Build a Better Business by Becoming a Better Leader

Leadership is directly linked to company profits. It’s at the core of every other key factor, such as market, sales, fulfillment, productivity and expenses. When you become a better leader, you grow a better business.
Here are 10 attributes you need to be a good leader:
1. Vision – a picture of the future that is compelling and realistic even if it is a big stretch. Keep your vision at the forefront.
2. Communication – communicate frequently in supportive and even challenging ways to build a healthy business.
3. Emotional intelligence – meet followers where they are today. I often see leaders attempt to meet followers where they want them to be instead of where they are now. Emotional intelligence brings you back to a service platform.
4. Collaboration – invite differing opinions and ideas.
5. Quick decisions – no one follows a leader who can’t choose or make decisions. Be decisive to instill confidence.
6. Walk your talk – set the example, mold the culture and live the values you set for the company and the employees. Walking your talk is part of the integrity you instill within the organization.
7. Service – Lead from the front and from the rear. Support and lift the stragglers on the team. You win or lose as a team. Being of service to the team is pivotal.
8.Commitment – to the vision, the business, the employees, the stakeholders and the clients.
9. Delegate – no one can do it all. No one is great at every task. Share the wealth and make use of the talent that surrounds the business.
10. Train – to sharpen your leadership skills as well as the skills of the team.
I encourage you to choose which of these attributes you would like to improve upon and take action. Improve your leadership skills and watch your business grow.
Doreen Milano, Certified Professional Coach, established Visions To Excellence in 2010. Doreen has years of experience assisting businesses, both large and small, in growing and thriving through even the most challenging economic scenarios.
Create Change with Vision and Action

Create Change with Vision and Action

Any meaningful change requires both a compelling vision and a plan of action.

To create a future that makes you excited and proud, you first must get specificaboutwhat you want your life to look and feel like. Once you can vividly feel your vision, you can get to work on transforming that vision into reality. This requires an action plan that sets you up to win and anticipates the challenges that might arise.

When these challenges appear, most people tend to use willpower to keep their vision alive. With New Year’s resolutions, for example, it’s common to hear things like “No pain, no gain” or “I can DO this.” Unfortunately, our willpower is destined to fail over time. As humans, we are wired to avoid pain. This means our resolution eventually fails, and our vision doesn’t materialize.

Instead, focus on changing your environmentand setting yourself up to win. Your environment impacts everything.

If you’re trying to lose weight, would you put cupcakes on the counter, and stare at them all day saying, “I’m not going to eat those,” OR would you not bring cupcakes into your house at all?

If you are looking to reduce clutter in your life and create more peace, calmness and happiness, change also begins with your environment.

Why not immediately remove the “stuff” that is cluttering up your life and blocking your vision? Is junk mail piling up? Try placing a recycling bin right where you enter your home. Immediately throw out any mail that you don’t need. Cabinets overflowing? Reduce the number of place settings in your kitchen cabinets from 16 to 8.

Get rid of these “cupcakes” from your environment and you’ll have a better chance at turning your vision of your dream home and life into a reality.

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love

At first our dreams seem impossible, then they seem improbable, but when we summon the will, they become inevitable.”

-Christopher Reeve

Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you leaping out of bed every morning, ready to seize the day and enjoy the journey called your life? Or are you dragging your heels, feeling resigned and unfulfilled in your business or your life?

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BIGGER VISION, Evolving Brand

BIGGER VISION, Evolving Brand

Many entrepreneurs start their business because they love what they do, know they have massive value to bring and want to help others. They tentatively dip their little toe into the entrepreneurial pool or they dive right in. Either way, they start with a mission, a goal and an idea of whom they will serve and how. This shapes their brand and is the basis for the vision for their business.

As the business grows and they serve more peeps, entrepreneurs find that they need to be open to a bigger vision and allow their business to experience massive growth in ways they never imagined. Continue reading “BIGGER VISION, Evolving Brand”

What Gets In The Way Of Your Vision?

What Gets In The Way Of Your Vision?


This is part two in a series: Creating your best year ever as an introverted, woman entrepreneur.  Read part one here.

Belief In Yourself

One of our biggest challenges as introverted entrepreneurs can be recognizing, then building on, our strengths. A second problem is we tend to undervalue ourselves, often sure others are, too. Negative thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,” can rule us. Where do we get these ideas? They usually form in childhood when we are not aware of our thoughts or that they can become reality. As we go through life, destructive beliefs can settle in and grow, if we do not intentionally cultivate positive ideas and behaviors to counteract these self-imposed barriers.

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Have a BRAND new year!

Have a BRAND new year!

The new year is a time for reflection and anticipation, filled with hope, resolutions and visions of making this year your BEST YEAR EVER!

Let’s start with your BRAND: Great branding clearly, concisely and confidently communicates who you are, what you do and the results of working with you. It differentiates you from the myriad of others who are doing the same thing. However, we all know you have your own special way of doing it and that is what branding does; it reflects your personality and your core values, and does it in such a way that your ideal clients are physically drawn to you.

So for your BRAND new year: Decide who you want to play with, what you want to do for them, and what results they will get from working with you.

Now extend your BRAND: Once you have it, share it with everyone and put it everywhere. If you’re branding yourself as a speaker, that should be on all your print and online media. Continue reading “Have a BRAND new year!”

Introverted Entrepreneur? Your Best Year Ever Starts With a Clear Vision

Introverted Entrepreneur? Your Best Year Ever Starts With a Clear Vision

“You won’t get anything unless you have the vision to imagine it.”  John Lennon

Congratulations on embracing the courage to become an entrepreneur! Not an easy decision, especially for someone blonde girl with glasses croppedwho probably fears being seen and heard, shying away from the spotlight, a place that is key to finding success in your business.

This article is part one in a series dedicated to you. In this series, you’ll learn how to capitalize on your introverted nature and how certain tools can build undiscovered skills into your best year ever as a woman entrepreneur.

First up we will explore how to develop a vision for your business–both short and long term. Future articles will help you set goals, understand and eliminate roadblocks to moving forward, turn your qualities as an introvert into advantages, creating opportunities for the success you long for, and more.

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What is Your Mount Everest?

What we believe is the most powerful lens in the world.  It goes beyond any technology man has ever developed.  It filters out, distorts, sharpens, softens and expands.  In order to understand anything about ourselves and empower our future it is paramount that we begin the conversation here.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “It doesn’t matter what you look at. It matters what you see.”  Your beliefs create your vision.  They determine what you see.  What do you believe? Unsure? Think about what you see. Continue reading “What is Your Mount Everest?”

5 Tips For Staying Motivated

Whether you choose to stay motivated to exercise, to laugh more, to increase your profit, to be more present in your intimate relationships the key is to keep your energy at a high enough level to keep moving toward your goal.

How you do this is to recognize any distractions vying for your attention. See if you can identify what drains and distracts your energy. Usually it’s the quality of your conversation, such as sabotaging beliefs, limiting thoughts or an old story that needs to be reframe. Continue reading “5 Tips For Staying Motivated”