8 empowering beliefs to increase happiness

8 Empowering Beliefs to increase your happiness

Your experiences are shaped by your thinking. By adopting some of the beliefs below you can empower yourself to be happy. Even obstacles have a value when you can see it. You can develop convictions that will help you to feel happier and achieve more, regardless of the situation.

I am blessed
I am blessed

Consider these empowering beliefs that you can start using today to transform your life through the power of positive thinking.

  1. I understand my potential. You can achieve amazing results when you put your mind to it. Feel excited about reaching your true potential. I hereby grant you permission to let yourself be ALL that you can be.
  2. I count my blessings. List each thing that you have to be grateful for. Remember to include the smaller items, like warm socks, instagram or tart cranberriesExpressing your appreciation reminds you of how rich you are. I think you can find more of these each day if you put your attention on it,
  3. I learn from mistakes. You can make setbacks work for you by focusing on the lessons that they contain. Flubbing one job interview can teach you how to ace the next one. As a performing artist I cannot get upset over one word I forgot at the last concert. My mastery come in the form of how resilient I am and how well I recover.
  4. I find meaning in adversity. Tough times can be the most rewarding phase of your life. Know that you can emerge from any challenge with greater wisdom and courage. I hate to say it but that old adage of “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” has a tiny bit of truth to it! Look back at the obstacles you’ve already overcome, and reassure yourself that you can handle what’s ahead.
  5. I embrace change. Accept that life is a series of changes. Focus on the present moment, and prepare yourself to adapt to whatever circumstances come your way. If all else fails… practice this mantra: “change is good, change is good, change is good!”
  6. I dream big. Expand your wish list. Do not play small if you want big results. Setting demanding but attainable goals gives you adventures to look forward to each day.
  7. I practice forgiveness. Lighten your load by clearing away any resentment you’re holding onto from the past. Set reasonable boundaries while you respond with compassion when others disappoint you. While you are at it, Pardon yourself too. If you are like me you can be pretty rough on yourself at times and while that fuels you to get better you do want to temper it with a some of that golden compassion you tend to grant others.
  8. I give generously. Sharing your blessings makes you more powerful and joyful. Volunteer in your community and speak kindly to each person you meet today. Buy coffee for your co-workers or give your receptionist a flower.

Dream big and stay positive. You can achieve all of the goals you set out to achieve.


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