Are You a Flicker or a Flame?

Kimber BritnerWe each carry a flame that we either feed or let die out. So when I found myself trudging through life as a whimpering, gasping flicker, without a breeze fanning my embers and no wind beneath my wings, I knew it was time for deliberate measures.

After being widowed at thirty-six, I tackled the daunting task of finding new inspiration in my life, while raising four small children from the ages of two through nine alone. That’s when I made the heavenly 911 call for a little CPR that breathed life back into the dry places and led me on a journey to a passionate, joy filled life. Through this process I became an expert in the art of innovation, repurposing my life and making inspired living a life style. Now I help other women connect to the inspiration to do the same.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted my life to overflow with passion. Contrarily some of our lives become so routine and passionless, that we wearily go through the motions of our daily activities forgetting the power available to us. It’s important to determine if your life a testimony of greatness, or a misery-mony!

I’ve discovered that joy is an important key to keep my flame alive. If I neglect to listen to the place of authentic joy within I will wonder away from the path that leads to life. When ever I’ve wondered off the joy filled path and I am seeking the road back:

  • First, I evaluate whether I’ve gotten caught up striving, trying to peddle faster, while taking care of everyone else’s desires and leaving mine out in the dirt.
  • Secondly, I evaluate if I have given room in my life for my heavenly connection that affirms my natural heart-led bent, the things that intrinsically flow from my life, and release joy.
  • Thirdly, I give myself a joy assignment. I sprinkle fun throughout my calendar; be it a trip to the beach, an ice cream cone in February, a lunch with a friend, a much needed date with my husband, refocus to care for the needy, or smell-good-flowers on my table. These are just little things that stir my heart to joy and counter any stuffy, misguided pretensions that might be tripping me up.

I know I will not be productive, or lead a life of excellence if I am squeezed into a tight rigid box, instead of joy filled and bright-eyed. My energy is boundless when I am connected to my passion where my joy is released.

When we are truly aligned with our passion, joy won’t be an after thought; it will be what announces itself as we enter a room. So if you are wondering why your joy has disintegrated, check for telltale signs.

When was the last time you made a date with joy, prioritizing your schedule to allow for fun and inspiration? Are you making room for the things that stir your passion and make your heart sing?

We bring a lot more to the world when our hearts are aflame and we are walking in joy! If you truly want to be happy, no one can stop you. So let me ask you, are you a flicker or a flame? Are you investing in what causes your flame to ignite? If you want help living an inspired life contact us and be sure to get your free gift at:

Guest Writer – Kimber Britner, President of Moxie Me Institute

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