life and how a long cherished dream came true.

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